99ers – 14 Weeks of Socialist Free Unemployment Benefits

It seems everyone is looking for a quick fix for the unemployment problem.  Well to get a quick fix or any other we must understand the motivations of the people who are causing the problem.  And just what exactly is the motivation of the rich?  Profit.  The fact is they have profited to a fault in what they have done to the 99ers and they will continue to abuse us as long as it is profitable to so. 

I am not an attorney but I do believe there is something contained in the body of our law in reference to unjust enrichment.  The enrichment they are enjoying at present is the direct result of an unjust act in that they have unlawfully manipulated our institutions to allow them to enrich themselves through our natural resources without any compensation to the rest of us; in short they have taken their share of our natural resources and ours. 

Further, through the manipulation of currency they have stolen trillions of dollars from our grandchildren.  This again is an unjust enrichment. 

It is my understanding that in cases of unjust enrichment those unjustly enriched are forced to return the wealth to those they unjustly took it from.  We are talking $22 trillion here.  This is enough to pay off our national debt and any budget shortfalls, state and federal, with enough left over to rebuild our industrial base.

The current talk among the 99ers in reference to HR 6556 is started to become heated as people like myself are determined that others are not going to slip socialism in on us as a consequence of getting  unemployment insurance benefits.  Which brings forth the question, how do we pay for the 14 weeks?  Well it is simple, everyone knows who stole the money and where it is, just simply take it and put it back from whence it came, which is the pockets of the 99ers.

Gregg Rosen of the American 99ers Union has evidently been having off the record discussions with Congresswoman Barbara Lee and Congressman Bobby Scott.  No one can deny that help is desperately needed, but we better take a close look at those who are purporting to be our friends and allies.  Both Bobby Scott and Barbara Lee are socialists. And both vehemently support amnesty and every other accommodation for the illegal aliens working 5 million of our desperately needed jobs. 

The 99ers need to realize that socialism and even communism are nothing new in American politics.  If you would like to understand the real threat communist ambitions in America represent watch the 1981 movie, Reds.  It is a true account of the political activities of John Reed, an early 20th century journalist who was instrumental in forming one of two radical divisions of the Communist Party of America.  He so loved communists and communism that he snuck into Russia to plot with his comrades for the takeover of America through the international labor unions.  He is the only American buried in the Kremlin.  I guess he wanted to maintain his embrace with Lenin through eternity.  The movie is a must see.

We are presented with a particularly difficult task at present as we are attempting to get relief for the 99ers while fending off the socialists that are coming at us like a pack of wild dogs.  Thank God we have our Constitution to guide us.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.





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  1. great artical henry you might also add shindlers list to that. Watch both and then sit back and look at america AND SEE IF YOU SEE WHAT I SEE !!! I love this sight because at least no one hides behind a curtain of untruth . Thanks guys keep up the great work we will win in the end!!!!!!

    1. Brian,
      I read the petition and the root theory is just that, a theory. Also it makes no mention as to how we are going to end unions and maintain our standard of living. We have already seen it drop through declining incomes and increased health care costs.
      My son works at a non union shop. He says in his negotiations with his employers the fact that the union shops pay substantially more is what keeps his wage stable at a fairly high rate.
      I think the problem with our country and indeed our lack of industrial base is not going to be solved through union busting. If you remember, Regan started the union busting, and since then the top 10% have seen their wages increase steadily. At the same time the other 90% saw no increase what so ever.
      I heard a reporter say the other day that there were going to be some more jobs coming up but as for the unemployed they are probably not going to like the fact that they will be doing the same work they were before, at half the pay.
      I believe that illegal immigration and corporate downsizing are calculated to drive our standard of living down to a level, that at a calculated time, the exploding middle classes of China and India will see their wages rise until everybody around the world is working at the same wage. I would imagine it would be at about what minimum wage is now in buying power.
      As for the petition I cannot sign it, it is just too vague.

      1. Henry,

        Thanks for your comments. That was pretty much my impression….”vague”. Can’t see where he imagines the point of traction let alone the direction of travel. Sounds like “much ado about nothing” to me.

        I think your assessment of the goals of the globalists is dead on. Enslave the entire world population at subsistence level . What plagues me is who they expect to step up to replace the shrunken consumer base. Are they thinking to increase net gains by massively increasing market control although at lower per unit sell price? I just can’t get inside these people’s heads. Baffling.

  2. Here we go again Henry. I have a read a few of your articles and it is totally clear that you have no idea what you are talking about. You know nothing about history or politics do you?

    First of all Hitler was NOT a socialist. The national socialists were not actually socialists. They were fascists. Fascism is the exact opposite of socialism. In fact anarchists and socialists have a long proud history of fighting against socialists. Do you know anything about the Spanish civil war from the 1930’s? It was the socialists that fought for the freedom of the people against the tyranny of Hitler and Mussolini that supported the Spanish fascists.
    However, there are some parallels between your article and Hitler though. The reason that Hitler was so successful in his ambitions was because he was able to take a depressed people, under a depressed economy, and give them someone to blame. You are doing that too. Don’t look at what I am doing, blame these people. I have to hand it to you. It’s working for Sarah Palin and all your other leaders. However, I have thefaith of my fathers on my side. I have faith that my country men will not fall for fascism here the way the Germans did in the 1930’s. I have faith that the country that my father grew up in and that my grandfather fought for will not believe this lie.

    1. John, Your brilliance is blinding. Of course national socialism isn’t socialism. I have never heard a more assinine statement in my life.
      It was national socialism, hence the Nazi party through their socialist ideals that put Hitler into power, as sure as the scum bag socialists in this country put Obama in power. Hitler was just another socialist who proclaimed himself dictator after his socialist buddies disarmed the German people and put him in power.
      If you want to spew your commie doctrine any further, I suggest you go somewhere else. You are not wanted here. Don’t go away mad, just go away.

      1. I see, so any opinion different than yours is not accepted in your little fascist tea party. You guys never really like facts do you? I was a little disappointed to not see more “Obama as Joker” works of art around here.
        I am socialist, not a communist. There is a difference. National socialism is a false socialism intended to get the working class on their side. However, it isn’t true Marxist socialism. Anyone with an education will tell you that.

        1. John, You sir, admittedly support an alternate form of government other than that described in our Constitution. You are by your prima fascia statements guilty of constructive treason against the people of the United States and our Constitution.
          The only difference between a socialist and a communist is the socialist’s fear of admitting that his end goal is Marxism.
          Don’t bother writing any more comments as your IP is already blocked.

  3. Henry, thanks for getting rid of that asshole. Seems like we get a lot of socialist shitheads spewing their un-American propaganda on this site, and dissing you. Fuck ’em. They’re in for a rude awakening.

      1. Mark, my apt. manager’s is a a pretty cool lady and gave me and my boy another week to stay here. Gotta be out by the 15th. She said, if she owned the place, she’d let me and jr. stay here till I found a job. Unfortunately, she doesn’t, but it goes to show ya there’s still good people around. Thanks for caring, bro !

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