99ers HR 589 Supporters Walk the Walk

Dateline USA: 93 million cats and dogs in the United States are now considered overweight, causing pet insurance rates to rise.  Something must be done and we all are going to have to step in and do it as this is an American problem.  The rich man’s cat is too fat.  It is time for a crusade. 

This story actually enjoyed a full segment on FOX Business on Tuesday morning.  These people have become so outrageous in their gluttony that their animals being overweight now commands more attention than 99ers starving to death in the streets.  The wellbeing of the rich man’s pets is a serious issue. 

The pet insurance companies paid out more than $25 million on obesity related pet claims last year.  I’m not joking; this was in a mainstream report.  And keep in mind the talk about Washington DC is to cut Medicare and Medicaid, to hell with the old and infirm, there are dogs and cats out there that need our help.

A Tier 5 unemployment extension for the 99ers would cost approximately $30 billion.  And I’m not talking a mere 14 weeks under HR 589; I’m talking about a full tier extension.  Americans spend $38.4 billion a year on their pets.  If you were ever under the delusion that the rich gave one damn about our suffering this should dispense with that notion.

Americans are denied medical procedures every day that result in their deaths while the rich man’s dog is visiting his psychiatrist after a massage.  We cannot stand for this any longer.  I‘ll tell you what you rich sons of bitches, I will eat your goddamn dogs and cats before I will go hungry.  These insolent bastards need to be drug out in the streets and have their arses kicked. 

How can we as a people allow ourselves to be pushed down to a point lower than a dog or a cat and just do nothing?  To hell with you Barbara Lee and Bobby Scott, the rich are getting more press for their pets than you are getting for us.  Come 2012, if the 99ers are still in this deplorable condition you’d better pack your bags and prepare to go back to whatever socialist dung hole you crawled out of.  You are not going to win the vote of the 99ers by popping up every four or five months and saying, “I support the 99ers but there is really nothing I can do.”  So go and coddle with the illegals and gays as they do have a lot of votes, but you are going to find out the poor ass unemployed Americans have a hell of a lot more.

99ers you need to get to work on the Easter Project.  People need to start stepping up, quit waiting for somebody else to do it for you.  Nobody gives a shit about us and if you think somebody does, you are just plain stupid.  We are not dogs, we are not cats.  We are nothing more than strays on the street that the rich would euthanize today if they thought they could get away with it.

You men out there, what is it going to take?  Do you still have a pair?  Are they going to have to be shoving our women and children in cattle cars before you find your courage?  Maybe you better reach down and cough and make sure they are still attached.  You can bet that if I lived in the same city where John Boehner goes to Easter service, I’d drag a goddamn cross down the street by myself if I had to.  We have talked the talk now it is time to walk the walk.

If you are interested in seeing what low contempt they hold you in go to The Federal Reserve page under the Know Your Enemies section and watch the video clips.

All the projects we are currently working on are listed on the top right of this page.

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  1. I will never understand why us 99ers are viewed as subpar Americans! We were not viewed that way prior to the economic meltdown, which we had nothing to do with!

  2. The Fat Cats keep getting Fatter and the 99ers keep growing in number, everyday… What’s wrong with this picture? OlllllllO

  3. I will never understand why the 99ers dont rise, as one, and have a mega protest. Now, I know money is a problem, but it is for me also. I dont care anymore…..I will just do without something else…..food if I have to. I have been literally begging anyways. I am on the West Coast, so if anyone wants to join up and are serious, post a reply. Thus far, everyone I have tried to contact, just wants to talk BS and type away on their keyboards.

    1. Hi Girl,

      Let me know what you have in mind, maybe there is something we can do. I am also on the West Coast. I am in the Los Angeles area. I have become a 99er this week! What a situation to be in and I can’t believe how forgotten we are.

      I think the problem is in media there are so many sources and online so many websites it’s tough to be heard by the masses, their attention is very divided. Many years back that wasn’t the case.



