99ers HR 589 Supporters, Impeach? Impeach? Impeach?

Never does the lie of the false left-right paradigm stand out more clearly than when a president, whether Demopublican or Republicrat, takes an action for the corporate elite which can only be considered detrimental to the country and to the people.  The propagandists from the false left and the false right are now coming out in unison and brotherhood in support of the unconstitutional invasion of Libya.

I heard the most outrageous assertions from both CNN and FOX.  One talking head tried to put forth the idea that the War Powers Act needed to be repealed because it limited presidential prerogatives for going to war.  The fact is that without the War Powers Act the president could not take us into war under any circumstances without the consent of Congress.

And then you have those who are saying that the invasion is in reality a “humanitarian operation.”  I guess those must be love bombs they are dropping on the Libyan cities.

Then there is the most accursed aspect of this wanton treason and that is $100 million per week for killing people while millions of 99ers cannot get the resources they need to simply exist.

There have been calls for Obama’s impeachment but I can’t believe the one party system consisting of notorious traitors will ever impeach any president. 

George W. Bush took us into a war in Iraq on a blatant lie that he knew was a lie which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis, men, women, and children.  He not only should have been impeached, but should still today have to face a war crimes tribunal.

Bill Clinton sold the Chinese our ICBM guidance systems for campaign contributions.  And what happened to him?  He was impeached for lying about not having sex with that woman.  Not prosecuted and after which retired with full benefits for the rest of his life. 

Ronald Regan and his administration ran drugs and guns to finance their black-ops war in El Salvador.  He was never prosecuted and has gone down in history like the second coming of Abraham Lincoln.  Kind of makes you wonder just how honest Old Abe really was.

I guess the awful fact is that if there ever was a real impeachment followed by a criminal trial and imprisonment of the guilty president, the international corporate mafia might have a hard time recruiting a new traitor to run our country for them.

There has been some talk of meetings to take place in reference to HR 589, and who knows maybe there is a scheme in the works.  However I have to believe that any such scheme would have to be in the context of “If you DemoRats will allow us to steal $100 billion from the old and infirm we RepubliScums will let you give $15 billion of it to the 99ers in order to insure your reelection in 2012.”  I can only speak for myself but I cannot cut the throats of any of my fellow citizens for monetary gain.

All working people in this country have to realize that the rich elite are our enemies.  And their favorite form of warfare is turning good people against one another.  Remember, they are cowards and manipulators and never do their own fighting. If we the people of the United States refuse to be divided and conquered they cannot defeat us. 

As for those still in the middle class and still working, I tell you with absolutism.  You are next.  Our common enemy, the international corporate mafia, is hell bent on the destruction of our country and our people as we are the only thing left between themselves and world domination. 

I believe there is a great fight coming and it’s not going to be public sector against private sector, black against white, or man against woman.  Rather it will be the American citizens verses the world.  But don’t let this discourage you as we have already whipped the world once and we will do it again, only this time we will make it stick.  And when we are finished there will be no doubt as to what our great Republic and the people who live within its fold believe in and are willing to die to preserve.

I have read that many think that the technological advances in warfare are more than any people can overcome.  I say bullshit.  Our minds and hands built it and our minds and hands can destroy it.  Hell, they can’t even stop us from getting free downloads.  I tell you too many of us believe too much of what their propagandists are putting out. 

In short, no matter what anyone says we are going to clean their clocks.   The funny thing is they know it as they have not forgotten history as we have.  And as they have used the same techniques over and over again for the past 4000 years expecting a different result, the fact that they are completely insane cannot be denied.  Only an insane person would ever think that they could whip the Americans.

If you think about it if anyone would have put forth that assertion even a mere twenty years ago they would have been laughed at.  The only difference between then and now is twenty years of our enemies trying to convince us through their propaganda that we can lose.  Well it’s not working on this American because I know better.

So let’s get our blood pumping.  Let’s show them our contempt.  Let’s go out in front of the churches where these hypocrites, our so called representatives, pretend to worship God while serving the devil.  Let’s make the Easter Project an event that will go down in the history of our nation.

By the way who is going to be out in front of the church that the forked tongue devil, Barry Soetoro, will be desecrating on Easter Day?

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, the free coalition shall prevail.

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  1. Henry,

    You are quite the writer. Enjoyed your rant. Would you consider somewhere on the
    web page a simple “forward email” link? I like myself forwarding some of your artilces
    to those yet to subscibe. Who knows, forwarding some articles may interest those yet to sign up. Lastly, I don’t want to get started on the money being spent on the invasion of Libya yet
    scrapping the bottome of my penny jar as a 99er. Oh well, “the first wealth is health” I say.
    So, I am blessed with broke and healthy!

