99er HR 589 Unemployment Extension – S&P Loan Shark Enforcers Lowers US Credit Rating to AA+

Standard and Poor’s dropped the US credit rating to AA+ yesterday.  So who is Standard and Poor’s?  Well they, along with Moody’s and Fitch are the fraudulent slime bags that gave AAA ratings to the bad derivatives that were sold to our 401K pension funds which we lost as a result.

They also rated AAA many more bad derivatives that were insured by AIG, which we had to bail out, in essence pay the claims on, when the loans went bust.

They are the very same S&P that was paid by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to give the AAA rating to the bad derivatives which were packaged and sold.

They are among those who stole our $30 trillion, then coerced our government to bail them out with monies we borrowed from them at interest, said monies being owed to them, said monies making up our debt that they just downgraded our credit on.

How about this, we send a paddy wagon over to their establishment, charge them with the blatant fraud they have committed against the United States, haul them off to a federal prison, seize all their accounts, recover our trillions, pay off our debt, get rid of the Federal Reserve, and start minting our own money, which we will rate at AAAA.

Think about these mafia bastards, trying to use coercion to take our Social Security Trust Fund.  The international corporate mafia has become emboldened to the point that they are now committing their thuggary right out in the open and directing it right into the faces of we the people.  When are we going to say “enough”?

I’m telling you people, the theft is ongoing.  Right now as you are reading this, these sleaze bags are raking in more of our wealth, hand over fist.  And why should they stop?  They are not being investigated.  They are not being charged.  They are not being prosecuted.  They are not being convicted.  And they sure as hell are not going to jail.  Why?  Because our regulatory agencies and Justice Department are a part of their gang.

Our founding fathers warned us of this bullshit.  Our duties here are clear.  We must enforce our laws NOW.
Every day we wait we are losing more of our natural resources and wealth.  Every day we wait the more emboldened our enemies become.  I promise you they are not going to stop until we stop them.

It is time to reinstate our Republic under our Constitution and return liberty, freedom, and justice to our individual lives.  It is time to be the sovereign rulers of our country our founding fathers intended us to be once again.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “99er HR 589 Unemployment Extension – S&P Loan Shark Enforcers Lowers US Credit Rating to AA+

  1. Strange how only one of the three agencies have downgraded us. Obviously a ruse to force upon us more austerity measures. The people have to stand strong on this one, the communist Super Congress “the gang of twelve” will being working full tilt on slashing everything. We are being dealt the “Three Card Monte” , it’s becoming ridiculously obvious.

  2. Speaking of Social Security, what happens to all the money a person pays into the system if the person dies before they can collect anything from the system or shortly thereafter? My guess would be it goes to all the illegals collecting Social Security, another reward for invading our country, and the rest goes into the pockets of our beloved politicians.

  3. The title 99er, needs to be replaced with LTU, [long term unemployed]. The term 99er
    should be associated with congress, as they only work 99 days a year if even that.
    Like the bumper sticker says; You can’t fix stupid, but you can vote them out.

    1. Good thought, JP! Agreed. LTU…..good! Or maybe LTNF “Long Time No Find”. Anything but 99er…it really IS time for that to start wearing out.

  4. 15 million times 1 hundred dollars a week in tax the debt would gone.
    we need not cut anything but the jobs shipped over seas.

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