4 Items Burglars Want: Are You Flashing Them Around?

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Burglars usually look for lightweight, high-priced items that they can steal quickly without attracting much attention. If you leave these 4 items in sight, you will increase the risk of someone breaking in and taking more than what they came for.  These are the items burglars want.  

Tablets and Laptops Are Easy Targets

Items Burglars Want

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Thieves have numerous reasons for stealing tablets and laptops. They have high values, but they hardly weigh anything at all. That makes them easy to steal. They can also contain private information that lets thieves access your bank accounts or open new credit cards in your name.

It’s best to keep your tablets and laptops out of sight. Tablets can slide onto a shelf between your books. Put larger laptops in drawers. Yes, burglars check drawers, but at least this will slow them down.

Also, you should password protect your computers so thieves can’t access your information easily.

Firearms Are Popular Among Thieves

Items Burglars Want

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Guns have a high resale value on the street. Burglars who steal them may plan to use them in future crimes or sell them to others who are willing to spend top dollar for weapons that police can’t trace back to them.

It’s best to keep any handguns in a safe that has been bolted to the floor. If you have rifles, keep them in a locked closet or chest.

The last thing you want to do is put your guns on display. A thief who spots them through the window will have a hard time resisting that opportunity.

Medications Bring in Money for Thieves

Items Burglars Want

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Always remove the labels from your prescription medication bottles before putting them in the trash or recycling bin. Burglars often go through trash to see what types of drugs they could find inside a house. Finding any pill bottles will make them interested. Leaving the prescription information just makes it easier for them to decide whether they want to break in and search your home.

It’s especially important to remove the labels of drugs that catch high values on the black market. Medications such as Xanax, Vicodin, Adderall, and Percocet. Any stimulants, benzodiazepines, or pain medications will attract burglars.

If a member of your family takes a lot of prescription medication, consider using a site like www.tophomealarms.com to get a security system that will keep burglars out.

Jewelry Goes For High Prices at Pawn Shops

Items Burglars Want

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If you leave jewelry sitting out, burglars won’t have any problem breaking in, grabbing it, and running away before the cops arrive. Even jewelry boxes will tempt desperate thieves who need quick money.

There’s always a sketchy pawn shop that will buy stolen jewelry. Crooks without pawn shop connections will often sell stolen jewelry online. That way, they don’t look like a burglar selling stolen wares on the street.

Keeping rings, necklaces, and other types of jewelry in a drawer will make it easier for burglars to pass by your house in search of easier prey. It’s also a good idea to keep your most expensive pieces in a safe.

Keeping these out of site will ensure your home isn’t a prime target for burglary. This is especially important if you havestockpiles of food, cash or precious metals. Has anyone ever broken into your home? What types of items did they take?


3 thoughts on “4 Items Burglars Want: Are You Flashing Them Around?

  1. Any burglar breaking into my apartment will be sorely disappointed by how little there is that would be worth taking. A ten year old very large desk-top PC anyone? An out of date TV which I don’t watch?

    1. yes, but they can easily do more monetary damage to the home to get in and then be disappointed.

  2. Is anyone so dumb that they need to be reminded of this?

    yes…thieves steal things… and yes, there’s more to be gained by stealing expensive things than by stealing garbage, and yes, if you flash expensive things in a thief’s face, he’ll want to steal it.

    Can we graduate to the second grade now?

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