      I saw this a few days ago and it appears one of our fellow 99ers is mobilizing us to ACTION on a particular date. Since most of us can’t trek to DC we are being asked to do what we can in our local hometowns on April 2nd. As we all have different gifts and talents it is up to YOU to do what you can to make this happen!


      There is also THE EASTER PROJECT (see upper right)…so several ways we can get involved. Most importantly, spread the word!

      1. Thank you for the info Lynne. I am looking I don’t see a local march, although can’t imagine that we aren’t having one. I will keep looking, I am in the L.A. area so there must be one on April 2nd. I would love to go to D.C., but can’t really afford to go. The irony huh? I will go locally though.

  4. Fox news is too conservative for me, so I don’t listen to them. Fox news goes on and on about everything else in the country like all is well for all Americans. Fox news audience is mainly your crooked republicans. My friends mother loves Fox news and she’s a millionaire republican with 2 fat dogs and two fat cats. She heard that news report and she hired a special dietician for her pets so they could live a long and healthy life while 99ers are starving to death. That’s one problem 99ers don’t have, we can’t afford to have pets! This country seems to be content with everything as long their not a 99er. We are not the plague, we are decent human beings that got caught up in the wrong job at the wrong time. Perhaps FOX should have a new reality show and call it “Who will be a 99er next!” Those trolls would love a show like that, though at least we would get some airtime.
    Americans it’s time to fight! You just might be next!

  5. I hope all is not lost for the 99ers and soon to be 99ers. I am not feeling good about our politicians from either side of the isle helping those in need.

    Everyday and I mean everyday I email my politicians (Federal/State/Local-Republican and Democrats alike) as well as the media outlets regarding help or job creation and I still to this day have not gotten a response from either side. I even emial the President, Biden, Boehner and McConnell and still nothing.

    I am exhausted and loosing steam and hope. Maybe someone else will have better luck then I have had.

    1. Ellen,
      Emails are not going to do it. If you truly want to have an effect get an Easter Project protest started in your area. Target a member of Congress, Senate, or media in your area that is for the status quo and against the 99ers. If we make the Easter Project happen we will see an effect.

    1. Ellen,
      I had an idea while I was thinking about your comment. 99ers need to seek out our local theater groups. A person does not have to be a 99er to participate. I’ll bet it would be relatively easy to find people among the local theater groups and colleges who would love to be tacked up on a cross and be in the news. In reality what we are talking about is a theatrical performance. Anyway it might be something to work with and I will try to work the idea into Friday’s article. Go forth and do.

      1. Excellent idea, Henry! However, I’m not having any luck with that one in NYC. They’re all Union. They’ve shown up (in small numbers) for the AFLCIO, but that’s about it. 🙁

  6. You know, we spend a lot of time talking about extending UI, Why? Maybe it’s because we are looking for at least a small victory? or acknowlegement that we exist? The true question is what is our government going to do to help the 20+million people that have lost their jobs. Corporations are still sending our jobs overseas, it has’nt even slowed down. Pretty soon one out of every four people will be a 99er. This Global Economy experiment is interesting to study but a living hell to us. From what I can see, our government is just going to sit around and watch as things play out. WOW! Leadership, gotta love it!

    1. Yeah help needed, did you notice in the state of the union address the focus was on us fixing “our” own problems, not what they could do to help things along. Yes we need to do what we can for ourselves, but it shouldn’t all rest on us. I wish I could impeach all those who haven’t helped and don’t care about us. I would like to fire them, we worked hard and paid their salaries.

  7. Causing animals to needlessly suffer won’t make the government look at 99ers. I’m a 99er too. Many poor people also overfeed their cats too. Even just a little obesity on a small creature greatly damages their health. It’s a public service to let people know the danger and to spare animals suffering. If we want compassion, let’s show some compassion for vulnerable creatures.

    1. Nancy,
      No offense, but fuck the animals until the suffering of the 99ers is addressed. I’ve looked in my Constitution and nowhere does it speak of the rights of animals. In allowing the propagandists to convince us to elevate animals to a point above human beings we have lost our sense of priority.
      I have had pets in my life and have always tried to treat them with decency, but no animal’s life is more important than a human beings.

