Women’s Unnatural Role in Combat

That which we know as the United States was literally hacked out of a wilderness.  Through trial and error and the natural course of life, we developed procedures that caused the American nationals to excel in the creation of the most powerful nation to ever exist on the planet.  It was our liberty to think and communicate freely that propelled us to the top.  It was our clannish adherence to our founding principles and devotion to family that made us strong.  It was our abundance of natural resources and our access and control thereof that made us prosperous.

How could such a people ever be conquered?  Well, you would have to remove that which made us unconquerable and this is what the communists are working at.  While your average man or woman desires a peaceful life, minding his or her own business, living and letting live, the communists devote their whole miserable lives to agitation and perpetuation of their parasitic ideals.

The socialist campaign to tear apart the family unit has been omnipresent for a few generations now, with American men putting on aprons as American women are given unnatural authority over their male counterpart.  This, again, is a technique used to implement communism and one of the most unnatural acts conceivable.  It is ingrained within our DNA for men and women to desire to join and procreate, and for generations beyond millennia, this has been the keystone to our pursuit of happiness.

We have seen our economic system ripped apart by the communist doctrines of NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT.  We have seen the very fabric of our society being destroyed through the forced implementation of multiculturalism, feminism, and homosexuality.  At this crucial point in our history, the push is on to completely destroy every human quality that makes up our moral structure.

The American Civil Liberties Union sued on Tuesday on behalf of four U.S. servicewomen to challenge a longstanding policy barring women from thousands of ground combat positions, citing the changing nature of warfare and fairness for career soldiers.

We have heard stories of this communist technique in other countries, which is designed to precipitate the most unnatural occurrence in pitting man against woman.  Those who have told the stories have related the misery this unnatural act causes for both men and women.  Women are not men.  Men are not women.  And if there is a man or a woman out there who would argue this point, I would strongly suggest that you strip off your clothes and take a good hard look at one another.

The women pushing this unnatural ideology, like the gays, are an extreme minority, but to say that their thought process might be off kilter as they are an affront to nature is considered an attack on individual freedom.

Before we can examine an event to determine if it does equate to individual freedom, it would have had to occur naturally.  When you have brainwashing complete with drugging, which results in an unnatural state of being, how can it be justified for that minority view, hence the week minded brainwashed view, to be forced on the whole?  And isn’t this how the communists work?

I would say to these commie feminists, I do remember the great gender war wherein you took your rights from men through bloody conflict.  In fact one of my brothers was wounded at Booby Ridge and another killed at Vagina Canal, and oh the humility when General Testosterone surrendered his sword to General Bull Dike at Beaver Creek, Oregon.  And what were the terms for the surrender after the military conquest?  Women shall continue to be put on a pedestal, yet at the same time be recognized and treated the same as men.

THIS IS UNNATURAL.  Through drugging and brainwashing, the communists have managed to emasculate some of our men, but the number thereof is exaggerated.   This latest push for women serving in combat is just another attempt to degrade the fighting ability of our armed forces.

I’m sorry, but physically across the board women cannot match men in the realm of the warrior.  It is called testosterone which is a natural part of the male chemistry.  Women cannot produce it no more than men can have babies.  This is nature.  History has proven that when human beings go against nature they destroy themselves.  The most basic building block of human beings is procreation, with the roles therein undeniable and unchanging.

Can women kill?  Hell, yes, as a natural instinct in defense of their young, however these communist unnatural pathetic bull dikes want nothing to do with rearing children.  It is my hope that when this Revolution busts lose, they will be the front line troops the patriotic man will face.  For men to kill women is an unnatural act as it defies the base physiology that draws men and women together in the attempt to achieve happiness.  But these dikes have separated themselves from the natural to the point that the desire of any man to want to be with them would be repulsed by their appearance and personalities.  They are not women at all.  They are unnatural and disturbed and an affront to humanity.  And nature, in balancing itself, will remove them from the gene pool.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

2 thoughts on “Women’s Unnatural Role in Combat

  1. “The socialist campaign to tear apart the family unit has been omnipresent for a few generations now, with American men putting on aprons as American women are given unnatural authority over their male counterpart.”

    Womens lib was an NWO creation solely designed to transfer women from the traditional role of motherhood to the work force. The same holds true for Roe vs. Wade. To enslave a people, one must first destroy the most basic bond, the family unit.

    That being accomplished, the domino effect is inevitable.

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