You’re an idiot.

You’re watching a show that’s no different than any soap opera while you think you’re keeping abreast of politics. You’re not following politics as a responsible American should; you’re a victim of a political deception, and your civic responsibility requires that you look behind the curtain of deceit to discover what’s really being done to your country.

The show is a loosely scripted performance that’s able to be adjusted as necessary in response to public sentiment, and the bad actors commonly known as “politicians” rarely present an original thought or idea. When they do, they invariably reveal their stupidity and incompetence.

They’re not statesmen, intellectuals, icons of morality or great leaders. For the most part they’re a gang of criminal sociopaths, mixed in with a good number of blackmailed perverts, and their job is to portray themselves as being devoted to the people they allegedly represent while peddling their power for personal gain, and robbing the public purse of whatever they can get away with. They’re called upon for specific tasks or votes as needed by the Zionist lobby that put them in office. The Zionist lobby, commonly known as A.I.P.A.C., answers to the international bankers, who ultimately, for all practical purposes, rule the world.

They’re not “public servants”. They’re public enemies, preying on a gullible public that’s been duped by the media, and absolutely none of them are representing you, or working on your behalf. If you’re still supporting any politician you’re one of the Zionists’ useful idiots, and you’re going to have to embark upon a deeper learning process than the Zionist-controlled propaganda machine* will provide if you hope to see America regain its position as the bastion of freedom and liberty that it’s supposed to be.

If you ignore your civic duty as an American, you’re going to witness a communist takeover of your country, because the insurgent government is already in place, and only waiting for the right conditions to emerge that will allow their overt rule. As a reminder, communist rule has always resulted in poverty, oppression, and the mass slaughter of many millions of civilians, so it’s definitely something that sane and informed people want to avoid, regardless of how utopian the ideology is made to sound. It’s always unleashed on the poor and destitute, and sold as a prosperous and happy life. What’s delivered is always the opposite.

The most effective means of subjugating a population is to keep the people divided, and fighting amongst themselves. In America that’s accomplished by the two-party system that keeps republicans and democrats at odds with each other, and whatever differences exist between them are magnified and amplified by endless propaganda delivered by the Zionist media. In addition to the political party division, the propagandists behind the “news” media work tirelessly to create tension and animosity between blacks and whites, males and females, the young and the old, every religious group, and anywhere else they can drive a wedge. Keeping Americans fighting against each other has been the goal since Adam Weishaupt, working on behalf of the Rothschilds, founded the “Illuminati” in 1776. They’ve been doing this for more than two hundred years, so you had better assume that they’re good at what they do, and learn to avoid their influence, if that’s even possible.

Most Americans will still be at each other’s throats over “republican” or “democratic” political opinions, while Trump and Hillary sip brandy together at a Rothschild masquerade party, giggling about their success at fooling us all. Their only concern with the American people involves gaining political support, or pacifying them when they’re angry, but other than that, they believe you only exist to be fleeced, or killed off as necessary. They’re arrogant royalty, and you’re a worthless peasant, because you didn’t enforce your Bill of Rights.

Yes, they’re in the position of having to constantly appease the public to avert general anger and gain re-election, but this is only done as necessary to conceal their crimes, and keep their criminal enterprise running. Their job is an endless game of up-keeping an appearance of dignity and patriotism while stealing whatever they can, selling themselves like whores, and kissing the boots of whomever funded their campaign.

For the most part they seem to be doing their job well, but they’re failing miserably at up-keeping the appearance of dignity, at least in my eyes. I’ve come to realize long ago that my Senator probably only holds his position because he couldn’t contain his lust long enough to avoid being filmed indulging in it. Those who’ve clawed their way to power in this country certainly didn’t do so because they’re decent human beings, or in any way patriotic.

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney revealed that all politicians swear oaths of loyalty to Israel before taking office, and Congressman Paul Findley explained how no one holds a political office in this country for very long without the approval of A.I.P.A.C.. I didn’t make this stuff up. It came from some of the most respectable people who ever served in Congress.

People cling to hope, because it’s all they have when everything around them looks dismal. Politicians pretend to provide that hope in every campaign speech they make, but it’s always just a ruse to gain your support, and after they’re elected, it’s back to the same old game of destroying America, and the freedom of the American people.

Trump pretends to be devoted to saving America, because it’s what angry Americans want to hear, but he’s no more patriotic than any of the communists in the democratic party. Regardless of what party they belong to, they’re all under Zionist control, and only devoted to increasing their own wealth and power while undermining your Bill of Rights, because it’s that supreme law of the land that makes all of them criminals, and restores life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to the rest of us.

