50 – 300 MPG Cars are Banned in the USA

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In 2006 when Michael and I went to Cannes, France in 2006, we rented a very nice medium-sized Citroen van which took diesel and did 60 miles to the gallon. We were very surprised to find that this kind of car was so readily available, and would have loved to have taken it back with us. (We later learned, when you visit Europe, ask for a small car. We were given a “free upgrade” at the time, not realizing that the knowing ones all want small cars. Parking spaces are so small that you are much more likely to end up with a big scratch on the car, from other drivers, as we did. When traveling to Europe, always be sure to use one of those gold credit cards with the free auto insurance before you leave).  

Looking into this further, it turns out that we would not have been allowed to bring it back. Our government is preventing ultra-high-mileage vehicles from being sold here; even though some are built here! With mileages of 50 MPG, 75 MPG, 180 MPG and even 300 MPG, the government says these vehicles “don’t meet American standards” but they’re fine for Europe, which has much higher environmental standards than the US.

Who makes these super-high-mileage cars? BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen. Read on to find out what the rest of the world can have, but we Americans cannot.

The following report is intended to be a wake up call for the American people. There are no tricks here, such as quoting imperial gallons, referencing tiny cars, electric cars, or even hybrids. These cars are straight up 50 plus mile per gallon winners which are banned for sale in the U.S.

Urban Cruiser SUVcrossover by Toyota

Mileage – 52.8 mpg. Even higher on the highway

4 wheel drive version – 48 mpg




Nissan Qashqai SUV crossover

Highway mileage – 56 mpg

American version highway mileage- a pathetic 26 mpg

Highway mileage with ethanol mix – 18 mpg




How on earth can the difference be so huge? True, the ultimate mileage is compliments of a diesel engine but that cannot account for such a severe mileage cut. The American version has got to be intentionally de-tuned to deliver horrific comparable mileage. And that is not the end of it, because using ethanol, which is paid largely by tax subsidies, and is being forced on us, the mileage drops to a disgustingly low 18 mpg on the highway.


TDI Volkswagen Passat wagon

Highway mileage – 78.5 mpg

City mileage – Over 50 mpg

This beautiful, super big car is totally banned in America. If you manage to get one into the states, you will be allowed 30 days to leave with it or it will be impounded and crushed. Are you outraged yet? I hope so.




Volkswagen – 261 mpg




If you take the time to wade through all the censorship, you will eventually discover that there are over 20 full sized cars, including 10 SUV’s that get combined mileage figures of over 50 U.S. MPG.

Personally, we believe that this disgusting destruction of our freedom goes way past making the oil barons and oligarchs insanely rich at our expense, and the government stealing even more money through taxes for fuel that we don’t need to use. We believe it’s also to help the oligarchs maintain control. If travel is cheap, people travel, not just on holiday but also to seminars, conferences and rallies, where people gain new knowledge and the meeting of like-minded people produces all kinds of wonderful results which can bring in peace and prosperity for everyone on earth.

Think of all the hotels and restaurants that would get more business. They should especially be behind a concerted effort to get these brutal and insane laws cancelled. Think of how everyone would have more money to spend on local products and services if they weren’t burning fuel that they did not need to. If you have been looking for a cause to get behind to save the planet and America, that everyone except the oligarchs will support, this could well be it.


6 thoughts on “50 – 300 MPG Cars are Banned in the USA

  1. I had 2 cars. One got 21 mpg, the other (a Geo Metro) got 49 mpg. I was traveling 22K miles per year. I sat down with a calculator and did the math. I save $3000 dollars per year driving the Metro. Now multiply that number times all the drivers in the US. You come up with trillions of dollars in profit for oil companies. I’ve also learned that our government makes most of their money collecting taxes….but coming in a close second is the money they make from gasoline sales. Now you know why they crushed the EV-1 electric cars in the Arizona desert back in 2004.

  2. Yep, there are so many of these kinds of cars in Europe, but the treasonous U.S. government will not allow it because they want us Americans to spend, Spend, SPEND every last dollar we have until there is absolutely nothing left. This a deprivation of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness through extortion and blackmail by the oil companies and big corporations.

  3. I know I may be spinning this too far, but do you think the emissions testing we have to do every 2 years is at all to discover whether or not any of us have been tinkering with our cars to get better mileage?

  4. The REAL reason the government doesn’t allow these cars here is because of all the taxes they received from fuel sales. So as always … follow the money.

  5. You’re missing the biggest scandal that the Government needs the banks to keep dumping all their counterfeit non “Federal” Reserve money into commodities like fuel so they can spread the inflation around the globe. If people switch to 50mpg+ cars the emperor of counterfeit currency will have no clothes, inflation will have to go into a sector of the economy they cannot hide the affects from the general population and the national economy .

  6. It goes far past just the oil barons here. Who bailed out the American car companies when the economy crashed? The government did. Who protects the American car companies? The government and the oil barons do.

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