99ers and HR 589 Supporters Why do the Haves Have and the Have Nots Not

The gap between the rich and poor continues to grow daily.  Some try to purport that the widening gap represents a natural consequence of those who are better educated and motivated naturally rising above the rest, which keeps alive the delusion that someone starting out poor can naturally rise to the level their intelligence and aptitude dictates  Not so.

For a person who is born into the bottom 60% of income, there is a less than 2% chance that he or she will end up in the top 5%.  Children born to parents in the bottom 20% hold a 40% chance of staying there for the rest of their lives.  For these numbers to represent a natural occurrence it would have to be accepted as fact that rich intelligent people have rich intelligent children, while poor ignorant people have poor ignorant children.

Following this line of logic, the children of 99ers and their children will also become 99ers as that is all their intellect will allow them.

Institutionalized hereditary wealth is a fact.  The elite have captured through duplicity a large portion of the world’s natural resources and have come to the belief that their ability to be ruthless, immoral, and downright criminal insures their children an entitlement that gives them not only enormous wealth, but the ability to starve and abuse their fellow human beings.

It starts out at the local level with the Shriners and Masons.  The Master Mason’s daughter does not face the challenge of life on an equal plane with a non-Mason’s daughter.  She becomes what is known as a Job’s Daughter and gains an automatic advantage right out of the starting gate.  You see as these young people start facing the challenges of life, the social inequality begins.  Let’s start with Jr. High school; our Job’s Daughter is mediocre in intelligence and aptitude.  In that same grade there is another young lady who is highly intelligent, but her parents are among the working poor and socially disconnected.

Now the teacher, who is supposed to be a public employee and not allowed to discriminate against anyone, is a Mason, in fact that is how he got the job, because the superintendent of schools is also a Mason.  And when he went to hire the teacher he passed over a lot of more qualified applicants in order to put a lodge brother into a good job.

Anyway, the teacher sees right away that Job’s Daughter is completely eclipsed by the poor man’s daughter and this is a situation that has to be corrected.  So he devotes a premium of time to Job’s Daughter while neglecting to do his job in instructing the poor man’s daughter.

Test time rolls around and in spite of hell, the poor man’s daughter scores higher.  But you see this Mason has taken an oath to put the well being of his fellow Masons above all other things, including truth, honesty, even loyalty to his country.  So he changes the scores.  After six years of this bullshit, Job’s Daughter graduates Valedictorian and is off to Harvard where she will be handled along until she is sitting in her proper social position with her rich Masonic girl’s share of the tangible wealth of her country.

The poor girl, who is far more intelligent and should have been able to use her natural gifts to rise above, is left to, if she is lucky, attend a community college and get an associate’s degree, after which she goes out and goes to work.  The poor girl, for the rest of her life, works for Job’s Daughter.  Her intelligence has been harnessed and made to serve her less intelligent counterpart through the deliberate manipulations of the secret society.

This is reality.  And these societies reach into the levels of the elite of the elite, who are intent on controlling our natural resources and enslaving and using us so that they can live a life of luxury literally from the sweat of our brows.

Don’t believe it?  Look at George Bush Jr. and John Boehner.  These are not even C average students, yet they ended up at the top with far more intelligent men serving them.  These secret societies wield such power in our country that they can cause harm to a person just for pointing out what they are doing.

This is another thing that is going to have to stop.  Those who are among the filthy rich elite have not earned their way to the top.  They have sleazed their way to the top and are in reality an affront to nature.

When Ron Paul becomes president we must push him to reinstate our common law courts.  And we must push for legislation to force all members of all secret societies to reveal their memberships.  And when we do we are going to see what they have been doing while operating in the shadows.  Then we are going to outlaw secret societies, or at least outlaw anyone associated with them being in any position of public trust.

We will of course by then have regained our industrial base.  And we will see America become number one again because we will have stopped the suppression of intelligence and aptitude by social privilege, and will once again be a country wherein one rises up because of what they know, not who they know.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Henry,
    I went to college with one of the Dupont’s, he was my roomate. He had been tossed as I was from different colleges. He has 2 motorcycles, 2 cars, one of which was a Lotus sports car and a snow mobile on campus. I felt blessed by my luck. Great guy I must say. I went on to and,average life(middle class), He went on to a million dollar a year job with his parents company, could I have gone so far, never. As you said, his career was already laid out for him. I had to fight and claw to save for a home and get a weeks vacation every other year, the thing is I actually witnessed what you are saying and can attest to the accuracy of your comments.

  2. I partially agree. What about all the self-made millionaires & billionaires who started dirt poor? Some people are born into wealth and others have super turbo levels of determination and aspirations. Then there are the rest of us.

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