2020 Ends With Around 20 Million Americans Still On Jobless Benefits

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

The total number of Americans on government unemployment benefits ended 2020 just below 20 million. 2019 ended with just 2 million on jobless claims…

Source: Bloomberg

Initial claims dropped on the week, back below 800k (787k vs 835k exp and 806k prior)..

Source: Bloomberg

After big drops last week, California (and New York) top the states with the biggest increase in jobless claims (as lockdowns accelerated), while Illinois and Pennsylvania topped the biggest improvers (though Illinois’ plunge seems like a huge outlier)

Continuing claims continue to slide as Pandemic Emergency Claims rise (and thanks to the latest COVID Relief Bill, will be extended)…

Source: Bloomberg

Let’s hope 2021 gets better…


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