99ers HR 589 Supporters Denied Constitutional Rights by Subcommittee

The 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees our people the right to redress of grievances.  This is to say we have the right to take our issues to our government in order to have them resolved.  Evidently the Congress persons making up the subcommittee in the House Ways and Means that will be deciding HR 589 seem to have taken the position that our 1st Amendment guarantee is conditional and only applies to them as federal employees in reference to their own constituents. 

The members of the committee who are deciding an issue that will affect U.S. citizens in every district across this country are saying they will only listen to input from their constituents in their individual districts.  This is a blatant violation of every other U.S. citizen’s right to equal access under the 14th Amendment and our right to redress of grievances under the 1st Amendment.

Geoff Davis (R) is chairing the subcommittee and is one of those telling us that only his constituents can contact him.  Well let’s take a look and see who else can actually have contact with Mr. Davis, better yet let’s see who from foreign countries that are not even American citizens have bought his attention.  The following is quoted off Foreign Lobbying Influence Tracker.

Contacts from foreign lobbyists with Geoff Davis and staff

  • 4-14-09 – Two meetings with lobbyists for Bank of the Netherlands Antilles from Netherlands Antilles about OECD and pending tax legislation HR 1265 and S 506.
  • 10-14-09 – Meeting with lobbyist for Dept. of Trade and Industry Republic of the Philippines from Philippines about support for HR 3039 trade legislation.
  • 9-16-09 – Meeting with Federation of Industries of the State of Sao Paulo from Brazil to educate and advocate for the extension of the current GPS program.
  • 5-07-08, 7-11-08, 7-23-09 – Meetings with Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt  – Accompanied a delegation of senior Egyptian military officers to their appointment with the following members of Congress.
  • 3-30-09 – Email with the Government of Turkey regarding Turkey Caucus letter to Obama
  • 3-31-09 – Phone call with the Government of Turkey regarding Turkey Caucus letter to Obama
  • 7-07-09, 7-08-09, 7-14-09, 7-20-09 – Emails with the Government of Turkey regarding Cyprus reunification.
  • 12-04-08, 12-11-08 – Emails with the Kurdistan Regional Government from Iraq regarding Kurdish American Caucus.
  • 3-05-09 – Two phone calls with the Republic of Panama regarding follow up on Ambassador appointment request.
  • 4-02-09 – Meeting with Republic of Panama due to travel schedule.

It is clear where Mr. Davis’ interests lie and that would be in selling us out for profit.  He is nothing but a bought and paid for corporate lapdog and he is spitting on our rights. 

We are going to bring a new member of the subcommittee forth every day until we have shown that every damn one of them has sold our country and our people out.  Once we have done so we are going to inundate Attorney General Eric Holder’s office with phone calls, emails, and faxes demanding that they be prosecuted for violating our Constitutional rights. 

They may come from a single district in a single state but by God we are all paying for their outrageous salaries and lavish benefit packages.  And like I said the issue before them is the business of every 99er. 

If nothing else these dirt bags had better know that their treachery is going to stop as the next time they come up for election they are going to be voted out, as I have no doubt there will be plenty of 99ers among their constituents to do so.

To Geoff Davis I say, “How dare you think you can put yourself above we the people, who are your employers?  I am ordering you, public employee, you give us our lawful access or we are going to fire your ass.”

Call the Capitol switchboard at 1-866-220-0044 and ask for the members of the Sub-Committee on Human Services.

  • Geoff Davis, KY, Chairman
  • Lloyd Doggett, TX Ranking Member
  • Jim McDermott, WA
  • John Lewis, GA
  • Joseph Crowley, NY
  • Adrian Smith, NE
  • Erik Paulsen, MN
  • Rick Berg, ND
  • Tom Price, GA
  • Diane Black, TN
  • Charles Boustany, LA  

0 thoughts on “99ers HR 589 Supporters Denied Constitutional Rights by Subcommittee

  1. Great article, Henry. Who do these guys think they are? I am beginning to wonder if any of them are aware of the United States Constitution and what it means. They are violating our constitutional rights and they don’t even care. This is the business of every 99er, future 99er and even people who have jobs now. We have already been reduced to poverty and lost everything. I don’t think they will stop until we are dead and that is happening daily. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to spread the word about all of this corruption.

  2. We 99ers demand the constitutional right our forefathers had when the ammendments to the constitution were made.
    We need the help that Myself and millions of other 99ers need which is help that we so desperately need untill our economy rebounds and we are able to find employment.
    The republicans need to get off there HIGH HORSES and agree for this temporary 14 week of help ASAP!!!!

  3. Outrageous, how the people that are supposed to represent us will not/refuse to, acknowledge the plight of the ever growing 99ers. I for one would feel a lot better if they would just go before the camera on TV and say “we know you are suffering, you are right it is not your fault, you are all decent hardworking people who are being screwed but we don’t have any idea what to do and the reason we are ignoring you is because if we let you know that we know how huge the problem is you the people might start a revolution.”

  4. Spend a couple of hours and contact your Representative in the House, your two Senators, and as many of the others on this list below as you can. Just keep at it.


