11 thoughts on “The worst day ever :(

    1. It happens often brother. Just web search it.i used to look at high seas wrecks all the time

  1. The worst day ever…hmmm.

    I would have to say …
    Not grabbing a pen or pencil in family court in Vegas.

    Stabbing the Federal marshall in the eye sitting on his azz.

    Taking his weapon.

    Killing him…
    The Judge.
    And my x wife’s attorney.

      1. Worst day….hmmm. ..
        Its a toss up… I have a few actually.

        Getting the call my dad was dead.

        Riding my bike home from Catholic school and someone backing out of their driveway.
        Flipping me over the hood with a face plant.

        My x wife telling me she was pregnant.

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