99ers and HR 589 Supporters Obama on the Campaign Trail

President Obama was pounding his reelection message out on the campaign trail in Poland.  The only thing I can figure is that he intends to sign an executive order authorizing every citizen of every nation, except the United States and our citizens, to vote in our 2012 election.  This is what he is doing, people, in Ireland he became O’Bama.  Yesterday he was claiming his Polish heritage which he asserted he acquired living in Chicago.

Well I guess the international corporate mafia has spent a lot of money pushing multiculturalism on the people of the United States for the past 30 years.  Evidently with the idea that if it truly took hold, a person like Obama, having screwed the American people as a hole (pun intended) could appeal to the prejudices of individual ethnic groups, thinking they would put their ancestry ahead of their American citizenship.

I tell you Barry; you are not only failing but failing miserably.  I guess you never counted on the American people acting like Americans.  You see we don’t need your international bullshit.  We are our own people of our own race and we are the most powerful people on this planet, as we have incorporated the best from every race into our gene pool.

In observing the mainstream propaganda machine, it would seem that the elite are at a total loss as to how they are going to control our people up to and through 2012.  They have over-extended themselves, one too many lies and now they have completely lost their credibility.  If it was high noon and one of them told me the sun was shining I would go outside and check for myself.

It will be interesting to see what they try next.  I would truly like to be a fly on the wall in one of their think tanks and hear the conversations going on there.  It would be probably something like this:

“We could try putting mind altering drugs in their water.  That would make them more susceptible to our propaganda.”

Another one says, “We’ve already done that.  It worked for a while, but the cold and hunger seemed to be nullifying the affect.”

Another one says, “How about some more Mideast terrorism?  We’ll scare them into compliance.”

Another one counters, “No, that’s not working any more either.  They are too afraid of starving to death in the cold to worry about terrorism.”

Another one says, “We’ll push political correctness and tell them that if they do not love and worship Obama, they are racist.”

Another one says, “No that’s not working anymore either.  They have come together as their own race.  They are calling it the ‘American race’ and as it consists of Americans from every race we cannot attack it as racist.  They’ve even gone as far as to declare their prejudice against the peoples of all other countries as politically correct.”

Another one says, “I guess we’re just going to have to enact total martial law and rule them by gunpoint.”

Another one says, “Are you out of your mind?  Every one of them has a gun and is itching for a fight.”  To which they all look at one another and say, “We had better get the hell out of here while we still can.”

And I don’t know about you my fellow Americans, but that’s the best idea I have heard all day.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “99ers and HR 589 Supporters Obama on the Campaign Trail

  1. Why do you show articles that do not reflect what’s happening with the tier 5 extension? Who cares whatever you write if it’s not directly related, do you think this is a game?

    1. Joseph DeCarlo,
      The cause for the 99er plight is affected by every issue: Employment, international events, you know like monies that could be spent on unemployment being sent overseas, and of course there is always corruption in government. I guess what I am trying to say here is that I’m not your fucking boy, what I do for 99ers here, I do because I am a 99er. And I will write on this site, whatever I goddamn well choose. If you don’t like it, don’t come here. By the way, just what exactly are you doing for the cause? I’ll tell you something else, you pompous son of a bitch, the reinstitution of our Constitutional Republic is number one on my priority list, because I know that every thing else comes with that, including a job and a future.

      1. Hi Henry,
        WAY TO GO! I read that morons post and could’nt believe it! Where the hell has he been durring our battle for the 99ers cause? Your 100% right, all of your articles are directly about our cause, any monies spent on other issues are monies that could have gone to help AMERICAN CITIZENS, where they should be spent!

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