      1. Amen.
        I just read a story from the NY Daily News about a girl being arrested and charged with cruelty to a Hamster. (2 year sentence and $5000 fine) Now don’t get me wrong, I am completely against cruelty to animals. However, when a Hamster gets more press than the 99ers, I have a Big problem.

      2. No offense, but you’re not exactly eliciting sympathy from people by saying animal cruelty is ok, but just give you money. No wonder people don’t care about the 99ers anymore.

        1. Nancy,
          I know there are a lot of people like you that would put the well being of a cat or a dog over that of a human child. You are small minded, that is the reason that the only ones you can connect with are dogs and cats.
          When I was a child my dad would call someone who acted like you are doing, “goofy”, and quite frankly I think it fits.
          To even be talking about obesity in pets while human children are going hungry is nothing but goofy.
          If you find us a little crude here on this site, well that’s what being screwed over by rich people whose dogs and cats have psychiatrists and physical therapists does to a person. If you want to hate me because I won’t kiss your cat’s ass, be my guest, as I do not care what goofy people think about me.

  8. What is wrong with this picture?


      1. Angel-NYC

        I haven’t been far. I just needed a break. The traitors in Washington have melted me down a bit.

          1. Hey, Mark ! Good to see you back. Henry said you were taking a break. My boy and I are getting by. Staying with some friends. Get back to work ! LOL.

  9. I pray for all of the AMERICANS that has lost everything they had
    worked hard for. And for God to see them through all of this mess.
    We the Americans and our ancestors built this country, and this is the
    thanks we get. Yes I have been laid off for two years now from an aerospace
    company. But you know what I was born without anything and I am going
    to die without anything. Because I would rather be rich in spiritually than in
    financially. I know where my home is going to be and that is in Heaven.
    So just think about the children in this country that has nothing no home, and
    wondering if they are going to have a meal to eat or have water to be clean,
    they can’t go to school looking nasty, so how on earth are they going to get an
    education if they don’t have a home or food to eat or water to have. So just put
    your shoes in our shoes and see how you come out. Please pass the bill for us.
    Americans I will continue to pray for all of us. And God Bless You All.

    1. Girl,

      Really now! Surely you remember from history class when Mushyaki Kazimodo was elected president right after Pearl Harbor! Were you sleeping in class? Naughty, naughty! C’mon! Do you realize how important these Mosques are?

  10. I guess that’s why the Uber rich and super powerful are referred to as “fat cats” & “top dogs”. Their thoughts on putting their pets well-being above that of their fellow human being is not par from the course it seems. I guess once you’ve made that pact in exchange for the ultimate trappings of the world; agreeing to accept the mindset of a relentless narcissistic sociopath only makes the deal sweeter. Any thoughts, apathy and/or compassion for the lives of others sharing this planet with them simply flies out the window.

    I’ve noticed also that our Unemployed/99ers advocates have become ghost in Congress as of late. We’ve not heard a peep out of any of them since early February regarding H.R. 589 or anything remotely connected to the unemployment issue. My guess is they’ve found other pet projects to hitch their wagons onto so as to stay oh-so relevant in the news media. Ed Shultz and Michael Moore are all over the Wisconsin Union issue. I wonder what cut of the spoils they’ll be walking away with. The 99ers once again are not in vogue. But no worries they’ll be back they’re just looking for the next enticing carrot to dangle in front of us before the 2012 elections rolls around. I think not. For those like Barbara Lee, Bobby Scott, Jesse Jackson Jr, Debbie Stabenow, Ed Shultz, Gregg Rosen, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, the American 99ers Union, Members of Congress, Bills H.R. 589, H.R. 6556, H.R. 3156 and a host of other knuckleheads, clowns and stooges for their help in shoveling more piles of this rancid bullsh*t in our faces at a time in our lives when we 99ers need it the least. And for all the time and efforts you have devoted systematically into making our lives a living hell. Thank you. Just remember that there are millions of us out here thinking hard and working hard on new and innovative ways to return the favor in kind.