    There is a letter on the 99ers site that you can use if you like http://www.american99ersunion.com/

    http://www.house.gov/ to contact your representative in the House

    House Speaker, John Boehner [OH-8]: http://www.speaker.gov/Contact/
    Phone:(202)225-6205, Fax:(202)225-0704

    House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor [VA-7]:
    Phone:(202)225-2815, Fax:(202)225-0011

    House Majority Whip, Kevin McCarthy [CA-22]:
    Phone:(202)225-2915, Fax:(202)225-2908


    Committee on Ways and Means – Dave Camp, MI, Chairman

    Subcommittee on Human Resources
    Geoff Davis, KY, Chairman
    Adrian Smith, NE
    Erik Paulsen, MN
    Rick Berg, ND
    Tom Price, GA
    Diane Black, TN
    Charles Boustany, LA
    Lloyd Doggett, TX Ranking Member
    Jim McDermott, WA
    John Lewis, GA
    Joseph Crowley, NY

    It is also recommended that you contact your LOCAL newspapers.

  5. Good Job Henry!
    I’ve been receiving those rejections from our “Public Servants” in Congress for over a year now. Pelosi, as Speaker, used to write that she could not legally address the issues of anyone who was not one of her state constituents. What BS!

  6. “We are going to bring a new member of the subcommittee forth every day until we have shown that every damn one of them has sold our country and our people out.” – I love this. Keep it up.

    Here’s how you get around contacting the people on the committee who say they only accept emails from their constituents. You use their local office address (on their site) to get the zip + 4 needed to submit your email. Even Eric Cantor only accepts from his own district. ; )

  7. denny rehberg the jew from Montana will not help Americans they mean nothing ti the Jewish Zionist Agenda. When you question who are the top 5% in the country dont look at the Christians they are the JEWS.

  8. this is just a zoo like atomsphere. I believe that the republican party is taking advantage of the weakness projected by president obama and the current w/h administration. The republican’s and the elite are creating a harsh and inhumane enviroment to displace barack obama, this is just ploy’s and harsh tactic’s to take back the white house. The sadness of the situation is that there doing it by attacking the middle class and poor citizens of the country. The republican’s and there corporate master master’s have conspired to cut government spending in conjunction with corporate american to stop private sector hiring to create a second rate existence in america. If and when the Gop take over the whitehouse the enviroment will ease, especially if the president is republican. The republican’s are just pure evil!

  9. Well I managed to get a message to him and sent him a link to this article. I think he’ll enjoy it.
    Of course that wasn’t easy since I had to look up stuff to be able to make it look like I was from his district, to have the correct information to fool the contact form, but it went through finally.
    People like him make me physically ill. Franklin would roll in his grave if he could see the types of people and the degree of hypocrisy in American government today.
    This is an example of the despotism Franklin warned about in his speech to the Continental Congress before signing the Constitution.

  10. EVERYONE! this dude is a dupe nothing more,Geoff Davis (R) just like George Lemioux was a dupe by the omission of Sherrod Brown, the PERSON we need to FIGHT is Mitch McConnell NOBODY ELSE! He is the HEAD the others are his SHIT. Just look how he mind fucked the President! and he has everyone else doing his bidding as well. The GREATEST con the Devil every committed is he convinced the world he didn’t exist! STOP messing with the tail and go after the SNAKE within the LAW… t

  11. i believe it will take more then voting to get these peloples attention.granted our numbers will be much greater by 2012,so we vote new folks in and after a few months they side with the tea party people.there are things i would like to say that should be done but better to play it close to the vest.the word revolution says it all.i will say this if your family is hungry you do whatever you have to do to feed them,if they need a doctor you go to the hospital just like the illegals do.i have decided i cant wait any longer for our horse shit government to do something anything to fix our jobless problem.its time to do whatever is necessary to look out yourself and your family.Get mad for god sakes how much more of this crap are you willing to eat.Stand up and fight and i mean fight or shut up and sit down.

  12. In December, I e-mailed every Senator from every state concerning the lack of an extension for 99ers. I received numerous e-mails back stating similar comments “I’m sorry, but I can only address matters concerning the constituants of my state”.
    What is happening is horrible. It’s been 2 months with no income, no job, no interviews. The propane tank is at 15% in the dead of winter, DHS won’t help because I hit my $650 max (thats a little over 200 gallons) and now 8Cap can’t help either because their funding has been stripped. What do they want us all to do? freeze to death? I think so. I can’t even get WOOD 8 in Grand Rapids to cover the plight of the 99ers!!!

  13. If things keep going as they are WE will be protesting in the streets like the Egyptians and Libyans. I think it is necessary, under the circumstances.

    Sadly, so many younger people in this country are oblivious to how their Constitutional rights are being stripped and this country is crumbling. All they are focused on is the next Iphone or texting their friends about what they ate for breakfast. Ignorant and uninformed, for the most part, of what is happening to their country.

    Truly these “sheeple” will fall into line with the agenda of the “new America” while we older, educated, informed middle class will literally die in poverty. I believe that is what the wealthy in this country truly would like to happen.

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