The US goes on the Auction Block – Discounts and Incentives for Foreigners

The rate for a 30 year mortgage dropped from 4.12% to 4.11% last week and as these rates continue to decline, the housing crisis continues to deepen as people without jobs cannot buy homes.  Some months back I predicted the Japanese fleeing the radiation in Japan would be coming to the United States to buy up the properties lost to US citizens through the collapse.  Some called this assertion ridiculous.  Well last week I saw the first signs indicating an opening being made for just such a migration.

So much of our industry has been shipped to Japan and the Japanese people, of course, have procured vast amounts wealth through the transfer.  I believe the Japanese will now start buying their homes here, complete with citizenship, and begin creating a new middle class consisting of foreigners staying here on visas without any loyalty to our constitution, our republic, or our people.  They will move the industry from Japan back to the United States, the work thereof to be accomplished by the Japanese here on visas, with no US taxes or Social Security paid.

A bill co-authored by the communist Chucky Schumer (D-NY) and the neo-con Mike Lee (R-UT) would allow foreigners to buy US real estate purchased at $500,000 or more to be awarded a visa as a part of the purchase.

We are seeing the enactment of another phase of the foreign invasion of the United States.  Those who can afford a $500,000 purchase are foreign nationals from Saudi Arabia, the upper class of China, and of course Japan.  These foreigners will be coming to our country to occupy our upper middle class which will no longer consist of US born citizens.

Be clear.  These foreigners are going to be put above the average citizen from the moment they step onto our soil.  Of course this should come as no surprise as a Mexican national who will cross our border illegally this day will be endowed with superior rights to any native born or naturalized citizen of the US.

This is an invasion.  Now we are seeing the invasion go to an elitist status.  How long do you think these wealthy influential new land owners here on visas will take to lobby an act of Congress that will grant them full citizenship?

What this new legislation by Schumer and company represents is unconstitutional power being given to the elitist corporations like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to sell our country to foreigners.  And don’t forget the individuals perpetrating this crime are the same traitors who committed the international fraud that led to our government paying off the loans on the foreclosed properties and returning them to the banks.  Now they will take the homes they took away from us, that is after our government paid off the loans, and sell the real estate to foreign countries.

This is high treason but it is certainly nothing new.  We must denounce these actions and call for the prosecutions of the traitors seeking to perpetrate them.

Had the bailout monies been given directly to the US citizens who were about to lose their homes, they could have paid them off and retained possession.  And as the banks would have been paid with this same money by the homeowner, they would have been bailed out.  As the homes would have not been foreclosed on, housing prices would not have dropped so drastically, as the properties would not have gone into a state of ruin, many having to be torn down.

This scenario on its face shows the wanton duplicity used to orchestrate the insurgency.

We must elect Ron Paul and stop the criminal foreign insurgency before it is too late.

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  1. I have heard that many of the foreclosed properties in the US are being purchased by Muslims, which is no surprise.

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