0 thoughts on “Ron Paul 2012 "The High Tide"

  1. Nice video Henry & thanks for all you do. I believe “We the People” will spread the truth across Our Great Country like a wildfire! We’ll just have to try to get around google to spread the message! Hope to hear you on the radio soon. Sincerely, Ken
    Oh yeah almost forgot….. Ron Paul for President 2012!!

  2. I like Ron Paul, but when I listen to his extortionist wacko son, Rand Paul, I have to say it does reflect back on Ron and in a bad way. I just can’t seem to endorse him %100 because of his son’s cold,cold hearted views on how we treat the weakess of American society. Just my two cents.

  3. Well take your 2 cents and get your HELP NEEDED elsewhere! Sounds like you want more punishment!! Rand is not Ron Paul, I dont think he can hold a candle to his dad!!!

    1. Ken,
      Thanks, I needed to hear that. I was worried about the old saying ” like father, like son” thanks for pointing out that at times there can be a big difference, sincerely.

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