#2A Support Rooted in Facts, Not Fear

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New Jersey –-(Ammoland.com)- Our good friend, Synnove Bakke (@JerzyLuv2A) from the SaveJersey.com blog recently published another fine article about 2nd Amendment Rights in NJ and the constant battle we wage in order to protect them.

I am honored she asked me to collaborate with her again on this article.  

Our last piece was well received, and can be found here http://bit.ly/1deryEP on SaveJersey.com.

The current article is here http://bit.ly/1joSdVn and speaks about the fear our opposition uses to manipulate the conversation.

After all, it was just last week that Bryan Miller (@HeedingGodsCall) called us “domestic terrorists and gangsters” for wanting more than 10 round magazines. Well, Synnove does not let him get away with that BS!!

Please read this article, and post it everywhere. Share it on your FaceBook pages, your Twitter feed, and in emails to your friends and family. Spread the truth about how the States with Concealed Carry have significantly lower crime rates than those that do not. Let everyone know the truth about how gun control has been proven to cause a rise in violent crime.

Use the studies and facts including in this article to counter the emotional blackmail our opposition is so fond of. Feel free to quote the facts from these government and university studies to show that the Bryan Millers of the world are neither right, nor righteous.

Tyrants like Greenwald and Sweeney do not hold the moral high ground, they slither in the bowels of lies and manipulation in order to control us by stripping our G-d given unalienable rights.

Once again, here http://bit.ly/1joSdVn is the newest article and here http://bit.ly/M00KSl is a terrific 2 minute video showing why magazine limits only hurt the law abiding. Feel free to share both with those who agree with us, and more importantly, with those who do not.

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New Jersey Second Amendment Society – Our mission is to promote the free exercise of Second Amendment rights within the community and Legislature of New Jersey, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms, and to engender a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the members and their families. Visit: www.nj2as.com

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6 thoughts on “#2A Support Rooted in Facts, Not Fear

  1. The problem (it ’s not a problem in reality) with the 2nd is that it is written in plain simple English. The real problem is that the lower IQed morons of the anti-gun movement and the politicians in Washington cannot understand plain English. The right of the people to bare arms,and that right shall NOT be infringed. I’m just a high school grad and I get it. I can also add 1+2 and get 3 in two steps. Glad they didn’t have common core when I was growing up.

    1. REDHORSE, I’m a high-school drop out and I get it too. The loudest voices, or those who control the debate, do not represent the majority, and if they did, they probably wouldn’t have to be so loud.

      Let ’em talk, argue, and debate all they want to. When push comes to shove, and the talking is finally over, we’ll see who gets crushed.

  2. Our mission is….blah, blah, blah….. to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms.

    Try educating your community with a few history lessons, and they’ll never let go of their guns.

  3. i have a question , i live in a town of 4,000 pop and in my job i go to lots of peoples houses, i have noticed recently there are about 20 single russian men in a few apartments around town. i have an eye for detail and some have spetsnaz tats and the only thing of interest here is a nuke power plant. looking for ideas or info

  4. What a Joke! NJ has NO SA Rights. Unfortunately I lived in that bastion of liberal-commies for almost 30 years. But I wised up and moved to the Free state of NH 17 years ago. In NH we have no “Assault Weapons Ban”, no “magazine capacity ban”, no state ban of “FFL C&R License”, and no need to beg the state for a “Firearms Purchaser Identification Card” or a “Handgun Purchase Permit”. Also, open carry is legal, and a Concealed Carry permit is as simple as a 1 page (very simple and short) application, background check, and $10.00 for 4 years. In NH, you want to buy a rifle, shotgun, or handgun, you pick out what you want, fill out 4473, pass the instant-check, pay for your purchase, and walk out. I have the freedom to buy the firearm of my choice without first having to beg permission from the state (be it AR-15, AK, or High Capacity Glock), and to carry a handgun for my own self defense! So, wise up NJ, you have NO SA Rights!

    1. Oh, and despite all this, NH remains one of the safest states to live in, and always ranks in the top 5 LOWEST violent crime rate per 100,000 in the FBI;s annual report!

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