5 thoughts on “50 caliber handgun

      1. It’s great for squirrels and such, and, you know those damned beaver, viscous critters they can be, along with them woodchucks and badgers. Holy shit people !!!, gun up, the critters are comin’ to get ya!

        Hype, hype, exaggerate, exaggerate, piss and $h!t your pants yet? Islamic Terrorism, Global Warming, Obama’s chronic halitosis, whatever, just don’t look over here.

  1. The bigger the better to put down those pesky critters. Hoorah! We will recapture our God given liberty. Of course because we are called to root out the enemies of justice, and the usurpers of righteous government. There is no middle ground between true righteousness and unrighteousness. The first is all about/promotes individual right to life and the latter is ALL about taking away the first from you and me. There can be no compromise in this relationship. Only the eventual death of one or the other side. If we put a value on life as being worthy of living and of defending then it is also worth the risk of dying to defend it. But, I would rather make the/our enemies of this wonderful gift of life die in their pursuit. Let’s give it to them before they can do it to us. They have been slowly bleeding us dry economically, and now they are escalating that scene by bringing in untold #’s of peoples as a Trojan horse to militarily overcome us from within. I know that our heavenly Father is in control of all of this. But, I as you, am getting tired of it all and in spite of knowing that it won’t be pretty, want to get it ON and kick the enemies asses along with all their mercenaries and finish it as WE WILL DO in the end. This world ruling cabal has been losing it for some time now. Their fake scam scenarios appear to present all they offer as vivacious but their intention is death. Stay strong of body and mind. Me. ps. I love you all.

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