7 thoughts on “Yo-Yo Ma – Bach: Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, Prélude

  1. Great piece, beautifully performed. The video grossly underrepresents a particular overwhelming demographic of Americana.

    Any guesses? Count them.

      1. Bingo, Galen! It it was a commercial, you can rest assured the only role a white male would have portrayed would be that of an uncool, unfunny, bumbling awkward outcast, the oppressive, tyrannical corporate boss, an overtly submissive husband in a heterosexual relationship or, in the “best” case scenario, an accepting, kind, benevolent jooish homosexual.

        1. Yeah, I usually catch these portrayals of men. It’s a lot harder to catch where they are marginalized or ignored. Thanks, for pointing that out, Martist. We’ll bust ’em where we can.


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