12 thoughts on “You will obey

  1. so true but only for those that are able or willing to actually read it. Much less hear it.

    1. Had some radical hippy teachers in my high school back in the 70’s talking about the mind control thru education and , turns out they were very right. When I caught on back then I really started thinking for myself and doing my own research. A honest teacher is worth more then a fist full of degree’s.

  2. Saw him in SLC in the 70s… he & the Mothers had reunited for a tour. The man was a phenomenal musician, and hands-down the best guitarist I’ve ever seen (including Page).

    His dad was high ranking military, Frank was part of the CIA mind-control agenda, but in later years he came to understand the TRUE agenda, and ratted the bast@rds out.

    And yes, I believe they murdered him with cancer, just like Chavez.

    1. And ‘I’m the Slime’ was one of the best songs ever written, imo.

      No truer words ever spoken.

    2. Posted with you in mind, brother! 🙂
      Happy anniversary of your birth!

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