You’re On The Wrong Side

Canada Free Press – by Brooklyn Lowe

(Author’s note: Although this current event thesis may be considered by some a black vs. white and/or being white is somehow good and therefore being black must be bad, nothing could be further from the truth. It is offered to highlight how the corrupt and divisive use of racism can be used as the instrument of destruction to overthrow the once God-fearing Nation, the once thriving Constitutional Republic, the once dominant economic world power, by the devastative-tactic fashioned by Julius Caesar to Divide and Conquer.)  

This past Thursday night, after hearing the president tell Americans people that he was sorry for them losing their health insurance plan, after repeatedly lying to us for over two years, I sat mindlessly gazing at the TV, slowly shaking my head in disbelief and at that very moment a painful thought came rushing up from the deep recesses of my long-forgotten memories.  After a life-time of belief in God, belief in my Country and belief in justice and the American way, I realized he was right after all; I truly am on the wrong side.

The 1960s have always been recognized as a tumultuous, divisive period of upheaval and change in our Nation’s history with the civil rights movement, the inner-city race riots, the Vietnam War and the Woodstock generation of hippie pacifists. Just before his assassination in 1963, JFK gave a speech, “…giving all Americans the right to be served in all facilities open to the public…” And, a year later, in his memory, LBJ signed the Civil Rights legislation that outlawed discrimination and racial segregation.

On February 22, 1965, a somewhat apprehensive young man from Brooklyn got off a train in the small town of Yemassee, South Carolina, with 15-20 other ‘recruits’.  The Marine Drill Instructor broke the still morning silence yelling out, “Okay! Which one of you mother-f’n-maggots snuck off this m/f train from New York f’n City and killed ‘our beloved’ Malcolm X?” All-righty-then, and a good morning to you too, SIR! with SIR! being the only verbal word in that thought. We soon discovered that SIR! and YES SIR! were pretty much all that was required to stay alive. And, yes, there are literally ten thousand stories to be told by any Marine from their three and a half month experience of becoming – a United States Marine – but I’ll save them for another day.

After graduation from the Marine Corps Training Depot at Paris Island, SC, I was assigned to the Air-Wing as a 7113 Flight Equipment Specialist, and went directly toNAS JAX for Air Fam School.  It was on my first liberty pass, when we stopped in theJacksonville, Florida bus terminal on the way back from a local beach and, as I walked into the MEN’s room, an African-American man stepped into the urinal next to me and in a gruff, condescending, voice said, “Hey! You’re on the wrong side”

My ‘quick-witted-New York-how-stupid-are-you-look-of, yeah-right, wrong-side(?)-with-two-guys-standing-side-by-side-at-urinals’ slowly disappeared when I turned to find that I was, in fact, the only White Person in the Colored Only – wrong side!

And, of course, my Marine buddies waiting outside, pointed at me and my new found bathroom buddy, and the overhead sign and laughed saying things like, “You may have gotten a little tan at the beach today, but not THAT tan.” Everyone laughed, except me and my new friend. I tried to apologize, but he wanted no part of it and simply walked away. I was embarrassed by the entire incident, not just because I was the butt of their jokes, but because the reality of my first experience in the segregated south hit me like a ton of bricks. Then I noticed the water fountains with the infamous ‘White Only’ sign and, since I saw life through the eyes of a young man from Brooklyn, I thought, WOW! Maybe Jacksonville, Florida, was just a little s-l-o-w in implementing the new legislation that outlawed racial segregation.

That night, as I replayed my awakening experience over in my mind, I realized that the deep-seated hatred between southern blacks and whites had been instilled in their lifestyles for generations. He knew I was not a local but at the same time, he couldn’t have known that I was from Brooklyn and that, with a few friends, we would regularly visit a number of ‘black bars’ in the Bedford Stuyvesant section, because we enjoyed the culture; but, truth be told, we also enjoyed hearing some of the best jazz music the Big Apple had to offer. So, being the only white guy in a bathroom was not –that- new to me, but being in a Colored Only – one was.

Nearly two complete generations later, as we realize how easily the scars of our past can be manipulated and ripped opened for all to see, we return to this past Thursday evening.

As a veteran, was I surprised that an American-hating president and his brown-shirts-in-training, locked the WWII vets out of their memorial.  Yes, I was very surprised! But, surprised may be first on my publishable list of feelings, but much lower down on my true un-publishable one.

As I sat there trying to get my mind around where we are today, and how we got here, I offer the following collection of random thoughts, not derived from or corroborated by our Mainstream Media mind you, but from multiple sources in today’s new online Blogs and/or from this digital media, that we read on our computer, iPads or smart hones, and since these thoughts may be recognized as the opinions of this author, and that the burden of proof may still exist, I present each under the heading – Rumor Has It!