    1. DBruce, We have placed a forward email link next to the Facebook and Twitter icons. I think this is what you were asking for. If not get back to me.

  2. Henry — you are right about the unemployment issue. If we do get another 14 week extension it will be because they found another way to screw the American people. We the American people, are going to have to fight this battle and take our country back. We will accomplish this but I am afraid some of the 99ers are not going to be able to hang on while we build our army. I watched the Ed show last night and he mentioned the 99ers with a little hint that something might be going on concerning the 14 week extension. I can see clearly how these president’s have destroyed our country. 10 years ago I never worried about what was going on in this country and that was a big mistake. I worry so much about everyone. I wish there was more I could do. My prayers are with you all.

    1. Good morning Barbara,
      You are right. For too many years our emphasis on life was just living a good one and I think we all failed to realize that there is always a price to pay when it comes to complacency with government. You give them an inch they will take a hundred miles, but once they’ve invaded your space getting rid of them is like pulling teeth.
      God pray this movement becomes strong enough to succeed soon as many of us are growing desperate.
      That being said everyone in the fight must double their efforts. We are making headway and if we are offered any kind of help it will be because of the growing fear of the people like those working From the Trenches.

      1. Has anyone had trouble with their Twitter account? It will not let me in. It will accept my email but not my password. I clicked on the icon to send password and I get a message saying they sent me a new password and it will appear in my email but it doesn’t. I am having to do most of my posting of facebook.

  3. Thanks for your wonderful articles. I have been unemployed since 2006. Lost my job, house, car and relationships and am now homeless and hungry in the streets of Akron, Ohio. I worked many years in the real estate title insurance industry. Incredibly, I find it necessary to educate people about the economy and the fact that the housing industry has collapsed. At the library today I am being bombarded on the internet to HELP PEOPLE IN JAPAN! What the hell is going on? Thanks. Sincerely……

    1. Pat — Our President and members of Congress or not interested in helping the people in the U.S. All they care about is people in other countries and they will spare no expense. Didn’t you hear the U.S. doesn’t have any money. So I wonder how we found the money to help the citizens of Libya? We need to figure out how to get help from foreign countries as we would have a better chance at getting some results. Good luck to you. Hang in there cause it is going to get better!

  4. Thanks Barabara for the words of encouragement as I find myself growing increasingly impatient and desperate. The people I am currently surrounded by are ignorant sheep. The dumbing down of Americans has been completed for some time. We need to start some kind (peaceful?) of revolution.

  5. Henry
    i have been following these post and have posted myself on here many times but i tell you there are the same poeple on here all the time. You need to got your message out to the country somehow. Is there anyway to get into the media( papers, t.v.ect.)? You write very good articles, but we need to get others to read these besides us. Hope you can do something.

    Les in Missouri

    1. Les – we spend hours everyday posting this message. I have even been kicked off of facebook for voicing my opinion. At this point we are all just trying to spread the word but it doesn’t seem to be going as well as we expected. You could help also by directing other 99ers to this site. I post this everywhere possible. We started out with only a few so we have made progress.

  6. All of us are growing impatient with not just the Prez but with all of our politicians. Seems the rant lately is hate torwards those that need vs those that still have. I blame both sides for this.

    As the Democrats sit on their hands and look away and the Repubs/Tea Baggers hope those in need fall from the planet we can only help ourselves and say “That’s It, I’ve had it”!

    Most ppl are to the point it does not matter anymore because both parties are really one. For those of us that can still email, call our officials we work even harder now to get all of them out of office.

    I am not as hopeful as most that the under priviledged will indeed get help from either side. It has been to long and no one (even the media) is taking job creation anymore. We have become a tiny tiny spec on the radar. I am still in the fight for now.

  7. Hawkeye, you should have seen it 6 or 7 months ago. It was basically Henry, Mark, Rick, Barbara, me, and a few others. I asked Henry the same thing. Where the Hell is everybody else ? But believe me, brother, the number of people that frequent this site has grown big time and is growing everyday. It just takes time to get the dumbed- down citzens, un-dumbed, off their ass, and ready to fight the tyranny imposed on us. Stay with us and help.

  8. Sam im with you all the way,I just wish i knew how far the way will go.Im not as bad off as some and fight every day to try and keep what my wife and i have, but i have to say it looks bleak sometime but we still hang in there.I wish we could help others in need but its just not possible.We have food because we both hunt and im glad for that.But with gas ,food and everyday items it gets tough.Im a 99er and my wife is getting close.I hope for everyones sake this will change,but in my caes being 64 yrs old i dont know anymore.I wish everyone well. Maybe with all the support we can beat this.

