99ers HR 589 Supporters – Barbara Lee Puts Out Press Releases

The U.S. Senate is back in session and the Congress returns today.  I’m sure they are well rested and eager to get back to work at transferring what little wealth the poor and middle class have left into the coffers of the rich.  And what has our champion Barbara Lee been up to?  Well it would seem that she is actually a real go-getter.  She wasn’t just sitting around on Spring Break.  She was doing what a representative is supposed to do and that is speak for the American people.

On March 23, 2011, last Wednesday, Barbara Lee put out two press releases.  The first was a statement acknowledging the passing of Elizabeth Taylor.  The second contained the following: Congresswoman Lee was joined by 121 House colleagues, including 35 Republicans, to send a letter to the United States Postal Service requesting that they issue a commemorative postage stamp to honor the life and legacy of former Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm.

This ought to show those bastards in Washington that the 99ers have had all that they are going to take and that they had better get on board in passing HR 589.  What a crock of shit.  The dead now get more recognition than the 99ers.  But I guess Lee did show that if an issue is important enough, like a postage stamp commemorating a dead Congresswoman, the Democrats and Republicans can come together.

The issue of the postage stamp seems even more ironic as the postal service is announcing that 1000s of postal workers are going to be laid off.  These charlatans in Washington have become completely disconnected from the American people.

So what is the great emancipator Barry Soetoro up to these days, besides attacking Middle Eastern countries without provocation?  Well he has stepped forth to represent the corporate elite who want a $550 billion new mass transit system.  But like us lowly 99ers with our HR 589, he needs to find a way to pay for it. 

Not a problem.  The Congressional Budget Office has put forth a proposal at the bequest of Senator Kent Conrad, (D) ND for a mileage tax.  We already pay outrageous gas taxes at the pump and of course we will continue to do so, but on top of that it is being proposed that we pay by the mile just to move about. 

The idea of a mileage tax is nothing new as the dirty rat scumbags in the elite have been trying to find a way to work it in for years.  The idea is not only to tax us to drive but to calculate the rate in reference to what time of day we are moving about.  In other words, at peak traffic times, like in the morning and evening when those still lucky enough to have a job are traveling to and from work, the rate will be higher. 

Remember the people’s advocate Barry Soetoro has made it clear that he will not be taxing billionaires as he refuses to bite the hand that feeds him.

99ers will say, “There is no way that they can further tax me as I have nothing left.”  Well guess again.  Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle, at a Mayor’s Conference in Washington DC suggested a 10 cent per roll toilet paper tax to pay for federally mandated sewage projects.  In short, the poorest of the poor out there, along with everybody else, are to be taxed literally for wiping their arses. 

Of course the tax has not been made law yet, but if they want it to be, we all know it will.  And we all know the outrageous amounts we are paying for water, sewage, and every other utility is only going to continue to rise.

Speaking of utilities, they along with food and energy have been removed from the equation when figuring the inflation rate.  Can things get any more outrageous?  Of course they can.

The people of these United States had better wake up and do so quickly before we find ourselves being arrested for tax evasion for wiping our hineys with our hand to avoid this toilet paper tax that we cannot afford.

If you have read this article you are already mad.  Now how about let’s get even.  Who is working on the Easter Project?  Who is going to be that somebody that lights the fire?

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  1. Great Article!! Amazing how it’s human nature to make thngs more difficult than they have to be, couple in that fact plus these people are just plain evil and self-absorbed, and what you have is millions suffering and the rest of the population not realizing they are next.

    I have to admire the coverage, you are doing a great service, anyone with a moral compass,and a grade of humanity could see that. It also happens to be more than congress or anyone else in Washington seem to be doing at this point.

  2. America has become a whore. Doing it to anyone and anything for money. When the baby arrives she has screwed so many, it’ll be hard to find the daddy. Well in this case there will be many daddys. “When the bough breaks the cradle will fall and down will come baby, cradle and all.” The government is killing us and taking the little we have left. I never heard of a mileage tax. OMG! This is starting to sound like Russia. Next there will be curfews, and take on walking in the street at a certain time and I am not being sarcastic. Things have already happened that I never thought would. Henry, I’ve learned so much from you and I know it’s the truth. The bough is cracking and the Republicans and Democrats are the baby’s daddy.

    1. I did. I left America 2 years ago and I find myself very happy living in a democratic country. Every day I meet more and more americans like myself that come to this country (Peru) looking for what we lost at home. Life, liberty and the persuit of happyness.

