30,000 – 100,000 Russian Troops Scheduled within next 7 Months

John Moore said on Wednesday’s broadcast, that he got news from the CIA Headquarters a report that says within the next 7 months, there will be between 30,000 – 100,000 Russian Troops coming to America to stay. First wave of troops begins on May 21st.

46 thoughts on “30,000 – 100,000 Russian Troops Scheduled within next 7 Months

  1. So?
    There were 600,000 deer hunting permits issued JUST in Wisconsin last year, 750,000 in PA, 700,000 in MI.
    Imagine adding all the other states…
    Now imagine all of the gun owners who don’t even hunt!.
    Now you tell me what army of 1million, much less 100,000 is willing to enter the US to screw with 40,50 or 60 million armed citizens?
    We are many, they are few, they fear us & as long as it stays that way, we’ll have liberty.


    1. Russia, China, and the SCO are going to invade with 200 Million invaders the same day as the next false flag to invade Iran. This is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of Planet X, its effects, and the chemtrails that hide it every day globally.

    2. Now imagine the Rusians working with our military, including tanks, planes, helicopters, nerve agents and APCs.

    3. you can’t just go to the range once or twice a year and shoot 5 rounds to sight in, and the rest of the year eat potato chips and watch football, and expect to be an effective combat resistance force.

      1. No, but you can have piece of mind that thousands of US troops won’t be following King Obamas’ orders. A couple of divisions goes the other way, game over.

  2. I sure hope those Russians have said their farewells to friends and family. If they come here for ‘peackeeping’ efforts, they aren’t going home.

    1. Rambo said:
      “gotta get my ak out of the shop. I’m ready to die for my country.”

      Now why on earth would an AK ever even need to be in the shop? What could possibly go wrong with it? So simple!

      BTW, it’s never about dying for your country, but making the other fellow die for his.

      1. It is each of our duties to assure that a high % of our charges hit each mark and all marks remain horizontal and stationary. To say the least; 6 of the uninvited members of every armored vehicle that enters each neighborhood should be invited to leave and rendered incapable of ever returning.

  3. If we had not sent our troops overseas to fight on behalf of other countries, we would not need Russian Spetznatz permanently stationed in America. This is why we NEED Dr. Ron Paul in the White House.

  4. Doesn’t seem credible. Why would there be need for that many troops to conduct a joint exercise? Until I see proof of 1000-10000 troops arriving I’d not bother with conspiracy theories.

    1. I have news for you CO. They’re already here. They’re working within America as everyday citizens as cover just waiting for the ball to drop. Chicago is full of them. So is Washington State. Conspiracy theory’s? Man, are you in for a shock……… You had better find your come to Jesus moment as this stuff is far and away from any conspiracy theory.

      1. And after that, the Vietnamese sleeper cells will awaken, and the North Korean ones, and the Chinese, and the Germans! Everybody we ever opposed is just waiting for the chance…

  5. Suicide by American. Haven’t heard of that before, but I’m sure we can accommodate them.

  6. Here we go. Look forward to ‘drills’ where bored Foreign military personnel are stopping traffic on the road. Where are your papers? We’ve been here before and we know how it ends up.

  7. Reminding me in Hungary 1956 There is a big reason they bring that many Russian troops here and that is not social meeting. Get ready. The fight that many of you dreaming about might not that far away.

    1. Hey Hunter!

      I wondered where you were hiding. 🙂

      Yes, I think it is Red Dawn time, for sure.

  8. Why would Russians be so extra special suspicious? What about Israelis, Dutch, German, French, Italian, and other NATO troops that were brought to the US for joint training, not to mention countless South American troops? This is Cold War FUD injected with over 50 years of anti-Russian propaganda. Spetnatz in Wal-Mart!
    Still, I don’t like it much.

