25 thoughts on “IDF commander after seeing scene of disaster an Miami

  1. Why the heck would they bring them over here when we have plenty of professionals here in the US………. to hide/bury the evidence of any “boom stuff residue”??????????!!!!!!!!

  2. Ok wtf are these mthrfkrs doing in the US wearing their foreign uniforms?

    There is Zero ZERO reason for them to be here whatsoever!!!!! Or Any fkn other country

    We have the best, Most trained And best equipped SAR teams on the planet

    We don’t need no fkn help…!!! Especially from a terrorist foreign army!

    Guess terrorist like to associate huh..! Maybe checking on how this demolition went..!?!

    All BS propaganda to put these fkrs and their Israeli flag in our faces, no different than the Rainbow flags..!!

    1. Also waiting to hear if any Eye witnesses heard explosions… we see lots of flashes as this building came down…that’s for sure

      1. Yep, you guys. And there WERE some early reports of people hearing booms, but of course, they’re all no where to be found.

        Just got this comment from a friend who believes:

        “This psyop is another big Israeli state operation.”

        He added: “The Diaspora Affairs Minister is also there, and an Israeli NGO is working with the Fire Department, so they are involved in the evidence discovery.”


        1. Wow, thanks, Mary. Wow. But the beginning is confusing. Looks like 2 buildings coming down. And, of course, Building 7 comes to mind.



        1. With this news item the media is sure keeping our eyes off the genocide of the jabs among other things

  3. Foreign army on our soil. That’s an act of war, people!

    Hey, why don’t we bring in the Mexican military or the Canadian military while we’re at it?

    Hell, why stop there, how about Russian and Chinese military? Invite all countries armies from around the whole damn world or even the UN army.


    1. I agree NC, and it seems those you mention are already here. The Great International Aid Team. What next? Martians to the rescue?

      Man, I can feel this in my soul, like another attack on us. They’ll label us “conspiracy theorists.” If it wasn’t for conspiracy theorists, we’d never get anywhere. Who else will scrutinize and dissect? If we want to get to the treasure, we have to dig for it ourselves. But even then it ain’t guaranteed. Look at all the years of research on 9/11, all the unearthing of tons of truth that came together enough to let us know we’re constantly being lied to. Still we dig. Even if they deny, better to know than not know.


    1. I only watched the first three minutes….I’ll watch whole vid later
      The IDF is looking for something, I don’t think their mission here is altruistic. When all those highly professional IDF S&R experts leave to go back to Israel the whole team should be accounted for on exit from the US

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