Rumor Has It!

Rumor has it that a smooth-talking conman, with a white mother and unknown black father, can arrive literally out of whole cloth on the National scene, with no executive experience, many stories and innuendoes of his Marxist ideology; where any attempts to investigate his background, even to use his middle name – Hussein, was off limits and considered an act of – racism! And, along with reportedly a forged birth certificate, can be ‘elected’ not once, but twice as POTUS. That his mentor Saul Alinsky taught him to lie, cheat, steal, use whatever tactic needed because the ‘ends justify the means’. To claim that he is ‘working in behalf of the middle-class’ while his actual intentions were to wipe out middle-class America and destroy capitalism. To call the other guys the ‘terrorist’ in order to hide his own terrorist-intention. But, there are still many who defend his policies saying: although he may not be perfect, like him or not he was elected as our president, so give the guy a chance. The questions we should all be asking are: Where are our elected leaders who took an oath to defend the US Constitution? Could we be experiencing the final phase of our 237 year experiment in self-government? But, more importantly to most Conservative Americans, we must ask ourselves, regardless of what the statistics say about our country having a middle-right majority, how did we Freedom-loving Americans find ourselves today – on the wrong side?

Rumor has it that his attorney general is held in Contempt of Congress for running Fast N’ Furious guns to Mexico, where more than one US Border Guard and hundreds of Mexican Citizens are killed, and he goes back to work 5-minutes later, as if NOTHING happened. The questions we should be continually asking are: Where are our elected leaders who took an oath to defend the US Constitution? Could we be experiencing the final phase of our 237 year experiment in self-government? Are we simply – on the wrong side of history?

Rumor has it that his popularity was slipping and needed a boost, and with the help of his always present Fellow Traveler Valerie Jarrett hatched a plan to ‘kill’ ULB (who has been dead for years). They facetiously send in SEALTeam Six like a Hollywood thriller with all the mocked up pictures, stories of ‘how it went down’ with his complicit MSM, operating in an evidence-free-zone, fed us with blaring headlines saying OBAMA KILLED OSAMA. And, then quietly, within just weeks of this scripted event, all the SEAL Team Six – witnesses are killed in a combat accident. But, the questions that never get asked are:  Where are our elected leaders who took an oath to defend the US Constitution? Could we be experiencing the final phase of our 237 year experiment in self-government? Are you and I just – on the wrong side of all of this?

Rumor has it that he although he told us we could keep our health insurance and our doctors, we now find that after years of lying to us, he knew all the time we could not keep them. Actually, after the disastrous start to the website, where we are told that – more Americans walked on the Moon than were able to sign up for Obamacare – in the first few days, was also done purposely so that ObamaCare would appear to be failing, while most of us could not realize that it was just the exact opposite. ObamaCare is actually a phenomenal success, with the intended purpose to wipe out the American middle class by making more and more of us totally dependent on government. But, the same unanswered questions remain: Where are our elected leaders who took an oath to defend the US Constitution? Could we be experiencing the final phase of our 237 year experiment in self-government? The more knowledge I gain about our current state-of-affairs, the more I see myself as being – on the wrong side of everything.

Rumor has it that we allowed the US government to illegally operate without a budget for five years and then this past calendar year collect a RECORD $2.8 TRILLION DOLLARS in taxes and then defiantly spend $3.5 TRILLION only adding to the now $17 TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT! With a record-setting one day debt-increase of $328 Billion, their plan of economic collapse is nearly complete. While most of you tire of the same unanswered questions: Where are our elected leaders who took an oath to defend the US Constitution? Could we be experiencing the final phase of our 237 year experiment in self-government? And, as the Democrats, corrupted by their religion-like Marxist ideology, with their win-at-all-costs, ends-justify-the-means, president; they celebrate another victory over the Republic, it sure looks as if we Constitutional Americans are – on the wrong side of this one.

Rumor has it that a false-flag chemical weapons attack failed to get the needed support and, combined with his inability to simply bomb Syria to assist his Jihadist al-Qaeda rebels overthrow the Assad government in behalf of the Saudi-funded Muslim Brotherhood. And, then being shown(up)-the-ways-of-diplomacy by Russian President Vladimir Putin, our Muslim Jihadist president can now be likened to a vindictive wounded animal, where anything can, and more than likely will, happen (like the recent government shutdown, to show us who is in charge!). But, we still question during all these smoke and mirror events:  Where are our elected leaders who took an oath to defend the US Constitution? Could we be experiencing the final phase of our 237 year experiment in self-government? What happened? And, why do we all find ourselves – on the wrong side here?

