0 thoughts on “Feds Raid Organic Food Stores

  1. This is yet another shining reason why we need to elect Ron Paul for President in 2012. This “America” we live in now reminds me of the Borg collective from Star Trek. The government wants us all to be mindless drones with no personal thoughts, just servitude to their endless greed. Is it me, or does any of this remind anyone of Hitler? How much freedom are the American people going to lose before they take to the streets in protest? America, land of the rich and wealthy free and home of the poor enslaved.

    1. Just saw some news on the Internet everyone might find interesting. A helicopter crashed in Afghanistan yesterday, killing 31 Special Forces troops. 20 of these were Navy Seal Team troops that were involved in the ” killing ” of Bin Laden. Gee, is that a little too much of a coincidence for anybody else that does not exactly trust the Govt. ? Remove the witnesses ? Gradually.

      1. Clark,
        Brother, you read my mind. I would be very surprised if the fellow that fired that rocket propelled grenade is not on the CIA payroll. Ironically he’ll probably be next, begging the question who kills the last witness?

      2. When you research this incident you’ll find most other people are in agreement: First Rule Of Assassination: ‘Kill The Assassin’. The Crisis Jones Report did an article on this incident. The CIA tried to cover up 9/11, so how much easier a fairy tale from a foreign land?

      3. Why the in hell would they have so many special forces inside the same chopper? A CH-47? 31 special ops with full gear?

        1. Thank you, gentlemen, for sweetening the pot on my initial suspicions. Great minds think alike. LOL.

        2. Mark,

          That’s probably just another example of our frugal governmental officials managing our money with increasing scrutiny on excess military expenditures. It just was a freak accident. Hey…they are making every effort to cut back…what do you expect….cutbacks on THEIR salaries and expenses?

          1. Brian-

            That many special ops in the same bird goes against any sane mission or troops movement. These guys cost the tax payer untold millions to train, with unlimited budgets. You can bet other special ops are looking hard and long at what the hell happened here.

            You don’t want these guys on your bad side.

          2. Mark,

            I hope you didn’t take me seriously there! Perhaps my sarcasm was badly placed.

            That incident reflects one of two things in my opinion:

            1) Inexpressible stupidity on the part of whatever parties were involved in making the decision to put all those men on one aircraft.

            2) The unthinkable

            It’s a no-brainer to figure that out.
            #1 is appalling….#2 is terrifying.

            Either way it ain’t gonna sit well with the military.

          3. No I didn’t take you seriously . I knew where you were coming from. I did it for the benefit of other readers. This whole damn thing was a catastrophic nightmare, I just don’t trust anything when reported by the media. They were extracting these guys out of the field, and are trying to say a rocket propelled grenade hit the chopper while at altitude.

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