99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Finally We are Going to Talk about Jobs

“It’s all about jobs.”  “We’ve got to address the issue of jobs.”  “The economy isn’t going to get any better until we get jobs.”  How long are we going to let them get away with playing this same loop over and over again as they are wiping us out?  You know what this “Jobs, Jobs” crap is going to turn into next week?  “We need to further cut taxes for the rich…..for jobs.”  “We need to send billions more in stimulus to the local road construction businesses owned by the Masons……for jobs”

Have you ever seen any of these people out of work?  I haven’t.  Do you realize that a twenty mile stretch of road now represents a life-long career to those receiving the government contracts, to do the repairs on the roads, that we already pay the states to take care of through gas taxes?  A hundred thousand of us could retire on the money spent on those million signs that say, “Your tax dollars at work.”  The people who orchestrated this little scam should be rounded up and put in a federal prison.

And of course billions more for high speed rail, the lion’s share of which will go into the pockets of the elitist’s families who own the railroad right of ways that were given to them by the pack of government thieves that existed 150 years ago.

I tell you nothing is going to change, except the efficiency they will display in continuing to rape our resources and send them and our jobs to other countries.

I think communism was designed for lazy people, people who are so damned lazy they don’t even want to do their own thinking.

The weekly jobs report will be coming out today and the monthly jobs report tomorrow.  And through the weekend you will hear, “Oh, it is so terrible” and then Monday they will start offering their solutions.  Like I said, this is like wiping your arse on a hula hoop.  The cycle is not going to be broken until we the people break it.

Austerity measures, as such, could have never been sold to the American people.  Now you are going to see them rammed down your throat on a fast track going straight through the new Supreme Soviet Committee of 12 with the Premier Obama dictating its affirmation from the top.

God damn every ignorant, stupid, fool who refuses to see this coup d’état for what it is.  I hope you die knowing that when your children are slaves they will whisper in the dark recesses of your blatant stupidity and in the end they will urinate on your graves.

The American people of the American race are going to save this country.  But I swear on everything that is holy, those who have bought into this bullshit are going to be written into history as the ignorant, bumbling, stupid, waste of oxygen that they are.

Later generations are going to know who you are and the trouble your stupidity caused the rest of us.  In fact, when they want to urinate on your bones, they are going to have to go to Somalia and find them by sifting through the sand and looking for human remains that have been cannibalized.

If you buy into any of this crap, I curse you for the mush minded simpletons you are.  And the sickest part is, is that you are the ones that walk around with your chests poking out spouting your ignorance to anyone who will listen.  You think you must be right because you haven’t been impoverished yet and the only reason for that is that you are useful idiots.

We will see how you fare in this country after we have taken our Republic back and leveled the playing field with our Constitution.  You are going to pay for the suffering your blatant stupidity has caused the rest of us.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Finally We are Going to Talk about Jobs

  1. Henry,
    I was getting automatic daily updates from you. About 2 weeks ago they stopped coming in. Any idea why they stop? The last one that I got was when you stated that Google was trying to shut you down. Is that the reason. Is there any way that I can start getting them again?

    1. lock-n-load,
      Yes, that is the reason. The only way you will get them again is if we are re-indexed in Google News. I don’t see it happening.

    1. Every day the situation gets worse and worse and worse……………..When they shut down the internet we are well and truly fucked.

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