99ers – Foreign Wars or Food, You Decide

Well earthquakes and hurricanes, the propagandists must have been praying to the gods of nature to give them something else to divert us with.  The Al Qaeda rebels in Libya are asking for money for food and health care and our government is chomping at the bit to jump in and give it to them.  It is never a question of money when it comes to other countries.  Since we were told the lie of a no-fly-zone by the peace reaper Soetoro, we have spent enough money there to have given the long term unemployed an extension.

So tell me 99ers, what would you rather have had, Al Qaeda taking over Libya or an unemployment extension?  Never mind, I know the answer.  The point is the American people had no say in the matter as the dictator Obama went around our representation in providing an air force for the Al Qaeda in Libya, groups of which are made up of the same Al Qaeda that participated in killing our service people in Afghanistan.  Al Qaeda has to be laughing at the people of the United States.

The talk of jobs has absolutely petered out and the propagandists are back on the bandwagon to take food stamps, saying they are an incentive for the long term unemployed not to return to work.  You know what; I hope they do take the goddamn food stamps.  Maybe then the complicit among us will be forced to acknowledge the white elephant sitting on their laps.

And of course, as predicted in prior articles, the propagandists are saying taxes and regulations on corporations have to go.  Record profits just aren’t enough.  They are even going after the pensions for our service personnel, suggesting cutting them in half, and then suggesting the half left be put into 401Ks, making them easier to liquidate through manipulation of the stock market.

If you people cannot get anything else through your head get this.  The top 2% have and are getting 90% of the wealth.  If they get their cuts in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and food stamps 90% of our population is going to be left to survive on 5% of our wealth.  People, they are hell bent on destroying us.  They hate the fact that we are alive.  We are in their way.  They want what little we have left and they don’t care what they have to do to get it.

We are the many, they are the few.  The best they can do is try to use the wealth they have stolen from us to turn us against one another.  The news is full of the Black Caucus saying that blacks are disproportionately affected by this disaster.  This is wrong.  I’ll put this in real simple terms so even the stupidest among you can understand it.  If you have a hundred white people and 10 are put out of work that is 10%.  If you have 20 black people at the same time and 10 are put out of work that is 50%.  These people use these number manipulations to try to cause bad feelings between us.

I’ll tell you who has been put out of work – baby boomers – red, yellow, black, brown, and white.  I think you 99ers out there know this doesn’t have a goddamn thing to do with race, but rather with years put in, pay scale, and accumulated retirement benefits.  The baby boomers of every color represent the largest portion of our population and we are under attack.  They have liquidated our life’s savings and it is not just going to stop with us.  We are just the beginning.

Make no mistake, they want everything, that includes the rest of the middle class of every race, both genders, and every age.  They want to kill the majority of us off and have those left as their indentured slaves.

Remember they have no problem providing money for food and medical care for the Libyans, so it is not a matter of money.  They are coming for our lives so you better clear your mind of all other delusions and prepare to fight.

To end on a positive note, at least I know Ron Paul is in opposition to the treason associated with the invasion of Libya.  I’ve decided I will vote for Ron Paul, no matter what, and every other politician up for re-election I will vote against as every incumbent should go because they have proven they do not give a rat’s ass about anything but the rich corporate elite that own them.  If the only thing I can do against them is to vote incumbents out, I will.  I know Ron Paul will cause them pain, therefore I will vote for them to have pain.

If there is a God, something will happen and get this revolution underway so we do not have to suffer through another Christmas with nothing and no hope, waiting for 2012.  For God’s sake, let’s take this country back, if we all act as one this can be accomplished.  We can prosper again and live like we did before our government was usurped by the international corporate mafia.  Damn them to hell.

It is going to be work.  It is going to be sacrifice, but just think of the reward, our Republic back under our Constitution and enjoying the wealth of our resources that we have been deprived of for a hundred years.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. That is a well writen piece Henry, I have always admired (yours) and others take on our situation here in the states. I’m new to the trenches. Honestly, This site is my new newspaper. I love Ron Paul. How can anyone not love that guy. The motto, of ignorance is bliss, Is the international corporate mafia’s go-to-guy. They think they’re funny guys. Like thier lies can go on forever, here in America. I’m a part of the Ron Paul campaign here in New Hampshire. I go to campaign HQ here in Concord N.H. Three times a week. I do phone banking, door to door, over and over. Put signs up on highway over passes like playing ding dong ditch. And, In New Hampshire from what I see. Ron Paul is gaining traction here in New Hampshire. However, The Paulites like me do like to be lead to the water, but they will not drink the water. They understand, and they tow the line. But, they will not except the notion of paying the price for thier ticket of liberty and freedom. Which what really drew me to the trenches. Real patriots. I’ve told people who are informed. In order, to do the deed of liberty, against, corruption. Is to take back by force secretly, Like they do, but against the grain. Or. Counter-intuitave planning. Is the key. I think people here should do the same. To plan this. It needs to be done in secret.

  2. If everyone here wants to take it back. Take it back in secret. Like they took it from us in secret. What are the 99ers thoughts on that!

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