      1. Thats what keeps food on our table,if it wasnt for that we would be in trouble.we eat wild turkey,venison,and any fish that we can catch.We are going to grow our own vegs. this year.Thats the only way we can save money for the other things we need

        1. Oh one other thing, if we need to go some place close we ride our horses to save gas. Back to the pioneer days

    1. Hawkeye, what I meant by ” stay with us and help ” was to keep visiting this site and shoot the shit, offer ideas or suggestions, and let us know how you and yours are doing. Nothing financial or anything like that. Lord knows things are tough all over.

  9. Perhap’s people are starting to realize just how bad things are in washington, and how a total house cleaning is in order, voting out the republican’s isnt enough, much like taking a drug dealer off the streets in a bad neighborhood , there are 50 more to take his place…what may be called for is to stop the global effort, lets say as americans we dont want to be a part of the one world government and we are willing to die for it!
    Who the hell needs all the war and cost of rebuilding when our own people starve and struggle to survive?…who the hell cares what goes on in these other countries who sell us oil at inflated prices and start fights with their neighbors knowing old america has their back?…TO HELL WITH THEM! we have our own issues and believe me their is no shortage of things to get done in america, voting out every single republican is only the first step, that will be the wake up call to washington and they had better fall in line or they will be next, american’s are sick and tired of the b/s and wont fall for the old tricks used in the past to pull the wool over our eye’s, we are awake and aware and will not stand for it any longer.

    1. Have you noticed how everytime we the 99ers start to gain some traction/attention something happens to take our populations attention off on to something else? First it was the middle east then japan now libia. It’s just not fair! The F—g media is so controlled.

  10. You know I no we dont want to hear this but the Omish and Menenites have the right idea.They eat what they grow and raise.take care of themselves( have nothing to do with the government) pay NO taxes,sell what they raise and keep all the money. I hope this nation isnt going back to this but we just cant get ahead

  11. Henry, thank you for the great article. When you see what’s happened over time all together it paints quite a picture. I was aware of those things when they happened, but taking an overview tells a story.

    Pat it’s too bad we all have to educate people of the state of the economy, I have had the same experience. People act shocked if you tell them you lost your job. What the hell is so shocking about that? Are they awake, have they taken a look around? Most of the time I don’t tell anyone, because they always say did you find a job yet, did you find a job yet every time you see them. No thanks. I just became a 99er. I do everything I can to not put myself in a situation where I am going to be grilled.

    Is there a way to receive an e-mail when there is a reply to an article you have made a comment on? I find myself hunting through to see what is there, sometimes people reply to an earlier comment and you may or may not notice it.

    Hawkeye that’s a good point about being self sufficient, there is something to be said for that.

    1. Kat,
      Since you don’t have to register to leave a comment there is no way to get an email when your comment is responded to.

  12. I wish I would have listened to my Dad 20 years ago, when he said STOP BUYING CHINESE CRAP!!!!!! At least back then, we did have a choice, it’s just that the stupid Chinese crap was cheaper. I think Sheila Jackson Lee needs to speak EXCLUSIVELY on behalf of the 99er’s.. she had the most compelling speech and some fight behind it! How could anyone argue with that?! I keep saying…. there ARE jobs, but NOT for us folks that are the “wrong” color. This is blatant REVERSE discrimination. Since when did you have to be “BILINGUAL” in order to be considered for a job?? When did you have to “press 1” for English?! I’m sick of it. My grandfather, when he came over from Russia, made himself speak ENGLISH.



  15. Good morning folks.

    In this morning’s Star Tribune. The United States has spent $1 billion dollars in Libya in less than a week. HMMMMM. Where did those funds come from? The U.S is also taking care of their humanitarian needs. HMMMMM. Where did those funds come from?

    What the hell is wrong with this picture? Washington refuses to help the unemployed, but flip the American tax dollars to every stinkin other country that p——and moans. Including all the illegals here.

    I lost U.I .benefits May, 2010. I’ve exhausted everything I own. I am cleaning my vehicle this weekend, that’s my new address.

    Unfortunately, we Americans have almost 20 month’s left of Obama. But that doesn’t matter either, because it’s the same old shit, just different player’s. Obama thought he was going to just dump Libya on NATO. Well, that backfired on him. Now we have another Iraq! Let’s see what other country will pop up next week. Obama should be impeached! He did not get Congress approval! So does Congress just sweep the crap under the carpet? How long will the working Americans & the Unemployed continue to get screwed?

    We need to have an upheaval here, so we can receive humanitarian funds from Washington. Get rid of the illegals, and give us JOBS!
    Take Care

    1. Kate, Yemen’s next, then Bahrain, then Syria, then…….yada, yada, yada. Perpetual clusterfuck-itus.

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