  3. i just saw they have spent 550 million so far in the Libyan conflict. Do you know how many Americans that could have Helped? Now they want to tax us again. Whats next. I cant imagine

  4. After reading this article every one should be angry. Henry you truly have a gift and I want to thank you for all you do to help us understand. Barbara Lee should truly be ashamed of herself. It just goes to show that Congress has no pride at all. They continue to make fools out of themselves. That being said I really believe that our representatives consider the 99ers dead also. That explains why no one ever mentions us. At this point they think they have won. I hope they enjoy themselves because their time is limited. What a great day it will be when we are all united and can hit the streets and take our country back. I can only imagine our representatives hiding in their offices wondering what the hell went wrong. Knowing this keeps me strong. Hang in their guys. My prayers are with you all.

    1. Barbara, in order to be ashamed, one have to have a conscience first! And, that is NOT what these demons in Washington have including Obama! They are rich, they make the laws for the rich and to hell with everyone else!

  5. HENRY,

  6. hopelessin nj, I do believe that is what it’s going to come down to, but when we leave who is going to be left to pay for all of there luxuries?? By the way, WONDERFUL article, as always.

  7. A stamp? Really? I’d rather see a stamp dedicated to the chubby kid who stuck up for himself by picking up his bully and slamming him to the ground. Thus inspiring the weak to stand up and the bully to step down. That kid is a hero.

    Here’s an Idea for a stamp: A “Keep Postal Service Employee Jobs” stamp. Make it cost 1c more than a regular to prevent the planned lay offs. Just like in NJ where we still have to pay tolls on the Parkway just to keep all the toll takers employed.

    And Elizabeth Taylor? A great actress yes, but she also divorced 8 times and lived a selfish life that instigates to the debauchery of society . While she did “some” work for AIDS, what about the people who dedicate their lives to feeding and caring for those dying from AIDS or the tireless effors to prevent AIDS.

    Did she do a press release for Gary Coleman or Leslie Nielson.

    Lee &&&&&& “Stabenwhrereisshenow” should have weekly press releases about the help they PROMISED THE 99’ERS.

  8. Sick S.O.B’s running this country. Scumbags who care about no one except them and their rich friends who are paying them off. What a total disgrace. Toilet paper can be entirely avoided. Just use the shower, every time you go to the bathroom and do the dirty Number 2, jump in the shower. Cleaner than toIlet paper ever was. The French do it. What are they going to do, call us T.P. Cheaters and we will be arrested for Toilet Paper Fraud. ? LOL. Maybe we will be forced to send in used toilet paper to make sure we are using it. LOL. Anyway. these lowlife scumbags have to be stopped. We will vote them out. They call the 99ers lowlife scumbags when in fact in reality, they are the low-life scumbags. Who in the hell do they think they are ?

  9. It’s really sickening the way Congress and The Senate go about their business like what is happening to us is no big deal. I wish they could all lose their jobs and money without anything promising on the forefront so they could experience what we have been experiencing. It’s too bad the people that hold those offices haven’t had this type of experience. Maybe a few have, but I’m sure that’s about it.

    I’ve never heard of the mileage tax, I really hope that doesn’t happen. And a commemorative stamp, you have got to be kidding me! I am sure the postal workers getting laid off will be thrilled that they took care of this important commemorative stamp issue. Who the hell cares? And putting together a statement about the passing of Elizabeth Taylor. The world has gone mad!

    Thank you Henry for keeping us informed of all of the betrayals.

  10. Henry,
    As always, great editorial. Too bad these editorials of yours aren’t nationwide.
    I believe we all need a change. Not a Obama change, that was worthless change that he never performed, though a real change for the future. Unfortunately no one cares for the 99er Americans, good Americans that were born and raised in this country. We are the people that always had a great love for this country and we celebrated the 4th of July like no other. We are the people who are what this country is made of, and of course now the country is made of greed. We will overcome and I’m, with you every step of the way!

  11. Yeah there may come a point when this country is no longer “america” and the people may give places like canada a hard look to go live, doesn’t seem like there is much hope of cleaning the corrupt out of washington , republicans…democrats same sh*t differ pile in my opinion…i just hope someone takes a few of these people out before its all said and done, washington has a license to steal and not enough americans are doing what need’s to be done to stop them…is it finally over?