  11. Illegal immigrants are desperate and use less as good neighbors in the U.S. They break laws entering our country then are to scared to report criminal activity of which is a deep concern to U.S communities and citizens. Most illegal immigrants are lazy drunks, illegal drug users, not smart and business owners are to blame too for hiring / harboring them which makes them worse than the illegal immigrant. Also we should push congress to have all business owners / hiring managers in the U.S jailed & fined if they knowingly hire an illegal alien. Our U.S government corporations and business owners have figured out how to enslave, rob us, and kill us without even using a gun. These Guys R Evil Geniuses! Watch Out U.S Citizens & The International Poor! Every time a U.S business hires and illegal alien before a legal citizen is an assault or act of indirect violence to cause death to legal U.S citizens by financial impairing us. Please help us stop this pelage that is destroying our growing nation and support the real American Dream at http://usmoa.org/

  12. It’s a conspiracy to bring slavery back! This time it’s based on class not race. I rack my brain everyday trying to find work and I can not, not even a temp assignment. My sister unwittingly tried to comfort me by saying “Don’t feel bad, I know people with Masters working for minimum wage”. Little did she know, she just proved what I’ve been thinking all along. That statement just confirmed that their plan is working. I already know that they do not give a sh.. and would as soon exterminate us with guns if they could. Instead they will just starve, freeze or encourage us to commit suicide. I for one often feel like suicide but refuse just for the sheer fact that they would win. What’s another poor dead bitch!! Yes we are being devalued and I do not see a civilized and peaceful way out of this. Everyday I am scared and bewildered as I am unable to rebuild my life without a job. I know that millions feel the same way. I used to like Pres. Obama but lost alot of respect for him after the Big Compromise and his need of a former President to convince his party to go for that bs. The Republicans really sucker punched him. Pres. Obama has not mentioned us once!!! As far as I’m concerned he is fake and has no courage. He will not be getting my vote in 2012. In fact I will not be voting at all. This country does not belong to us, it belongs to the mega corporations. Everything has turned into a sham. We need to take America back and it won’t be easy. Just look at our history; the Revolutionary War, Civil War, Civil Rights and Women’s Right, it certainly wasn’t easy. Do we measure up to our predecessors?

  13. I do understand what Henry is saying. In order to devalue or divert attention from us the media will use anything. Next it will be cockroaches. He is not advocating animal cruelty.

  14. Theres a reason we have a right to bear arms in this country.Maybe were getting close to the time to use that right for which it was intended


  16. Well look who’s back on the scene. I guess calling some folks knuckleheads, clowns and stooges has it’s advantages.

    UPDATE 3/9/2011:
    H.R. 589 now has 74 co-sponsors!

    Lee and Scott, In Letter, Request Meeting with Boehner, Cantor, Camp to Discuss Bill to Give Emergency Benefits to Long-Term Unemployed Workers”
    from http://lee.house.gov/index.cfm?sectionid=57&sectiontree=35,57&itemid=2307

    March 9, 2011
    Media Contact: Joel Payne, (202) 225- 2661Washington, DC

    – Today, Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) and Congressman Bobby Scott (D-VA) sent a letter to Speaker John Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp requesting a meeting to discuss H.R. 589, a bill to extend emergency benefits to long-term unemployed workers. Representatives Lee and Scott introduced the legislation last month, and they want to meet with House Republican leadership to discuss options to address the costs of the bill. The legislation currently has 72 additional House co-sponsors.

    H.R. 589 would provide 14 weeks of emergency unemployment benefits to workers who have exhausted all their benefits and are still unemployed. Many of these long-term unemployed workers are relying on this assistance to support their families, make ends meet and contribute to our economy.
    Full Text of the Letter Below:

    Dear Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader Cantor, and Chairman Camp:

    Once again we want to express our deep concern for the plight of millions of long-term unemployed workers across the country. Last week’s unemployment numbers reflect the harsh reality that still exists – while the economy is moving in the right direction, too many workers are still looking for jobs. For every available job opening, there are 4.7 unemployed workers. And many of those workers have been unemployed for a year or longer.

