5000 Utility Customers in Maine Join Class Action Lawsuit Claiming They Were Overbilled. 2017 Dutch Research Determined “Smart” Meters Inflate Bills 30% to 582%.

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Three law firms will represent 5000 people in their complaints of overbilling by Central Maine Power Co.

CMP is one of many utility companies across North America that has installed “Smart” Meters.  There have been complaints about inflated billing and more everywhere these types of meters have been installed.  2017 Dutch research confirmed that these meters can cause measurement errors from 30% to 582%.

CMP knew about billing issues from the start but dismissed them even while people complained:

Auditors have so far found no anomalies in the company’s new billing software or its smart meter network to explain bills that for some customers were two to three times what they had been during the same period in the previous year, CMP President and CEO Doug Herling said April 5 in a conference call with reporters.

“We have done our investigation, at this point in time we have not found anything about our system or smart meters that would artificially increase customers’ usage,” he said.

The Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters has been active for many years in the fight against “Smart” Meters:

In the effort to stop smart meters from eroding our health and legal rights, Maine is first in the nation:

  1. Fighting for, obtaining, and retaining right to opt out.
  2. Appealing a rejected Public Utilities Commission (PUC) complaint to a state’s highest court.
  3. Winning a state Supreme Court victory in a smart meter case.
  4. To have a high court remanding a smart meter complaint back to the PUC.
  5. With a full PUC investigation into health and safety of smart meters.
  6. For a PUC determining they will not be limited by FCC guidelines in their investigation.

According to their website, 8,000 Mainers have paid to opt out of “Smart” Meters.

Consumer advocates and many others can’t say enough bad things about “Smart” Meters.

People all over the world don’t want “Smart” Meters.  In 2013, a documentary was produced about the many problems associated with them.  A 2017 documentary includes coverage of problems associated with these meters as well.

In California, there are 57 local governments that are opposed to mandatory “Smart” Meter programs.  Oklahoma and Kentucky have bills which support customers’ right to easily and affordably “opt out” of them.  Senator Patrick Colbeck has supported Michigan residents’ right to refuse these types of meters.  He has also acknowledged the many issues associated with them as well.

If you are a CMP customer and believe you have been overbilled, be sure to contact one of the 3 law firms involved:

  1. https://www.napolilaw.com/napoli-attorney/salvatore-c-badala/
  2. https://www.lipmankatz.com/
  3. https://tmbf-law.com/attorney-profiles/

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4 thoughts on “5000 Utility Customers in Maine Join Class Action Lawsuit Claiming They Were Overbilled. 2017 Dutch Research Determined “Smart” Meters Inflate Bills 30% to 582%.

  1. Only 5000……?

    I guess we forgot ENRON.

    People have the remembrance and attention span of a goddamid goldfish.

    But that’s ancient History now like the fkng pyramids.

    Like the serial rapist killer Ted Bundy.

    “You can Cry All you Want to but Nobody’s Gonna Hear You”.

  2. The power thugs here will “allow” me to rid my house of the smart meter if I pay a $40 monthly BS fee for one of their goons to read my meter manually.

  3. This class action is one of hundreds. There are great lawyers across the United states filing consolidated lawsuits and class actions as a result of many types of wrongs or defective medical devices.

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