  12. 383 days pass, but on Wednesday, March 30th, President Obama meets with CBC leadership. In the first real meeting in 383 days between the President and top CBC leadership (or the CBC as a group) on CBC issues, President Obama will meet with CBC Chair Emanuel Cleaver on Wednesday at the White House. The last meeting the President had with the CBC as a group was on unemployment and jobs on March 11, 2010. Thirty-two members of the CBC attended that meeting. Another meeting like that one, is planned. In the meantime, there were a few meeting with past CBC Chair Barbara Lee as part of the Tri-Caucus but no CBC specific meetings.

    Joining Chairman Cleaver at the meeting will be the members of the CBC executive board. n. Issues sure to be talked about at this meeting will include unemployment and recent proposed budget cuts in the President’s budget. Cleaver has shown that he will disagree with President Obama if he feels the constituency the CBC represents is not being well served. The only member at the meeting who endorsed President Obama for President in 2008 will be Rep. Andre Carson. A significant number of CBC members voted for either Clinton or Edwards. This is noteworthy because part of the reason for a somewhat frosty relationship between the first black President of the United States and black members of Congress goes back to the 2008 election.

    (Since Barbara Lee & Bobby Scott are having such a hard time receiving an audience with Sir Boner and Lord Cantor, it would have been nice if they too were included in this meeting . This would have been a golden opportunity for them to have addressed key unemployment issues with Obama. And to have steered the conversation towards such things as the H.R. 589 passage, Tier V approval, and what the government is going to do about the ever growing population of pesty little Nomads in this country (affectionately known in some circles as the 99ers). Oh well. Always a minute too short and a day too late to effectively make a difference…)

  13. I agree we need to do something, however much like this bill to extend help to the 99er’s its only a bandaid and wont solve the greater issue of corruption in washington, the money is there to help american’s but they dont see any point in making an investment in the american workforce, but at the first chance to go to war we are right there at the ready…the government no longer works for the people…the people work for the government…the time to take apart and put back together this corrupt washington machine is now!

  14. YOU SHIPPED MY JOB OVERSEAS AND NOW IM OVER QUALIFIED TO WORK AT BURGER KING. NOW YOU WANT ME TO BEG FOR 14 WEEKS OF OVER DUE UI BENEFITS. WELL “” if you get caught between the moon and new york cityyyy the best that congress can do is KISS MY ASS!!!!!!”””

  15. Lets get a plan together that will short term help the 99ers, 14 weeks to provide dignity, hope and sruvival, and then provide tax cuts to those who hire a 99er especially those over the age of 45 and given that many will not be able to retire. Last, I suggest posting a list of companies that have sent jobs overseas and boycott them until somthing is done. Also, post of list of companies that are at least compassionate in these times. I will be able to stay with them when the economy gets better and drop the ones who took the opportunity to be just business.
    And last, what ever happened to “do on to others as you would have them do on to you”?

  16. The 99ers are just a pimple on the GOP’s ass. When they sit down it is going to hurt. And wait until we [99ers] pop.

    The 99ers are growing stronger and stronger (35,000 per week). The BLS unemployment rate means nothing to us for we know what is really going on! The GOP has kicked us long enough. The Middle East protests will be small compared to the 99ers. You don’t mess with angry and hungry people and the 99ers grow angrier and hungrier everyday.

  17. My fellow 99ers, finally I can take no more. I’m offically informing the general public that I Mario Davis am running for President in 2012. I ask for you vote. With the likes of 12-15 million unemployed here in America I will bring attention and put fault where it needs to be. I will fight for you, I will put an end to outsourcing of jobs. I will put an end to deceptive business practices and I will go after those in Wall Street. Yes I will make millions unhappy but in the end I will gain the respect of the American people who need a leader. A leader will lead this country. I ask for your vote. Please vote and write in Mario Davis on your ballot. Mario Davis 4 President 2012 “America the only way.”

  18. As your President, I will put a cap on profitability. No longer will companies be able to make billions on top of billions in profitability. I see no reason why those extra billions can’t work to provide educational opportunities as well as go towards our countries deficit. There is no room for this in the New World that we live in. These extra funds that you are just sitting on could be creating jobs as well as feeding Millions of our fellow Americans. I ask for your vote in 2012, please write in Mario Davis on your ballot. I will bring America back to you.

  19. It’s all just lip service, I’m at the point where I have totally given and am just waiting to die, potter’s field here I come…

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