  9. Sept: 2011, Pope Benedict Beatifies Sister Elena Aiello, Italian mystic and stigmatist, 1895-1960, who revealed from her visions that: “Russia will attack and overrun all of Europe and attack America with her “secret” armies – that whole cities, provinces and countries will be swallowed up in massive earthquakes. In 1984, a German mystic told Pope JPII, that he was shown in his visions: The sky black with missiles and planes coming out of Russia towards the west in unimaginable numbers and two submarines surfacing on the west and east coast of the USA and firing their missiles at the coastal cities. A few years back a Catholic mystic in Indiana, USA, said she was shown “Russian troops going house to house and confiscating weapons, separating the women from the men and sending the men to detention camps by rail and mass transit.” Google: “WW3 Prophecies and Visions from Central Europe”. I could quote dozens of mystics who have warned of what is about to happen, Russia wins everywhere for two years before the tide is turned by God, over 75% of Europe and over 50% of America is annihilated, we win in the end but at a great cost. God is going to allow our enemies to punish us severely first and then in turn our enemies will then be destroyed; all for the great abandonment of God, of Chrisitanity by the West, abortion, contraception, homosexuality, pornography, etc.
    In America: Total world economic collapse – civil war and revolution – no law and order for over a year and no electricity for most of that time, when all is in chaos in both America and Europe, Russia attacks with an men, missiles, planes, and military equipment that the world never knew it was secretly amassing while our attension and resources were been wasted and depleted in the Middle East and other places.
    First 6mo: complete anarchy, chaos, no law and order, martial law – Second 6mo: everyone begins to take one of two sides, a good and bad. Third 6mo: the good side begins to win and the last 6mo the good side wins.
    America gets attacked in the middle of its uprising – civil war – revolution from: Florida (Cuban and S.American Marxists), Mexican Border (Both Mexican and S. American Marxists), from Alaska (Russians and some Chinese), from Minnesota (largest pop. of Russians and Muslims in Minn, Mich, Dakotas region) and California (One Million Chinese surprise amphibious landing – “with help from within our own government). We beat off this revolution, we beat the Chinese back into the ocean, and we beat the Russians here and later abroad, but what a great cost and slaughter their will be.
    A Catholic Monarch, of a royal family though to be extinct, after two years of Russian victories, surfaces in Europe and leads a small army against the Russians and Moslems and wipes them out in miraculous and apocalytic battles. All this followed by an unprecedented few generations of a peace and prosperity that the world has never seen in its history, then comes anti-christ when man falls again. The mystics say now, both the Church and the World are going to be punished by God severely. Google: The Scapular of Benediction and the prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny.

    1. I suggest you add Anthony Sutton and Carroll Quigley to your list of prophets revealing what and who is to come. If the Russian commies invade here, it is because our dual national ELECTED OFFICIALS and MILITARY brought them in. They werent just teleported by Satan. They had help from the Elite who built up USSR Bolsheviks to begin with. Get a list of Fed Reserve founders and offspring and put them at the top of the list. Even Jesus will verify that this is true.

    2. Sounds exactly like the kind of scenario the globalists that are screaming for global depopulation would want to see happen.

      I’m suspicious of any prophecy the conveniently aligns with the desires of the global elite, because as far as I’m concerned, they’re nothing more than spoiled children that don’t want to give up their fantasy world, so why the hell would any ‘true God’ follow the whims of such spoiled brats. Unless, we’re talking about that ‘other’ God; the dead give away being all the talk about people of some religious faith saving the day – *pfft*. Religion has been the cause of some of the greatest atrocities in recorded history, so why would it all of the sudden save the world now? Doesn’t pass logic’s smell test, which means it’s nothing more than another attempt by negativity to keep this planet ensnared in its desired illusion.

      Anyway, this just sounds like the sales pitch the globalists use to get the religious people to play along with their desired illusion.

  10. Black Propaganda!
    Russian troops to police America??? I don’t think that V.Putin would be doing this!
    But just watch the “master race morlocks” in America!

    1. Hell, Putin isn’t even going the the big global police state mash up in Chicago. If you think Americans don’t like the idea of troops on their soil I guess the Russian people’s reactions were missed on the nightly news when there was talk of a Nato base in Russia. Hmm, they went out in the streets to protest the Nato base!

  11. Now you can start to understand how the rest of the world’s citizens feel when a couple hundred thousand U.S. troops show up with guns to bring freedom?.
    When these other people fight back ..they’re just filthy terrorists though ..right?.

  12. It does sound all too strange; pretty hard to get your head around it. Fud!!! So there you are! How come you don’t come around anymore? Was it something I said, or, didn’t say?

    Fond regards from one missing your humorous and informed presence.

  13. it is a most fordmidable force to have within the Gate…………it will take years to rout them out. This will not be a 90 minute movie as they will pick the time and the place in most actions.

    1. It will be a two legged moose hunt and many will come home feeling cheated because they didn’t get one.

  14. Russian military on American bases is not new. Looks like the long term planning is escalating.
    I was driving the freewy rom Los Angeles to Las Vegas bout 15 years ago, when I saw a caravan of Russian military vehivles driving on the dirt road behind the barbed wire fencing out in the middle of no-where. The vehicles were very distinguishable by their boxy body stule. Definitely not American.

  15. The US is much more threatened by Israeli’s & their sycophants in our congress & media than by 100,000 Russian troops.

  16. This is absolutely, positively, the silliest thing that I’ve ever read on the Web. Vladimir Putin has no intention of sending an expeditionary force to occupy the United States. Stop spreading disinformation! Be concerned about the US’s own incipiently Fascist government, instead.

    Americans are capable of killing other Americans perfectly well. That was proven back in 1861-65. “Americans” today have even less in common than they did back then. There’s no need to invoke the feared Rooskie, or any other species of foreigner. Your Enemy is in Washington, not Moscow!

    Quit acting like a bunch of gibbering idiots!

