99ers and HR 589 Supporters Letter to Barbara Lee

In a press release on her site, Barbara Lee struck out at Ways and Means Committee Chairman Camp saying,

“Chairman Camp’s bill to gut unemployment benefits for millions of jobless workers is just the latest Republican salvo in their war on our nation’s unemployed. It is cruel for Ways and Means Committee Republicans to further penalize unemployed workers across the country as we face an economy where there are more than 4 unemployed workers for every available job. Instead of moving on the bill that Rep. Scott and I introduced to extend aid for unemployed workers who have exhausted their benefits, Republicans want to go backwards and cut existing unemployment benefits.

“I sincerely hope that Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor will join me in rejecting this bill and do everything in their power to see that this assault on unemployed workers never reaches the House floor.”

Way to go, Barbara Lee.  You sure struck out at those Republicrats.  Now I’m going to strike out.  You goddamn Democans had a super majority in the House and Senate and you had Barry the Rat in the Oval Office, when our unemployment ran out.  The Democans could not have been stopped if it was their intent to pass a Tier 5 unemployment extension.

I will give you one benefit of one doubt.  Maybe you were intentionally humiliated and now you are angry as your reputation has been damaged.  If you would step up and start fighting for HR 589 without promoting a socialist agenda in doing so, you would probably find us 99ers quite receptive. 

For God’s sakes woman, take up our cause in the name of our Constitution and our Republic, and we will gladly back you in any way we can.  Speaking for myself, I can tell you I will never accept socialism as a condition for getting an unemployment check. 

The fact is this is not welfare we are asking for.  The 99ers have paid trillions of dollars into the system over our working careers.  Hell, if this country was even being run like a company, we would have at least been offered some kind of buy-out.  Instead we have been stripped of our property and left to starve in the cold as our reward for all we have done for our country.

Start screaming for that 26 trillion stolen dollars back and jail for the banksters that stole it.  Start screaming for the end of CAFTA, NAFTA, and GATT and we will stand with you because we want our jobs back.  And most important of all, join with Congressman Ron Paul in attempting to end the flagrant fraud that is the Federal Reserve and I will be at your service.

There is only one way to get our country back and that is through a restitution of our Constitution for the reestablishment of our Republic.  This is what the American people of the American race et. al. want.  We will settle for nothing less.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

43 thoughts on “99ers and HR 589 Supporters Letter to Barbara Lee

  1. Henry, I think you should have pointed out for Lee to ask help from the Snakes head
    is the most moronic thing ever! Cantor and Boehner are the RING MASTERS, asking them to step in is like asking the devil to stop doing evil LOL. I have said it once and I will never stop saying it, there is only ONE way this will ever happen, tier V legislation, MILLIONS of the alleged 99’ers need to stand up, rise up, as one voice, and start shaking the walls that confine them to destitution period. Until they do this, they will remain forever more IGNORED & FORGOTTEN. The same way they did when they brought down the wall in East Berlin. Even the strongest, tallest walls can be crushed, but you need enough people to do it.

    WE advocates are doing our part (keeping the plight alive) because if we stopped, this whole thing would dissipate as water does in heat, instant EVAPORATION. I am NEVER stopping even though I have been told its a dead issue by my people.

    I think me and you are the last of the advocates other than the examiners, and the 99’ers union which lets face it is only one man sitting behind a desk in his house, as we are. He did the one thing I told everyone else SolitaryFracture, Overthrow, Unsecuredfunds, 916edward,
    we need a name, uniform, so people can associate us with this one cause, they refused.


    1. trk387,
      I did not tell Barbara Lee to ask for help from the snake’s head. You are confusing her press release with my article. The talk about Boehner and company is from her press release, which I cited in my article. And From the Trenches is more than one man sitting behind a desk. In case you haven’t noticed, we have an army of participants on this site and lots of authors. Some of the comments on this site are of a higher caliber than many of the articles on other sites. No, this movement is far from dead and is growing exponentially every day. We may have started out as a mouse, but we are fast becoming the mouse that roared.

  2. GOD BLESS AMERICA! as a fellow 99er. Hang in there… DONT EXPECT -A- BAIL OUT… its not coming. YOUR GOING TO HAVE TO DO IT ON YOUR OWN. never mind the 400,000 new claims vs 250,000 “new jobs” numbers. That still looks like NEGATIVE -150,000 to me (not +250k growth). And inflation does not mean we grew our economy either…Because we spent more for everything because the cost of energy just went up… is not an indicator that our economy is surging forward. When the largerst line item in government spend is PENSIONS of former government employees “THE BUDGET will get balanced” DONT EXPECT A BALANCED BUDGET EITHER. Happy Trails “OBL” amf!!