    The unemployment rate does not discriminate – the challenges that our constituents face in our districts are just as difficult as the challenges that your constituents are facing in western Ohio, central Virginia and central Michigan. We all have a shared obligation to help our neediest and most vulnerable populations in their hour of greatest need.

    The letter we sent you last month requested your assistance in extending emergency benefits for long-term unemployed workers who had exhausted their eligibility. In addition, we requested that these benefits be considered under the emergency designation of PAYGO spending rules, a provision that would exempt emergencies from these rules.

    We are disappointed that you disagreed with our belief that this is a true state of emergency for these workers. As we outlined in our previous letter, we believe there is a strong moral and economic case to extend these emergency benefits. Economic experts believe that unemployment benefits provide a stimulative impact to our economy by helping to drive consumer spending. So not only is providing these benefits the right thing to do, but it is sound economic policy.

    To be clear, we maintain our position that this legislation deserves to be exempt from PAYGO spending rules under the aforementioned emergency designation, but we are committed to exhausting every possible avenue to pass this bill.

    Adding an additional 14 weeks to the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Program is estimated to cost up to $16 billion. We want to work with you to identify how best to finance this legislation and ensure its swift passage.

    We request a meeting with you as soon as possible to discuss alternative ways to address the costs associated with H.R. 589, The Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act. We hope that you share our urgent desire to move forward on passing this legislation. There are dire consequences for millions of long-term unemployed workers who are fighting every day to make ends meet so they can support their families. It is time to get serious about taking care of our long-term unemployed workers who continue to suffer.

    We look forward to your response and are hopeful that we can meet with you in the near future to discuss the importance of this bill and our plan to pass it.

    Thank you for your time and consideration of this request.

    Barbara Lee Robert C. Scott
    Members of Congress Member of Congress
    –END U

    1. Thanks for posting the full letter. I noticed comments about it when I surfed recent comments on opencongress. Unfortunately, I do not believe that Bonehead and his crew will stand up to their statement that “If if it’s paid for, we’ll back it.” Their words are all BS. They have no intention of following through (in terms of 99ers) We’re ghosts, casualties of war. I doubt that their letter will get any acknowledgement. After all these weeks, it’s about time Lee and Scott came out and said Something! I’m grateful that they did, but they need to be more public and do more.
      We must stand strong and keep pushing folks.

  17. You all 99’ers who are not aware of this facts, please check it out! It is a fact that we 99’ers have paid our dues and yet we are having a hard time getting what is due us! But, if you all only new that a lot of older immigrants are better off than being hard working Americans! These older immigrants have NOT worked in this (US) country at all, therefore, they have not contributed a single cent in our system at all! But check this out- they are getting a monthly monetary aid of $650 each from SSI plus health coverage for as long as they are alive! Where is justice here? The system really sucks! Why they get these benefits- our politicians have to do some explaining, if they even new it exists? This is sickening!!!

  18. Screw the GOP and the Dems because they are the party of one, one that is out to destroy the middle class, oops, what middle class? There is the top 2% and the rest of us who wants to be on the winning side along with the top 2% and until we come to realize that if we don’t make a million a year, we are the working poor and must vote accordingly to protect our own class. Obama is just an impotent puppet who lacks intelligence in his decision making process and all he has to offer is his sweet talkin’ jives. Both The Dums and Repubic Hairs are just putting on an act like a cheap soap opera when they knew damn well of the outcome way in advance. Don’t be fool folks, HR 589 may just be another nail in the coffin for us 99ers and unless we make our voices be heard, we are nothing more than sheeps being led to the slaughterhouse. It is time to fight back, I just hope that I have the courage to set myself on fire in order to relay a message to those criminals running the gong show in Congress!

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