99ers, HR 589 Supporters, Poor, and Middle Class – United We Stand

Well the neo-cons are coming at us full force riding on the wave of confusion created by the big birth certificate release and the royal wedding.  I am going to make something perfectly clear today.  Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, John Boehner, Michelle Bachman, Eric Cantor, Newt Gingrich, and John McCain are neo-cons.  These are some of the same rat bastards that helped George W. Bush bring our country to its knees when they held the power under that regime. 

Their top propagandists are Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Stuart Varney, and Andrew Napolitano.  These people represent and have always represented 80% of the top 10%.  When they say this country is going broke, that is a truth.  When they say there must be cuts in spending, that is a half truth.  When they say Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid have to be cut, that is a lie. 

I despise these propagandists and most especially Andrew Napolitano.  This man is an ex-Federal District Judge who, in reaching a point to where he would retire among the top 2%, has no doubt issued rulings and opinions in favor of the 80% in the top 10%.  He is at present trying to pimp our Constitution by twisting its meaning to say that corporations have the same rights as human beings. 

Wrong, Judge.  Through fraud and treachery our statutory law has been twisted to the point that a corporation, which is a non-entity that only exists on a piece of paper, has rights superior to those that were supposed to be retained only by the individual citizens of the United States.  Napolitano is a corporate pimp.  When he says “free enterprise” he means corporate cartels being free to manipulate and control our natural resources to their profit and our loss. 

You have to see these scumbags for what they are.  Napolitano’s best buddy is the Tory Stuart Varney, who recently admitted that he is among the top 2% whom he openly advocates for.  These people think that the average American is either too stupid or too lazy to sit down with a Webster’s Dictionary and read and interpret their Constitution for themselves.

Our Constitution is a simple, straightforward document.  Its meanings are blatantly clear as are the violations being committed against it by Napolitano’s buddies.  It does not empower corporations; it empowers individuals and is designed to prevent any group of individuals such as a corporation from gaining any kind of advantage over any single citizen.

Let me make it as clear as I can.  These scum bags are in the top 10% and they are working diligently every day to divide the rest of us in the other 90% against one another so that we all can be sacrificed to pay back the $26 trillion that their brethren in the international banking industry has stolen, which has benefitted every damn one of them.

The only politician I see out there who is trying to bring the people together to reinstitute the Constitution for the good of all in the Republic is Ron Paul.  He is a highly intelligent and skilled individual as he can go on either FOX or CNN, debate with any of their talking heads, go over every point, and only associate himself with the truth, ingeniously dismissing the half truths and lies for exactly what they are. 

He knows how much the American people have paid into this system and I do not believe he is going to allow them to add it to the $26 trillion that has already been stolen.  He knows the middle class is under attack and that there have already been many casualties like the 99ers and the poor.  He tells the truth and that it is going to hurt to fix it.  But as the destruction of the Federal Reserve will be the first act in that process it will be the last time it will have to hurt, if we keep our wits about us and educate our children as to their rights and responsibilities under the Constitution.

It is going to be a dog fight and that is why it has to be a fight for all of us, by all of us.  We will give the neo-cons and their counterparts, the socialists, their comeuppance.  But for now we have to keep uniting; red, yellow, black, white, cowboy, hippy, rebel, yank; and keep throwing their lies back in their faces and telling them we want our goddamn money back and an end to the fraudulent Federal Reserve.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. The “corporation” was devised as a way for bad, greedy, cheating low-lifes to steal and generally do what ever bad things they want and get away with it. Because it wasn’t them, the corporartion did it, I’m innocent.

  2. The shame of it all is that we find ourselves in very much the same position today as we were before our founding fathers had the courage and the will through a revolution of sacrafice to free themselves as well as others from the corporate and bankster thugs under what was then english rule. They knew all to well the adverse effects of unbridled corporate power and the influence these corporations could bring to bear over a society such as what we are seeing play out in our time today. As well, they also knew what the consequences were of having a national bank control and manipulate the value of a nations currency, and they were vehemently opposed to it. They had good reason for taking that position, as we are once again witnessing that play out today, and we are literally paying the price for it as the purchasing power of the fiat paper goes down into the abyss. Three of our past presidents have payed the ultimate price for taking a position against these criminal banksters by attempting to restructure monetary policy in favor of the citizenship. I believe that all three met their demise for no other reason than going up against this beast in an attempt to break its death grip over the people. Kennedy was our last hope. I hope, given the chance, Ron Paul will fair better.

    1. Dave, I agree with you that Ron Paul is in grave danger if elected President. The corporate mafia and whoever is in cahoots with them, will put a hit out on him the day he wins the election. He’ll need to be the most guarded and protected President in this country’s history.

  3. Dave and Clark, maybe you can advise me more about Ron Paul? From the email that I just received about him from NumbersUsa and his stance on immigration, I will never vote for him. Let me know your thoughts…..thank you.

    1. Losing hope Fast, there are some video clips on this site ( click on ‘older posts’ near the left hand bottom of a post page ) that can explain his position on the issues better than I can. I have not heard his position on immigration. Or you can ask Henry, Mark, Rick, or Rachel. They write the articles. Let me just say that what I’ve heard Ron Paul say so far, he’s got my vote.

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