72-Year-Old Woman Says She Was Kicked Off Delta Flight For Looking Sick

(Photo Credit: Marcel Antonisse/Getty Images)CBS Tampa Bay

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – Some people don’t think an air sickness bag is enough.

A passenger on an August 5th Delta flight from Akron, Ohio to Orlando was apparently kicked off simply because she looked sick.

Suzanne Hays, 72, says that during flight change in Detroit, she was asked not to get back on the plane after a passenger next to her reported to a flight attendant that she looked tired and drowsy, First Coast News reports.  

Hays began crying, but it wasn’t enough to convince the flight staff.

They went on to say that if she did not get off the flight, they would call the proper authorities.

“(They were) acting like I had leprosy,” said Hays. “It was awful I have never been treated like that in my life.”

Hays does have a neurological disorder; white mass disease.  However she was not sick during that incident.

In the end, Hays did end up leaving the flight for which she was given a $20 voucher for tea and soup.

She then sat in the Detroit airport for another hour and a half before being placed on the next Delta flight out of Detroit to Orlando.

Delta spokesman Anthony Black says that Delta was not aware of the incident and offered the following statement:

“We are currently investigating the matter. Our agents and crew take very serious the charge of ensuring passenger and employee safety and security. We regret the disruption that incurs from removing any passenger and our goal is to work to re-accommodate them as quickly as possible.”



One thought on “72-Year-Old Woman Says She Was Kicked Off Delta Flight For Looking Sick

  1. There are truly too many idiots on the planet……
    1st the complainer, who should have been removed instead of the old lady….
    the flight attendant for removing the wrong person….
    Delta for allowing innocent people to become victims at the hands of
    “low life rats”.

    Its a sad affair when people turn on their fellow people.

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