Worden: I am Just a Patsy

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Not too many people know that I personally investigated the Kennedy assassination. I was enabled to do that because my job with Circus Vargas allowed me to travel the U.S. and elsewhere extensively, and I was always connected to law enforcement agencies in one way or the other during that time as a private contractor doing drug interdiction work on the side.

Some of Lee Harvey Oswald’s last publicly recorded words in front of the camera were, “I am just a patsy”. Let me ask you something. You’ve probably seen about a gazillion reality cop shows by now, and when was the last time you heard a suspect tell a cop, “I am just a patsy”?  

By the time I had completed interviewing people from mob boss Carlos Marcello at his home in Metairie, Louisiana to Cuban exiles in the Little Havana district in Miami and every possible witness in between, including New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, there were no questions in left in my mind. Not only do I believe Oswald was indeed a patsy, I also believe Oswald never actually fired a shot at Kennedy at all. He had been told by his CIA handlers to stay in the coffee room at the book depository until they would contact him, and when he saw the cops rush up the stairs toward the sixth floor, he knew he’d been set up and that is when he took off.

Setting up a patsy isn’t as difficult as one might imagine. Let’s take this instant case in Boston. We already know the FBI was contacting the two brothers accused of the Boston Marathon bombing, long before that fatal day. What if the handlers or someone sent by them contacted the brothers to help with a bomb drill scenario to check how effective security was at the Marathon? What if these handlers told the brothers to mix with the crowd wearing bulky back packs the handlers gave them, and were told to place those backpacks in certain locations when the crowd was distracted by the racers reaching the finish line? They had nothing to hide, right? They were working with the security detail, right? Why should they try to hide their faces when everybody knows full well that there are cameras everywhere at an event like that, not just security cameras, but news cameras and private phone cameras? Why did the surviving brother have his bill-cap turned in reverse to fully reveal his face in that camera-ridden environment? Pretty stupid, right? Well yeah, especially when you think your doing God’s work and have nothing to hide! But when the brothers saw their faces all over the news, that is when they realized they had been set up and took off running — just like Oswald did.

When Oswald uttered those five words, his death sentence was assured. If I’m right, and I do consider this a long-shot, then the lone surviving brother will never make it out of the hospital alive. Call me crazy.


One thought on “Worden: I am Just a Patsy

  1. This guy makes me sike. he is a trouble maker going around interviewing people. Plus he says he was involved with drug interdiction but there he is smoking his stogie and he probobly has a beer or a mixer in that red plastic glass there. Just who does this punk work for. Yea he says he worked for the circus., but I bet he was a f*ckin informant. F*ck that guy. He sounds like a busy body snitch.

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