99ers and HR 589 Supporters Need Cheap Gas

It is unbelievable listening to the propagandists on television trying to justify $50 billion in subsidies to the big oil companies.  The oil executives themselves assert that the billions of dollars in record profits they are making are well deserved, as they are just a result of their good business tactics.  Of course when the common peasant, poor or middle class, leaves the gas station in a state of shock, it is a different story.

I’m going to go out on a limb here.  Record prices at the pumps and record profits in the pockets of the oil barons.  Do you know what I think is going on?  I think that money they are piling up is coming right out of our pockets.  I also think that to suggest otherwise is nothing short of ludicrous.  Any way the oil executives say the only way we can get away from this record price gouging is to let them take more of our domestic oil, and sell it to us five cents cheaper. 

Would somebody tell me how all of our oil wound up being owned by a handful of the sleaziest degenerates on the planet?  You know, real low lifes, like the Bush’s and the Queen of England. 

This is what I believe happened.  It is a natural fact that all of the natural resources in this country once upon a time belonged to the citizens.  I think it is possible that these sleazy scum bags’ great grandfather scum bags paid to put a few politicians in office, who slipped into the back rooms of Washington DC and decided among themselves that it would be a good idea if they leased all our natural resources out to the original great grandfather scum bags, who paid for the leases with some fiat debt dollars that their scum bag cousins printed over at their Federal Reserve bank that they just created.  

You know what?  As our natural debt has actually been rolling over since the great granddaddy scum bag days, those oil leases are in reality a part of our 26 trillion stolen dollars.  What do you say we take them back and burn 25 cent a gallon gas in our cars for the next hundred years?  Hell, even a 99er could afford to go across town then.  You know what?  I’m going to go out on another limb here and say, some jobs might just be created in a country with 25 cent a gallon gas. 

But no, we are going to keep giving these thieving bastards $50 billion a year while we go hungry in the streets.  Why?  Well, because they deserve it.  How do I know that?  Well, they told me so.  And how did they know that?  Well their great granddaddy scum bag told granddaddy scum bag, who told daddy scum bag, who told them, after which they went on FOX News and told me.  It is perfectly logical if you think about it.

It takes a person with a strong soul to admit that not only have they been duped, but their entire family line has been generationally duped.  People, all we have to do is admit that we have been fools and instead of being embarrassed, get mad and make the next three generations of the scum bags pay us back every damn dime.  All we have to do is unite as Americans as the American race.  We are the power in this country.  It is our Constitution and our Republic.  All we have to do to make it whole again is enforce our laws.  When the government who is supposed to enforce the rule of law becomes the criminal, it is the citizens who must enforce the law.  There is just no other way.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Henry, you have a way of putting things so simple starting with “these sleazy scum bags’ great grandfather”. We only discuss the problems of today and not how it all started.

    If you don’t mind I’d like to add repeat the following message for about a week or so.

    To 99ers and anyone that can help, please read the following!
    I have a suggestion since we can’t get the main stream media news programs to broadcast our critical unemployment situation referred to as 99ers, why don’t we flood the internet with our plight? Our biggest problem is the lack of media attention. Since we don’t have the transportation money to march on anywhere, Washington D C, our State Capitols our City Halls or even our local Unemployment Offices. On a daily basis I suggest we flood the internet with a simple message. If someone can word this better than I, any suggestions are welcome.
    **Please excuse this desperate interruption to your comments. For over a year, millions of Americans called 99ers have gone without any income or jobs, because none are available. We are not being covered by the news stations. We need your support! We need Jobs or help not welfare. For more information please Google “99ers” “Tier V”.**
    **“Wikipedia says” “99ers is a colloquial term for unemployed people in the United States, mostly citizens, who have exhausted all of their unemployment benefits, including all unemployment extensions”. We need your help and support because The President, The Senate, Congress and the News Media have ignored suffering Americans with families and no means of support. We are becoming, homeless, destitute, suicidal and plain desperate. We need the help and support of every American to support our cause until jobs become available.**
    Insert this message in every comment area of every story on the internet at least once.
    We should abide by some rules; please don’t repeat it over and over in the same story this would be annoying. Don’t use caps, this is also annoying. No profanity. This is not annoying it’s just rude. If a comment area only holds a few characters then only use the 1st paragraph. Or as much of it as possible!
    This may be just annoying enough to get the mass media attention we need from the main stream media news stations. Consider it a non violent demonstration using the media that’s currently available to us without requiring any money.
    Your comments on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Even the negative ones!

    I’ve been adding these comments to all the stories I read except sensitive ones like the murders of young people.

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