  3. To 99ers and anyone that can help, please read the following!
    I have a suggestion since we can’t get the main stream media news programs to broadcast our critical unemployment situation referred to as 99ers, why don’t we flood the internet with our plight? Our biggest problem is the lack of media attention. Since we don’t have the transportation money to march on anywhere, Washington D C, our State Capitols our City Halls or even our local Unemployment Offices. On a daily basis I suggest we flood the internet with a simple message. If someone can word this better than I, any suggestions are welcome.
    **Please excuse this desperate interruption to your comments. For over a year, millions of Americans called 99ers have gone without any income or jobs, because none are available. We are not being covered by the news stations. We need your support! We need Jobs or help not welfare. For more information please Google “99ers” “Tier V”.**
    **“Wikipedia says” “99ers is a colloquial term for unemployed people in the United States, mostly citizens, who have exhausted all of their unemployment benefits, including all unemployment extensions”. We need your help and support because The President, The Senate, Congress and the News Media have ignored suffering Americans with families and no means of support. We are becoming, homeless, destitute, suicidal and plain desperate. We need the help and support of every American to support our cause until jobs become available.**
    Insert this message in every comment area of every story on the internet at least once.
    We should abide by some rules; please don’t repeat it over and over in the same story this would be annoying. Don’t use caps, this is also annoying. No profanity. This is not annoying it’s just rude. If a comment area only holds a few characters then only use the 1st paragraph. Or as much of it as possible!
    This may be just annoying enough to get the mass media attention we need from the main stream media news stations. Consider it a non violent demonstration using the media that’s currently available to us without requiring any money.
    Your comments on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Even the negative ones!

    1. I contact the media daily (and I mean daily) to no avail. I also, contact my legislators daily with no response. Maybe someone else will have better luck.

      1. We have all been contacting the media. ABC, NBC CBS, MSNBC even Oprah. Because these media stations are owned by corporations they only report on what they are told. They do not investigate stories on their own. If we can get enough people to read & comment on our comments as possibly an annoying anomaly on line we may get the attention of just 1 news program. If you can get just 1 like CBS the others may try to out scoop them. Why do you suppose all major stations cover the same stories at 6 & 11 PM. There are plenty of different stories to report. Even Google’s lead stories mimic the main stream news. Not what’s more important 99ers and unemployment or Lindsey Lohan?


  5. It will be up to the American people who always pull through in tough times, to vote this hater of America out. We must communicate to all who will listen to vote this man out. There has to be, amongst other things, a voting revolution to return this country to her former glory. We haven’t had a truly honest and respectful president for God knows how long. We cannot just go with the flow anymore, only voting because you heard the propagandist on TV tell you who to vote for.

      1. @stopfightingwithhenry
        Mark was not refering to me or my article, but to Dixon’s comment. Me and Mark are not only on the same team be we write for the same site – this one.

          1. No. It was a commenter I didn’t let through, who misunderstood Mark’s comment and was kind of rude. I put that comment of up for his benefit.

  6. I’ve appreciated all the information you’ve provided me with over the past year as well as your insights. It’s all been wonderful, but I need to do. I want to be proactive and I don’t think paying mind to these criminals is going to get it done. I wish you and all the other 99ers out there the best of luck and grace.

  7. @Henry Shivley I think you should READ what I wrote before you attack someone, Jesus… Go back and read what I actually wrote not the version you re-created. After you will see what I said sir is this, ” Lee ASKING help from Cantor & Boehner ” LEE ASKING, not you…
    I suggested that YOU point out to her, asking for help from these entities from HER press release as she stated. As for the trenches being bigger than people sitting behind desks (i retract that statement) did not know…

    DUDE regardless of all the fame seeking (which there will be NONE) from any advocate out here, this is EXACTLY why there is NO tier V, NO unity among the unemployed. Instead you have the unemployed FIGHTING each other, ESPECIALLY its perceived advocates. Just for the record Mr. Shively, it may be the black sheep that actually moves the senate and house by moving the public (as I am in the midst of creating a variety show) as EVERYONE is aware I am an actor (way before I started this movement) and that right sir (ME) and two other people started this UNEMPLOYMENT movement! This show before MILLIONS I will be addressing the LIES and DECEIT the government has been perpetrating to the public about the unemployed, so LOOK for me trk387-t on your local cable network!

    Wouldn’t that be ironic sir the one blight on the 99’ers ass (who has been killing himself to help them) that THEY hate, would be the one to bring about tier v legislation, and why not throw in a tier VI & VII for good measure! & if the damn republicans wont pay for it, I will get the damn CORPORATE SPONSORS too!

