8 thoughts on “4 Point Plan To Stop AIPAC

  1. Disturbing….
    Freedom loving people ever where….should view this,
    to realize just how far down the rabbit hole this thing of
    Israel the state….has gone.

  2. To state that (A)IPAC, and by extension Israel, is above the law in this
    regard is to acknowledge the reality that American national sovereignty no
    longer matters when it comes to the state of Israel. So are we going to
    continue to permit (A)IPAC to operate as an undeclared agent of a
    foreign nation and to influence American foreign and national security policymaking at the expense of our Constitution. (A)IPAC is a truly
    powerful and dangerous organization working against American interests.
    The Hell with Iran’s nukes; what about Israel’s?

      1. As in ‘terminate with’.

        There wouldn’t be any left to be shocked or awed.

        Just a favorite fantasy of mine.

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