2 DACA recipients arrested over suspicion of human smuggling: report

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Two Dreamers who were living in the U.S. under the Obama-era DACA program were arrested last week on suspicion of human smuggling in separate incidents, federal officials reportedly said.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported Monday that one of the men was in the country under the program and the other’s program had expired.  

The report said that one incident occurred last Wednesday when a resident near Torrey Pines State Beach observed what looked like human smuggling.

Border agents pulled over a vehicle and found the driver—who was the 20-year-old DACA recipient whose status expired. He reportedly admitted to smuggling after two Mexican nationals in the country illegally were found in the car.

In a separate incident, a 22-year-old Mexican national, a DACA recipient who lives in Riverside, was allegedly caught scouting an area for smugglers in Campo, Calif.

Both suspects are in custody.

The arrests come while Congressional lawmakers try to write legislation to give the so-called Dreamers legal status. DACA has protected about 800,000 people, many of them college-age students.


2 thoughts on “2 DACA recipients arrested over suspicion of human smuggling: report

  1. What Mexican would pick lettuce when there’s so much more money to be made by criminal enterprise?

    They DO NOT share our morality, and you should expect every one of them to be violently criminal when the welfare tit runs dry, and be raping your children as soon as you turn your back on them.

    That’s Mexican culture. Enjoy the “diversity”.

  2. Man…

    I’m just glad they weren’t smuggling drugs.

    Or even worse… Chi knees.

    Roy Orbison… Dreee. E ee eam. ..Dream dream….dream.

    Supertramp… Dreamer…silly little dreamer..
    Now can you put your hands on your head oh no!!

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