0 thoughts on “5.9 Magnitude Earthquake Hits East Coast – White House Evacuated, Nuclear Plants Shut Down

  1. It’s too bad the President & Vice President, & Congress are on vacation. It might have given them some insight to the hand of GOD.

    “Let him who thinkest he stand ” Take heed lest he fall”

    1. I was in the last big quake in California, back in ’94, the Northridge Quake, in the San Fernando Valley. Lost some friends. Earthquakes suck. No warning. Ground jumps around, shit collapses.

  2. God is sending a message to these people telling them that they are wrong to let American’s go hungry and homeless. We need to recall their positions and vote others in. Just seen on MSNBC where on Tuesday the federal government secretly gave 1.2 trillion dollars to the big banks and wall street. This administration is making the United States into a 3 world country. No jobs or help for the unemployed. After 99 weeks they are left out in the cold. Sorry to say that after seeing what happened to the Georgetown Basketball team in China. Uncalled for and we need to pull every factory out of China that we sent overseas and cut off all trade agreements with them. As far as the Federal Government is concerned stop bailing out the rich and if we have that much money to give away give it back to the tax payers.

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