Fukushima Blackout

Once a month I write an article on the Fukushima Power Plant in an effort to keep the subject from being completely removed from reality.  We will all remember just a couple of months ago there were stories in the mainstream media in reference to nuclear power plants in Nebraska that were posing a threat because of flooding.  So what ever happened with that?

It seems all mention of nuclear power plants of any and all kinds has been completely removed from the mainstream news.  This news blackout can be directly attributed to the international nuclear industry and the enormous wealth and power it represents.  There has not been a word in the mainstream in reference to the multi-billion dollar projects involving the building of new power plants in the U.S that were in the spotlight in the aftermath of Fukushima.

Are we being radiated?  Yes we are.  To what extent?  We are not being told.  One thing you can count on and that is, if there is good news that puts the corporate elite in a good light, it will be reported ad nauseam.  So we have to assume the news isn’t good.

From the Trenches has attempted to shine a light under that rock that the international nuclear corporations are hiding under, at the same time the mainstream professionals have absolutely blacked the story out.  I guess this is just another reason From the Trenches has been removed from the Google News index.  I guess radiation in our water and food chain is not news in the 21st century.

One day when a whole generation starts dying of cancer almost in unison, the people are going to be saying, “Why didn’t anyone at least try to warn us?”  And if they search hard enough through the data, that is assuming it has not been erased, they will find that at least one organization that was trying to warn them was eliminated by the CIA controlled corporation called Google.

If this does occur, the person reading this in the future can take these words to heart.  You have yourselves to blame, as you were so wrapped up in your little world of instant gratification that you failed in your responsibility to monitor and control your government.   Why there are not protests on our streets as I speak, demanding accountability for the incompetence that is causing us to be radiated is beyond me.

What has happened to our people?  Maybe we have truly become the goyim.

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  1. Right now Japan is busy encasing these reactors in concrete. Many of the older Japanese are volunteering to do the work. Kamikaze type suicide for the good of the rest.

    Hard to understand the video because of lousy voice over issues, but you will get the basic idea when you watch.

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