    I will say this sir and I am dead fucking sincere, ALL those that have come against me, fought me, blogged against me, lied about me, ignored me, lied about me, the fucking media, will EAT SO MUCH FUCKING CROW when they speak feathers will come out their mouth! & to these people if I make it, ignore me the same way you ignored me before, as I will definitely ignore you! But wait, THEY out there when they hear about ALL the shit I have taken for helping the 7 plus million 99’ers man oh man, are they gonna get it.



    PS: Lets see if you are not like the other sociopath advocates out here that when they are WRONG they CANT apologize, just as I have done here about the size of ” The Trenches ” like I said we are on the same fucking side!

    1. trk387,
      All apologies. I did misunderstand your statement.
      Using the word “fuck” is one thing, but trying to form a sentence with a series of that word is a bit much, even for From the Trenches.
      Now don’t go into fits, just a little thought on etiquette.
      I did not know you started this movement, I wouldn’t have thought anyone would want a corner on this market. Just out of curiosity, just when and how did you start the movement?
      At any rate, I hope there is no hard feelings. We are all in this together and it is going to take all of us to win.

      1. Henry,
        Well done, I also misunderstood this blog of his, no real harm done, lets move on we need all the suporters we can get.
        I appreciate your articles and support your views as a true American. I thank you for the service you provide to our cause.

      2. Henry,
        For a sense of trk387and where he’s coming from you can check out his videos on youtube. Or not. By your responses to his comments I believe you already have a clear understanding of his vision.

      3. Henry, WOW! you apologized, I guess there are sane people in the world. Thank you. The movement was started back in June, but i didn’t start it I simply banned with it, Solitaryfracture is the creator, but thats not important, what is that its still ALIVE, through your enormous efforts, the 99’ers union, the tireless contributions of the examiners,
        mainly Donalee King, and to no small part of myself. Like you said we are all in this together. The funny thing is EVERYONE out there is taking up my cursing routine, so there must be something to it, but come on, honestly, when you think about it, deep, deep, down inside, and every time you see another article, or press conference with these republicans and fake tea partiers, now lets add the libertarians, don’t you just want to scream I HATE THESE MOTHERFUCKERS!



        PS: come on everyone, everyone that is tired of taking it in the ass reply I HATE THESE MOTHERFUCKERS!!! It will feel good TRUST me, the time for civil has passed. Just as a cop that is professional first, and is ignored what do they say? Make another fucking move and I will blow your fucking brains out! JUST DO IT!

    2. trk387
      When you rant like this in writing with the capitals, words in parenthesis, cursing and repeating the same thing, I know you want to make a point, However I had to read this a couple of times to understand what you were talking about. I never new an upset person’s writing could be just as confusing as a person shouting in your face. Step back and take a deep breath. woo saa!
      I typed something once which another person commented that I copied that idea from them. I indicated my apologies; however most of my comments are my own. If I restated another person’s view without compensation or credit I apologize.
      I also stated if anyone wants to restate any comment or idea I have created they have my permission to use that information without any acknowledgement. It’s more important to me to get a message spread than to get credit.
      I wish you well in your endeavors as an actor but this is not a platform for your craft. We are here to share information and ideas. In any event, Mr. Shivley, as you call Henry has a way of ranting that’s comprehensive and gets directly to the point without shouting in print.
      Next time if you are misunderstood please get to the point immediately then take a breath and proof read before posting. One Charlie Sheen at a time is enough!




        PS: I respect what you said.

        1. Mr. trk…
          You really have an anger and bad mouth problem(there is therepy for that you know) any way if you think that thoughing those 4 letter words around are going to get you results for this cause boy I feel sorry for you unless you are one of those people who get off on trying to trash this site and the communication in truth that it brings. so I say to you G.F.O. in the language that you can relate to in the meantime people on this site (I believe) have more important things to read than your ignorant mouth.

          1. You are absolutely right. I mean when something slips out casually in the moment it is one thing, but we cannot allow the site to be profane. If trk387 or anyone else comes on the site from this day forth attempting to downgrade our intent through profanity, their comments will be removed and their ip blocked. If trk387 wants to interpret this as a personal attack I guess we will just have to live with it.
            God bless.

          2. Personally it’s not just about the cursing, even more it’s the hostile attitude. We don’t need anyone to be hostile in this group. We are all on the same side and need to be united.

            He jumps all over Henry for misunderstanding something he said and he also misunderstood something Henry wrote. Give me a break. Clearing up something like that should be done in a calm way, not by jumping on anyone’s case. It’s just not cool.

