3 thoughts on “World revolution; the plot against civilization: Nesta Helen Webster(1921)

    1. excellent book – just one of her many expose’s of the beginnings, you might say, of the Jewish/Masonic plan for a One World Satanic Judeo/Freemasonic Dictatorship.

      You might also like some of her other excellent books – The French Revolution and Secret Societies and Subversive Movements, among others.

      All available from OMNI Christian Books of California.

      One book that sums much of this subject up: The Plot Against the Church, written under the pen name of Maurice Pinay by 12 Vatican Theologian/Historians, while researching the Vatican Archives and Documents in their original languages, these priests discovered the largest and longest conspiracy in history: How the Jews, under the guise of converts, became Catholic Bishops, Cardinals, and high ranking officials, also, they took the guise of Muslim clerics, Protestant Bishops and Ministers, Pagan priests, etc, all in order to undermine and plan this One World Dictatorship. Available on the net to read in full or order from OMNI Christian Books.

      Note: Jewish “Marranos” – false converts in order to infiltrate, religions, governments, etc.

      Exposed Marranos: John Kerry, Madeline Albright, General Wesley Clark

      Hidden Marranos: Supreme Sotomayor, Nancy Pelosi and her husband and many others.

      Saudi Royal Family – all Jewish Marranos from the Donmeh tribe.

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