Colonel Gaddafi’s Son Killed in Air Strike

“Colonel Gaddafi’s youngest son and three of his grandchildren have been killed in a Nato airstrike in Tripoli, the Libyan government has said.

Government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim said the incident which killed Sayf al-Arab Gaddafi was “a direct operation to assassinate the leader of this country”.

Mr Ibrahim added that Colonel Gaddafi himself was in the large residential villa which was hit by the strike, but was unharmed.”


Do you think those preditor drones might have been sent to Libya for a political assassination?  You heard it here first at From the Trenches World Report.

0 thoughts on “Colonel Gaddafi’s Son Killed in Air Strike

  1. To murder relatives of a governmental leader just because he defends his country against irregulars who stamp out of somewhere nor are the electorate and moreover still to murder minors in the course of this homicide are crimes for which international charges should be laid

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. This was nothing more than a blatant murderous attack on civilians. But don’t look for justice from any world body as the people that control these organizations are the ones ordering the murders.

  2. No one should have gone into Libya. They need to fight their own fight. Sorry, if the rebels had no game plan then they shouldn’t have picked the fight. Civilians always get caught in the middle of these conflicts. (specially the children).

    USA stay the hell out of everyones business, for christ sake you don’t even take care of your own country! What about Afganistan where 8 soldiers were once again killed for a war that is going nowhere. What blows my mind is that we keep re-electing these morons.

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