36-Year-Old Brazilian Reporter Collapses and Suffers Cardiac Arrest During Live TV Broadcast

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

A Brazilian TV reporter from Alterosa Alerta Sul de Minas was hospitalized after suffering a cardiac arrest on a live news broadcast on Monday. The incident happened one week after he took his booster shot.

Rafael Silva, 36-years-old and is the presenter of Jornal das 7, fainted and collapsed while covering a news story. He was quickly attended by the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) and taken to the nearest hospital. According to the report, he suffered five cardiac arrests on the way to the hospital. 

Silva has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at Humanitas Hospital in Varginha since Monday. According to a report from a local news site, the journalist was extubated, is conscious, and started talking.

“He talked to his mother, his brother, even asked to go to the bathroom. His recovery is the best possible. We are very happy with this news,” Kadu Lopes said during the Alterosa Alerta show on Tuesday.

Last December 28, Silva went on Twitter and bragged about his booster shot and said he felt sorry for people who are not vaccinated.

Here’s the translation: “Long live the third dose. I’m sorry for the people who didn’t have this opportunity. Vaccines save lives.”

According to experts who are evaluating Silva’s sudden illness, the COVID-19 vaccine has nothing to do with his cardiac arrest. Their lame suspicion is that Silva has a genetic congenital heart disease that he was born with it and no one knows.

More from Metropoles (translated):

The presenter also commented on the fake news that ran on social networks about a possible reaction of the third dose of Covid. “Many people doing politics about vaccination said he had had this sudden illness because of the third dose. According to experts, it has already been discarded. The suspicion, according to the doctor who is attending him, is that Rafael has a congenital heart disease, the suspicion is that he was born with this heart problem, that no one knows and no one had identified. From now on, he is having all the service in the world,” he concluded.

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