1881 Household Cyclopedia


As the object of all study, and the end of all wisdom, is practical utility, so a collection, of the most approved Receipts, in all the arts of Domestic and Social Life, may be considered as a volume containing nearly the whole of the wisdom of man, worthy of preservation. In truth, the present volume has been compiled under the feeling, that if all other books of Science in the world were destroyed, this single volume would be found to embody the results of the useful experience, observations, and discoveries of mankind during the past ages of the world.

Theoretical reasonings and historical details have, of course, been avoided, and the objects of the compilers have been to economize space, and come at once to the point. Whatever men do, or desire to do, with the materials with which nature has supplied them, and with the powers which they possess, is here plainly taught and succinctly preserved; whether it regard complicated manufactures, means of curing diseases, simple processes of various kinds, or the economy, happiness, and preservation of life.

The best authorities have been resorted to, and innumerable volumes consulted, and wherever different processes of apparently equal value, for attaining the same and have been found, they have been introduced.

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2 thoughts on “1881 Household Cyclopedia

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  2. “…the object of all study, and the end of all wisdom, is practical utility…”

    I like that line (you don’t see much artful use of the language anymore), and that one sentence convinced me to download the book, which looks just as interesting.

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