Rumor has it that he can refuse to negotiate with Republicans over a facetious Continuing Resolution (CR) or funding for his health-control law, or raising the upcoming debt-ceiling, calling them obstructionists and terrorists, while in true Alinsky-style, knowing all the while that it is he, The POTUS or better yet, The Muslim Brotherhood President, who is the obstructionist. It is the Muslim Brotherhood President who is the terrorist. This has been their scorched-earth plan all along: To force economic collapse of the United States of America and thereby destroy our Constitutional Republic in favor of their Marxist utopia. The International money-handlers and our corrupt MSM, along with Harry Reid’s, Chuck U. Schumer’s, Nancy Pelosi’s of the world could not have made this possible without their perfect American-hating, half-black half-articulate, usurper at the helm. And, in a world where a large percentage of the citizens of the United States are so consumed with self, entitlements, and their make believe world of video games, Facebook BFF, whose surviving – Survivor or whose Dancing with – what Stars, they could not be bothered to STOP(!) and realize that their country is being systematically overthrown from within. They allow their president to continually divide the rich from the poor, the religious from their churches, the blacks from the whites, the honest working people by redistributing their hard-earned money to the non-productive welfare cheats, the EBT carrying-store-wrecking cheats. We note once more: You simply don’t understand because you’re – on the wrong side of all of this!

But, I’ve saved this most amazing event for last; amazing not that it actually happened, but how easily he and his Fellow Travelers, supported by a MSM operating in their evidence-free-zone, were allowed to lie, cheat, steal and kill – to get away with this…

Rumor has it that, the POTUS declared war on the sovereign country of Libya, without Congressional approval; killed the radical -by our way of thinking- leader and destroyed a sovereign government, for the sole purpose of gaining control over that country’s stockpile of weapons. These stockpiles included a large supply of chemical weapons, and through our Muslim-led CIA, began training and providing these same weapons, to Jihadist al-Qaeda rebels for the purpose of overthrowing the Assad government in Syria on behalf of the Saudi -funded Muslim Brotherhood. And, then on the 11th anniversary of the act of war on the American homeland by al-Qaeda forces, he was either involved in the set up (which the upcoming Morsi trial in Egypt may prove to us) or at very least ignores, all warnings and simply allows the attack on the US facilities in Benghazi, Libya, where Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith are killed, along with former Navy Seals Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods who are also killed. But, without the courage and American Can-Do Spirit of Doherty and Woods refusing orders to STAND DOWN, as many as sixty (60) other Americans would have also lost their lives in Benghazi, Libya on September 11-12, 2013. Today those same sixty, mostly employees of the CIA, are being threatened and coerced in fear of not simply losing their jobs but their lives and/or their loved ones, by NOT testifying at the made-for-Hollywood, Congressional Oversight Investigation, complete with a condescending black character named Elijah Cummings. AND, that this same fear or complicity extends to the Speaker of the House John Boehner, who will not even name an independent counsel to investigate these acts of high-treason against the American people.

I now realize that it has taken me a near lifetime to fully understand, as it has been almost fifty years since my rather direct warning was given; but as you can plainly see, I am, and have been for quite some time – on the wrong side. And, in the cycle of one old man’s life, when the defense of liberty becomes a crime, tyranny is already in force. At that point, failure to defend liberty makes – slavery – for all of us, a certainty.


Fredy Lowe served proudly in both the Unites States Marine Corps and the New York City Police Department.  He and his wife of 45 years, Patricia are even prouder (if that’s possible) of their two grown children and six grandchildren.  Out of respect for his country and never taking for granted our freedoms and liberties, Lowe became involved as an organizer and public speaker for Tea Party events and rallies.

His ‘corporate’ days following the NYPD found him as a quick-deployment-covert-video sales/specialist, where he enjoyed calling on and training hundreds of private corporations, and police department’s throughout the US and Canada, to include every alphabet agency in Washington, DC; but, the one at Langley stands out as one for the ‘comic books’ of his Brooklyn sales acumen.

“After spending 15-20 minutes ‘articulating the value proposition’ of our video transmission equipment, I did what every good sales person does and began handing out my business card to the 6-8 spooky-gentlemen around the conference table. As I turned to the boss asking for his card, he went to stand up saying his named ‘might’ not really be Tom Jones (whatever) and that none of THEM even carried business cards. So, I slammed my book shut, grab all my stuff and basically yelled at all their now mouths-wide-open, saying, “You guys spend too much of your time reading Blankety-Blank Tom Clancy novels, and you’ll waste no more of mine.”  I never got to the door. They ‘loved’ me and my Brooklyn attitude and based on that meeting alone, our company sold tons of stuff to the CIA, over the years; but, I’m not actually supposed to tell you that, so that meeting never took place, got it! “

These days Lowe finds himself repeating one of Thomas Pain’s more famous thoughts, “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, so my children (and grandchildren) may have peace.”

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