99ers and HR 589 Unemployment Extension – You Have Been Sacrificed to Mammon

The Republiscums and Demorats are compromising all over one another in a frantic race to reaffirm the status quo before the August 2nd deadline.  One of the reported points of compromise is a 12 person commission made up of 12 Congressmen who will lay out future spending cuts that, if not enacted, will trigger an across the board cut of 1%.

Well I guess as long as these 12 Congressmen do not screw the people in their home states, they are free to do to the rest of the people in the rest of the states whatever they please without consequence as only the people in their states can vote them out.

The suggestion of this panel is a violation of our Constitution and a further centralization of power, in particular those sections pertaining to equal representation in all aspects of government.

Who do you think will get preference, the working stiffs in the middle class, the poor, the unemployed, the sick, the elderly, or the contractors who own those 12 Congressmen sitting on that panel?  And of course taxes on the rich can no longer be spoken of.

The income tax the working people in this country pay has been declared unconstitutional three times by the Supreme Court, yet this illegal taxation continues unfettered.  The tax on corporate profits, on the other hand, is lawful as it is the means by which we the people are paid for our natural resources that the corporations take and use to create their profits.  And the neo-cons say this must stop.

The fact is the bigger the corporation, the more resource they take, the less tax they pay.  Hell, in truth, we are paying them to take our natural resources to be manufactured in other countries where they can make greater profit because they pay slave wages.

The spending cuts are not going to fix this problem we are facing.  The more spending and tax cuts there are, the more money the corporate elite has to move our jobs overseas, thus less jobs in the U.S., thus less tax revenue, thus the need for further cuts.  I think you can see where this is going.

Hell the Mexicans are now fleeing the United States and going back to Mexico because the Mexican economy is better than ours.  How can these corporate boot lickers in Washington even suggest amnesty for the 30 million illegals who are working our jobs in this country, when Mexico’s unemployment rate is at 3.5% and ours is at 20%?

Like I’ve already said, the neo-cons and socialists will work out a deal because the option is taking the rest of what we have by force.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

3 thoughts on “99ers and HR 589 Unemployment Extension – You Have Been Sacrificed to Mammon

  1. This new deal they are apparently hacking out unfortunately will not include any unemployment extension for anybody. Everything is going to stop Jan. 3rd ,2012. Period. This could change in November, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  2. Bernie Sanders has a Letter/Petition to the President (“Shared Sacrifice”) on his site. I signed. Check it out.

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