$7 Million in Oregon Recovery Dollars Employed Foreign Workers

At a time when the traitor Obama is pushing a new jobs bill that will pay corporations to hire the unemployed through tax subsidies and sweat heart contracts, an incident in Oregon should be taking stage, front and center.  Four contractors/corporations, G.E. Forestry, Cutting Edge Forestry, Summitt Forestry, and Ponderosa Reforestations, received fourteen Recovery Act contracts worth $7,140,782 in 2009.

These monies were intended to put unemployed Oregonians to work doing clean up and maintenance in National Forests in Central Oregon.  Instead this money was paid to foreign workers brought in on H-2B visas, which is to say workers from another country.  Though the reporting parties have been careful to hide the country that the workers came from, I think it is safe to assume that they were Mexican nationals.

This dirty deed would have been swept under the carpet as a part of the status quo had it not been for an article put out in Oregon’s Bend Bulletin News on August 9, 2010.  The article prompted Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio to conduct an investigation which revealed that $7,140,782 of recovery monies went to the aforementioned contractors and that not one U.S. citizen received a job.

The investigation revealed that the aforementioned contractors advertised the jobs in small newspapers in other states to meet requirements which dictate that the jobs must be offered to American workers as a part of the contractual agreement.  Those workers in Oregon who found out about the jobs, in spite of the contractors’ efforts to hide the fact of their availability, were denied the employment, the contractors citing as cause, age and the fact that the applicants were not bilingual.

The contractors then used a loophole in the contracts which said that if US workers refused the jobs then the companies were free to bring in foreign workers under the H-2B visas.

Now the authorities are saying that these contractors cannot be punished because technically they did not break the law.  This is a deliberate untruth on its face.  The fact is the contractors are not going to be prosecuted because any such prosecution would lead right back to the corrupt federal and state agencies.

At the time these contracts were awarded and the jobs were given to foreign laborers, there were thousands of experienced U.S./Oregonian workers who were desperate for a job.  And that fact that manipulation and duplicity for profit was used to take these jobs from Oregonians and give them to Mexicans is a crime.

The motive was profit.  The intent was to divert the jobs to foreign laborers through deceit.  And the contractors had to be working hand in hand with state and federal government to achieve the fraud.

These were recovery monies.  When the jobs became available every unemployment office in Oregon should have been notified.  Every worker drawing unemployment in the State of Oregon has to be signed up at his or her local unemployment office.  Every worker must sign a document saying they will accept any job, any hours, at any pay legal under the law.  Had these jobs gone straight to the unemployment offices, they would have been filled by unemployed Oregonians within a matter of hours, and these would have been workers experienced at working in the woods.

Look at who granted the visas for the foreign workers, Employment and Training Administration, a sub agency of the Department of Labor.  This is not only a fraud; it is a blatant fraud, perpetrated on the US taxpayer and the unemployed American worker by contractors working hand in hand with what can only be considered criminal elements within the federal government and the government of the State of Oregon.

These contractors profited through paying substandard wages and not paying Social Security and other taxes as a result of using foreign labor under visa.  We have to ask the question, would a real investigation show kickbacks to the state and federal employees who assisted in the fraud?

This article should outrage every American, both employed and unemployed, as it is a wanton act designed to defraud the U.S. citizenry et.al.  And as the Department of Labor was involved, I for one have to believe that this outrage has gone on and continues to go on all over the United States as our people are being demeaned and insulted in being described as lazy and unwilling to work.

Another story here locally in Oregon, the pear growers in the Rogue Valley, where all of these sleaze ball contractors are located, want to bring in pickers from Mexico on these same foreign visas to pick the fruit.  They are not warranting the action because they cannot find laborers here, they are not saying our people do not want to do this kind of work, rather they are saying they need experienced workers who know how to handle the fruit.  I guess we just are not pearatechnologists.

This is all a pack of lies.  They want the foreign workers here on visas to avoid paying taxes.  And this is a shot of reality.  The corporate communities in this country from big to small have acquired their American dream and now they want the rest of us to submit to slave labor in order to insure the exclusive lifestyles to them and their progeny at the expense of us and ours.

These are the neo-cons who want Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, or Rick Perry to aid them in completing the enslavement of the majority in the procurement for the rest of our raw resources for their use exclusively.  They will try to bury this outrage because at the top in this duplicity you will find neo-cons and social communists alike.

Ron Paul is the only person running for president who would stop these outrages and see those perpetrating them punished for the blatant criminals they are.

I’m going to puke now.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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    It’s like when we give forign aid to a country, the guys at the top steal most of the money and goods and the average person we were trying to help gets nothing. Now its happening in America too?

    1. It is beyond outrageous! Just when you think you’ve seen it all, another shining example comes to light that shows it’s even worse than what was originally thought. “Foreign Aid” is a joke, the government collects it from the poor and middle class in the form of taxes, then takes a share and sends the rest to their rich buddies in the countries that “need our help”. The people in that country that actually do need help never see any of it. It’s kind of like the way that revenues from lotteries and casinos are supposed to help senior citizens and other projects, yet the money often vanishes in the black of hole of finances (aka someone’s offshore bank account).

      1. Send a copy of this article to Al Sharpton. Maybe he will put it on his show. This is treason, and all parties involved should be prosecuted. I think Angel knows how to get in touch with him.

  2. boy do i feel stupid,i was told in nov that i was going to start work in bend or,middle feb -early march, i finally saw a light at the end of the longest tunnel in the world,my luck was finally changing,GOOD karma was finally paying for once,god i wanna throw up ,im at the end of my rope,semi homeless,hangin on by ,my fingertips and a stubborn streak that will not ollow me to just give up,but my god REALLY!!!!,i just happened to stumble across this mess,i was excited about my new adventure and did a little research,!@#$ will this never stop!!!anyone who may have some advice ,i could use it.i just want a job where i can be outside,maybe provides housing,dont need much money,love hard work,gives you time to think,well thanks for listening,peace

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