    1. It’s always nice to hear from one of Putins press secretaries. I have news for you chief, they are already here. Turn off Fox News and start to read the truth.

      1. What’s the truth, Mark Schumacher? I just heard about this, today. We have a lot of military recently sent overseas that can’t be here to protect their families. We have a lot of families that want to protect themselves. This president has given himself the power of eminent domain and marshall law in peace time. Why would he need these things, in “peace” time? He can now disrupt our cell phone service “for the sake of national security”. Why would he need to disrupt civilian cell phone use for emergencies, for the sake of nat’l security? It’s makes no sense, in the case of peace time. But, in a military scenario, the first things they would cut off or disrupt, are contact, water, food, and infrastructure and/or transportation. Is that the scenario we are looking at, military supported invasion? We all have to consider how we can prepare, even minimally. CB radio, some kind of telegraph set up, food and water access, transportation, even if by animals, rather than fuel based. We are all spoiled and stupid to think that it can never happen here. Bin Laden wasn’t caught because he was stupid. He was caught because he no longer served a purpose and became complacent in his trust of others, just like we are. It’s the worst kind of arrogance to think it won’t happen here. What do you suggest, Mark Schumacher?

        1. My reply to CO above reaffirms my positions which mirrors yours closely. My point was that insurgents are already here waiting for the green light. Any idiot can see that by just opening their eyes and ears. Of course it can happen at any time, that was my whole point.

          If you think I’m wrong then turn on CNN and Fox News and believe the garbage these propagandists whores are spewing out into the airwaves.

          What do I suggest? Turn off the Fox News channel and saddle up! If you think that the thousands of troops that are oversees won’t be hightailing back here on the first word of their country under attack, against any order given to them by an illegally elected president, then your living on a different planet. I can guarantee you there are Generals out there controlling whole divisions that would turn on Obama in a Kenyan second. That means commandeered Galaxy C-5s’ doing 180s full of troops heading back home. Battle groups turning around and heading home, giving Soretoro the middle finger.

          Do the math….

    2. Now I see. This info seems to be from the famous disinformation specialist Sorcha Faal/ David Booth who writes for the notorious EU Times.
      Google up Sorcha Faal.

  17. @ Dave – deer hunters? @ Rambo – AK ? Are you Kidding??? With Mr. Executive Order in power all it takes is 2 words, Martial Law, and you will have soldiers and local police asking for every gun that is registered in your name. The President is not for us. The Soldiers and local Police have been trained efficiently to Follow Orders. They have Sworn on an Oath to carry out those orders. The only thing we can do is get right with God. He knows the secret sins that so easily beset us. If they have a right to take guns they can also take provisions you may have stored up. I’m getting a “Red Dawn” movie feel for this. It’s not good. God wants us to PREPARE for what’s to come.

  18. I don’t claim to know everything, but I do notice that Russia is a lot more “American” than the USA is these days. Or haven’t you looked around lately? Personally, I’m giving serious consideration to writing-in Putin in the upcoming election. And you should too!

    Now we know that the globalist zogsters who own and operate most of the world would like to kill most of us off. Right? And we know that they use divide-and-conquer as their most useful strategy. True? So why allow yourself to be turned into such a Russ-o-phobe?

    Consider our current rulers. You probably couldn’t find but 10-12 people in all three branches of government who don’t richly deserve to be put on trial for their lives for high treason. Correct? And the same goes for state governments. Right? County and municipal government too? Ditto!

    The only question you need to ask here is: have the Russians really thrown off the Jew? If they have, old Leif says, “bring ’em on” (and break out the vodka and caviar)!

  19. For those of you who think Russians coming to America is just FUD….think again. Currently in Baldwin, Michigan Russians have been brought into the area to run a prison that has been closed for a couple of years…..the facility has been converted into an encampment with new gas lines being put in for ‘riot control.’ Many of the restaurant owners are complaining because they cannot understand what the Russians are saying when placing orders and are concerned about the number of Russians that have arrived already and continue to arrive. Prior to this year, no Russians have ever lived in Baldwin. Moreover, another prison in Carson City, Michigan has also been converted recently into a prisoner encampment with new gas lines on the interior of the building; however, have heard yet whether or not this facility is being operated by Russians. If you think our government is not capable of such atrocities think again, our Constitution has been ignored and our rights violated for many years now, so just sit back and believe whatever you like. However, when government officials knock on your door to transport you and your family to an encampment for ‘your safety’….just kindly hand them your weapons, your food and your life like a nice little Sheeple should and remember you thought it was all just a bunch of FUD!!

    1. There are over 4500 Russians at Camp Atterbury here in INDIANA. we are not allowed to talk to them at anytime or be around them.

  20. they are here. i’ve traveled across the country and run into them everywhere. I moved to the west, and i’ve seen many here round the forest areas. When I lived back east, I ran into a camp of russians that were armed in a national forest. they were nice, but why were they there?

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