American Sponsored Libyan Civil War

New details of the Obama administration’s involvement with Muammar Gaddafi’s government have emerged as U.S. warplanes continue to bomb Libyan cities.  Apparently over the past five years the American taxpayer has provided Libya with $5 million in the form of weapons and training for their military.  And Obama’s current budget, which is under debate, is to provide for another $1.7 million. 

Of course there has been a hold placed on that stipulation, but the undeniable fact that Gaddafi was recently considered a U.S. ally cannot be denied.

First in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now in Libya, we find our military fighting troops trained by U.S. advisors and armed and equipped with U.S. arms and ammunition.  The fact that the wars in the Middle East are being orchestrated by the world elite and fought for profit cannot be denied.  Also the fact that the people of the United States have absolutely no control over their government is past debate.

And now there is Yemen and Syria to consider.  I know most would say “They wouldn’t dare.”  I say, “They will not hesitate.”  If Obama receives orders from the corporate elite to send troops against any country or people including we the people, he will comply without hesitation. 

The American people have been duped by a charlatan who by most accounts is not even a citizen of our country.  And the days keep passing by without anyone in any real position of power taking any action to stop his illegal activities. 

How many people in this country have to lose their jobs and be made homeless?  How many of our young people must die in foreign countries?  And how many other sovereign countries must be bombed into the stone age before the people of the United States realize that we can’t just keep waiting for another election to see if the next batch of actors are going to stop this insanity?

We should have a complete work stoppage and refuse to end it until those responsible for this outrage are sitting in jail awaiting trial.

God forgive us for our lack of diligence.

0 thoughts on “American Sponsored Libyan Civil War

  1. BRAVO AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great article, as usual, Rick. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m embarrassed to call myself an American, watching the way this Libya shit has unfolded and the actions of the U.S. Govt. It’s like watching a Three Stooges film. Good o’l hiLARRY, MOEbama and the CURLEY’S in Congress. The exception being, the Three Stooges were funny.

  3. It’s a big chance to have you Americans, what explains that your (so unwise) big boss in The White House (who didn’t read the Wikileaks files!) is now trying to get out the bloody thing in Libya (where a lot of black-skinned people have been slaughtered as “negroes” by the insurgents.) ! But at the moment in France (this pseudo democratic country), nobody cares about the mess our little Napoleon is making in Africa, helping Al Qaeda to set foot in Libya while some French workers are held prisoners in the desert by another branch of the same Al Qaeda, beside the disaster in the Ivory Coast!!!
    And meanwhile, the immigrants of Lampedusa have nothing in sight but coming to France! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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