6 thoughts on “Aleister Crowley: Prophet of Evil

  1. Yes, and I have seen evil – in fact my mom said that I was born in hell and raised by satan, – yes she actually said that to me to my face – and there for I do know the difference between the good and bad/evil yes most do not know the diff. but ya got to live it to actually know the difference. Yep I never participated in that A. Crowley crap but I was told that I had to know the difference to know between right and wrong. Yep I was born in hell and raised by satan but I also know good from evil and I practice good. Keep the faith ya~ll and do no wrong to your fellow man because ol` Mr. Crowley was a evil mother F`er. Learn from him EH guys. Yea I am a sick F`er, but at least I am honest and truthful. I bear my soul, more than most do. 🙂 Evil as evil is, and I do know the difference and I try to not be evil.

    1. If this was a competition I would win. My mother told me that she should have drowned me at birth

      1. yep uninformedLuddite I hear ya. My mom was from a freemason family and they can all go F#@k themselves. Yep I grew up in a family of bible thumping assh*les thinking that there way was the only way and anything else was wrong. Yep they thought that Mr. Crowley was a nice guy but – IMOHO – Mr Crowley was not a nice guy but ya got to know about those guys to know the difference. Yep my mom and her side supported them POS, and they did say that I was born in hell and raised by satan, she told me that from my moms own mouth and when I disagreed with them bastards they sent me away when I should have been out being a kid. yep Never did recover from it but at least I do know the difference between the good and evil/bad. and that is the only good that I see out of life. Those counselors and cops and all of those other POS can go f*ck themselves.

    1. Hey there sonny boy Eddie Slovic, Aleister Crowley was so honest he was evil. He would tell you where the bear would shit you out in the woods after he ate you. Back in his day, he had power that most will never experience and I don’t doubt that his existence and presence remains today. As for your belittling comment towards Mr. Crowley, may your luck stay with you. Good luck. Millard @ diggerdan’s make sure he’s alive

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