Political science has come a long way since Caesars sent orators to the pulpit to calm an angry crowd. It’s now been blended with behavioral sciences, psychology, and centuries of experience in propaganda and social control. Please stop running to the voting booth thinking that you’re doing anything other than wearing out your shoes. You’re no different than any well-trained dog, except that your intelligence has made you easier to train, and capable of more complicated tricks.

While you were watching the democrats and republicans, the communists were stealthily gaining control over both parties, and they’re the only political party that’s made any progress in this country for the last fifty years, because you were watching the show.

You’re going to have to do a lot more than stare at a screen before you have any idea of what’s really going on in this world, or if you want to be anything more than a useless consumer of corporate garbage, and media lies. Your country needs you to wake up, smell the coffee, and stop being deceived. All of you asinine Trump supporters might be real patriots if you weren’t a gang of idiots, incapable of seeing past the propagandists’ deceptions.   — Jolly Roger
“The only thing new in the world is the history you don’t know”  — Harry S. Truman

*This includes all major media outlets, Hollywood and all major publishing companies, as well as your “education” from kindergarten through college. A major re-education effort is necessary on your part for you to know what’s actually happening in the world, as well as what’s happened in the past, and how it varies from what we’ve been taught.  

14 thoughts on “You’re an idiot.

  1. Another problem is that folks think voting for the lesser of two evils is better than not voting, not realizing the lesser of two evils is still evil. Haven’t voted since 2008 (Chuck Baldwin Constitution Party) and will never vote again. I have removed my consent. Thanks for post, Jolly.

    1. I de-registered also. And was surprised to see that on the home page there is a button to click to de-register.
      I, unfortunately agree with JR on both everything in this article, and the title as well. I’m an idiot, because I don’t know what to do aside from sliding off-grid and non-participation in society. People’s eyes glaze over as soon as one brings up the Bill of Rights. The hypnosis of TV has worked magic for the destruction of our discernment. Nobody cares, until the commie boot is on their throat. By then, it is too late to do anything of consequence but die.

      1. ‘The hypnosis of TV has worked magic for the destruction of our discernment. ‘ You are spot on. People are addicted to that thing.

  2. This is one of the best articles I have read in a long time, and I know it because I was born and lived there, in Eastern-Europe ( under Communism ) for almost 30 years. What we live now is a deja-vu(e) for us, immigrants from Eastern-Europe and/or other Countries with repressive regimes. Same sheeple, same cognitive dissonance, SAME masters/money changers, in a different ‘ land of ZOG ‘…Like George ( Carlin ) well said: ” The politicians are put there to give you the idea you have freedom of choice. You don’t. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. “

    1. How disappointed were you when you came here thinking it would be different from where you came from only to see it was not?

    2. You can run but you can’t hide. The reason is because it’s an international criminal cabal. Sovereign nations will have to stand up and drive the oppressors out of their nation just as we Americans will do the same because we refuse to live under their dictates.
      Too many nations were ignorant and stupid enough to allow themselves to be disarmed of weaponry to clean out their country.
      Hopefully you’ll be one that fights on the rights side of history, our law, the Bill of Rights.

  3. ‘You’re no different than any well-trained dog, except that your intelligence has made you easier to train, and capable of more complicated tricks.’ excellent

  4. Thanks, everyone.

    I’m certain that I didn’t offend anyone here with that title, because I know I’m always preaching to the choir in the Trenches. Hopefully I’m providing a little ammo for educating new people. (send the link to your favorite idiots)

  5. Most Americans will still be at each other’s throats over “republican” or “democratic” political opinions, while Trump and Hillary sip brandy together at a Rothschild masquerade party

    Although the imagery is revolting, imagine this:

    Eyes Wide Shut

    (don’t be the dunce that walks in, uninvited, to a ‘party’ where most know who you are and can eliminate you at will.

  6. Good article, Jolly. Thank you. Only thing I’d add is that “they,” in their thieving are the perpetrators of endless war on innocent people, cruel and ruthless genocides. Actually consummate EVIL. And oh, won’t the next few months be a circus of circuses?!! I just read that de Blasio endorsed Bernie for president and Bloomberg is eyeing Hillary for running mate. You are right – communism either way.


  7. Right on the money Jolly

    I’m 56 years old
    I only participated in this ruse ( voting ) 1 time
    I’ve known the deck was stacked against me shortly after turning 18 , it’s been painful trying to show others what know in my heart is the truth of this matter to only be ridiculed for my view and position
    Maybe another reason I’m such a misanthrope

    All I know at this point , the Bill of Rights will live within me until my death , and I will do my best to defend it until my last breath

  8. Finally got pulled over so I could read this, I hope all the supreme court clowns read it as well.

    Thank god we have people like you Jolly, telling it like is, not a fun thing to do, especially when we have to live in this shit hole.

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