7 thoughts on “$100,000 Question

  1. obviously any where USA the way things are today

    I bet they would hate to come to realize one day that their head looks pretty close to the same as ours in a scope

    hey tit for tat ..if this is the game they want to play those are the rules of engagement as many Americans see it today

    dont like it? dont play than.. they do realize there is a choice , right?

  2. File photo is from Ferguson, but hey, in the future you could insert that a*****e into any amerikan city currently and most sheeple wouldn’t think twice. I think this guy should be on We the People’s “no more hesitation” targets since dhs uses ones with Americans on it. Fair is fair.

  3. Must be targeting a police escape vehicle. As the use of a .50 cal is against the geniva convention to use on humans. Want’s to make sure there retreat vehicle can’t retreat sounds right. Good law enforcment in action.

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