        LOL… & thank you for your well wishes. I type fast, do you have ANY idea how many emails I am responding to right now while doing this? Regardless what anyone wishes to think I am a public figure, people seek my guidance and STRENGTH! & it is that STRENGTH that has saved lives literally. So hate me all you want, but
        ” to thine own self be true ” as for my craft? WHAT will you do if it brings about a tier V? what will you tell THEM when they want to know WHY you came against me? Because that day is coming, when THEY out there will come to these channels, these blogs, these sites, and READ all these comments, and the ones they will not like at all is the ones positioned at THEIR true advocate. I am SICK of you people judging me! Judging the way I do things, because it doesn’t fit with your expectation of what is right (IN YOUR EYES) keep being a passive door mat, maybe in 30 years you will grow a pair, but then it will be too late because they will be all shriveled up. t.

        1. Thanks trk387,
          Now that’s much better. I understood this comment very clearly! I’m not against you, I just needed to understand what the fuck you were trying to say without reading it over and over. Cursing is acceptable in this day and age however even when cursing your comments must still have some form of structure so we can understand what the hell you’re trying to convey! When I was a kid booty was a curse word and Richard Pryor was my hero! Gotta go Two and 1/2 men is on!

        2. @trk387,
          “You wanna be starting something” on every website that I’ve visited and had the pleasure of reading your comments it always seems as if there’s some type of drama or upheaval going on with you. Unbelievable. There’s either a verbal war of words between you and the moderator or one of the commentors. I guess some of us are not privy to the inner workings of your brand of specialness and have to careful not to ruffle your feathers. Name calling, cursing, insults, condesending and self-promotion tactics used in the right way will surely get a rise out of somebody, somewhere. Used to bully on the right forum they will definitely guarantee a sense of comradery, understanding and longlasting friendships amongst your peers. Guess what From the Trenches its your lucky day! Welcome to t-world. That 99er advocacy thingy thats suppose to be the real focus and issue at hand on this site will have to take a backseat when it comes to t-boner.

          By the way t-boner, have you started gearing up for your bid for the 2012 NY Senate seat yet? As I last recall from your YT videos and website you were asking your viewers for personal donations to benefit you and the cause. How’s that working out for ya?

        3. Trk387,

          I, for one, cannot thank you enough for your enlightening and stimulating commentary the nature of which demonstrates more clearly than any other imaginable approach to the peculiarly human art of self expression through language the degree to which our society has devolved since the days of our forefathers.

          You have made a priceless contribution toward the goal of proving how near the point of futility is any attempt to reach any wide spread degree of civility among human beings in this post modern American reality as we plummet with ever increasing speed into the abyss of the common being so effectively manipulated by those who have come to control everything including the media. Could that possibly explain the sorry state of it?

          Oh, I’m so sorry. Didn’t you say you were about to become employed in that esteemed arena?

          How thoroughly appropriate!

          I just vibrate with anticipation at the thought of having the convenience of access to your profundity by simply turning on the TV….I’ve been looking for a final push to disconnect cable.

          Thank you once more. You’re gonadal fortitude is well noted as is your unparalleled propensity for complicated abstract thought not to mention your talent as a wordsmith.

          1. Keep a smile, Clark! Thanks for the reply and may the wind drop a large tree on the head of your enemy….Or something like that…on we go…oh my!

            I enjoy your comments. Cheers!

          2. Mark,

            Yeah…we get together now and then at the garage to swap cars and talk about what’s new and what’s not…you know. Cool guy.

            Glad you enjoy the “humor”. Like they say in the south…”Ya’ just can’t fix stupid!”

            As Charlie Brown says….”Good Grief!”

            Sure enjoy your articles.


          3. Dee Dee,

            Thanks…gotta have a little fun once in awhile!

            Mind boggling ain’t it! Never ceases to amaze me.

            Keep keepin’ on!

  8. Well said, Mizori-DC
    Now can we all go back to our main concern? Promoting the 99ers cause?
    Gleen Bax NJ suggestion is great. It is very easy and it should get attention. Start Now! Thanks.

    1. B. Pina,

      Yes let’s do that. Sorry…maybe it’s just a cat/mouse thing…Good luck to you…if such there is!

    2. B.Pina,
      Sometimes its OK to deviate among ourselves from a bonding stand of view, much like the other day we discussed music that we enjoyed, not for long, just a few comments and then we got back to business. I know that I related for those few moments and experienced a warm family feeling that I needed. All 99ers come from many different walks of life but it was good to share that in addition to the fact that we are all being screwed.

  9. Rep; Lee as hard as it may be don’t let washington use you to play dem as the good guy for the unemployed fight for what is right u will be reworded for whats right????

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