3 Israelis arrested after being caught importing illegal drugs

Your Jewish News – by Anika Rao

Three Israelis were arrested and will be charged with selling illegal drugs after allegedly importing hashish, Israel Police said.

The three suspects were accused of smuggling four kilograms or nine pounds of Moroccan hashish hidden in a suitcase.   

Investigators believe that the drugs originated from South America. The three men, aged 25, 26, and 47, were caught after a joint undercover investigation with police in Spain.

Police said that the gang were part of a large network of drug smugglers. Police said that the seized illegal drugs has a street value of 550,000 shekels ($150,000).

The three suspects will be brought before a magistrate’s court for bail hearings, while charged are still pending.


2 thoughts on “3 Israelis arrested after being caught importing illegal drugs

  1. I don`t know, that picture looks like a lot more than 9 lb.s of hash. I know what a key – 2.2+- – pounds is a kilo – of hash looks like and that sure does look like a whole lot more that 9 lb.s

  2. Should just be allowed to be imported legally,war on drugs just feeds the drug/police/court/prison cartels,you driving under and endangering others,busted,you are now risking others lives,otherwise,no ones business.On a side note,quality hash a very dense material,agree,looks like a lot more(perhaps some got lost later!).

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