99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Further Attacks from the Communists at Google

In a further attempt to destroy From the Trenches World Report Google yesterday failed to index an article by Rachel Cohen entitled Help Arizona Build a Fence on the Border.   We at From the Trenches are working to acquire the necessary information to serve Google civilly.  It is difficult as we will have to coordinate with militias in California for the procurement for the filing of liens.

As previously mentioned Google got its seed money from the CIA and for all intents and purposes they are one with the traitors in our government.  They have sought to break one of the last communications the 99ers have.  We have seen our hit numbers cut in half as a lot of the people who come to From the Trenches do so by putting “99ers” and “HR 589 unemployment extension” into a Google search.

For those of you reading this From the Trenches will continue to release articles from all of our authors.  If you want to stay current with From the Trenches the latest articles will be posted on the front page daily.

The mainstream propaganda machine has failed and our enemies know that their attempts to stop Ron Paul are failing.  I expect to see Google launching further attacks on small sites supporting Ron Paul for president.

These are acts of desperation, and no matter what else transpires when Paul is elected president and our Constitution reinstated; the owners of Google and Facebook are going to find themselves in a Title 3 Court under a common law jurisdiction facing a free man who knows his rights and the law.  Google will answer for their actions both criminally and civilly.

God bless the Republic, death eternal to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Further Attacks from the Communists at Google

  1. henry i seizes to amaze this country is a fuckin joke who are they to tell we cant voice are opinions what happened to freedom of speech im ready i talk to alot of people and everybody is saying the same thing revolution is coming soon everyone has had it with these two regimes they run the whitehouse and the goverment as a legal mafia they put the mafia people in prison and there doing the same thing there doing they vote on shit and we have no say in anything i hope the republicans win there vote and when that’s when shits hitting the fan and all this talking is finally done i keep saying action speaks louder than words yhey think were all scared to do something but they have finally pushed us to far one last thing to say fuck google they blow find another site and i will follow you thanks henry keep up the fight

    1. Brian Sargeant,
      You are right on all counts. I believe we are going to end up in a shooting war and I think our enemies know it.
      As for another site, they would just do the same thing as soon as it became a threat. If everyone who was commenting a week ago would get on the comments section and comment, we can keep this site alive long enough for us to add a live broadcast which will get picked up by patriot broadcasters. And if we work hard enough we can reach the point to where we can tell Google to go fuck themselves while we are diligently working toward their destruction. We must let them know that we are not going to go away and sooner or later they are going to answer to the American people of the American race as a united force.
      In every comment we need to tell the new people to get to the site to circumvent Google and go straight to the home page of From the Trenches each morning to read the new articles.
      They cannot do this if we stick together, as in Karate we will use their own momentum to reverse the position of advantage. What they are doing to us is evidence that we are putting out the truth that they know will destroy them.
      Don’t give up. Keep your powder dry. And be prepared for anything at any time.
      Also if each of the thousand people still coming to From the Trenches would make an effort to post on every patriot site in reference to the attack we are under, it should be the duty of the other sites to link From the Trenches and shove this censorship right back in Google’s face.

      1. Might be a good Idea to post on Ron Pauls site and let them know that one of their staunches supporters is coming under attack from these bastards.

          1. Mark,
            I believe the Bilderbergers laid down the law to their lapdogs at Google. I think they have reprogrammed their crawlers to only recognize the so called news in the mainstream. That is why the mainstream was unaffected. Of course with the reprogramming there would be a lapse of time needed to enter all the socialist and neo-con sites so that their extreme opinions would not be excluded.
            I have been watching the situation very closely and there were people complaining that their stories on the latest ipod product were not getting through. About an hour later I saw, for all intents and purposes what was an ipod ad right in the middle of the mainstream news. A short time later the ipod was back in the search.
            This coupled with the fact that we were openly threatened with an attack on the 15th and then, on the 15th, I saw the first article I have ever written not picked up by Google News, and then when I inquired as to why, I was not told there was any problem but rather it was indicated in essence that the title of the article on the 15th was misleading.
            Read the article from the 15th and see if you think the article is misleading. I wrote it as a sarcastic attack on the rich and their contention that they are somehow being abused. I have written many sarcastic articles. Check out the article entitled, “Fluffy the Cat”.
            Also, you probably noticed the arrests of the individuals calling themselves “Anonymous” who hacked Pay Pal in retaliation for Pay Pal’s unwarranted actions against WikiLeaks. Mind you, all of this is going on at the same time Julian Assange is saying that new documents are going to come out that will reveal further illegal activity being conducted by the international corporate mafia.
            Anyway, unless or until From the Trenches is re-indexed in Google News, we must assume the worst. The fact is there is no way to contact Google to get a straight answer to any question.

          2. Damn,

            I thought we got rid of this shit during april, of 1945 Germany. Looks like the 3rd Reich reigns again.

  2. just letting you guys know that when i typed 99er into the google search bar it brought me here so i guess its not that bad . keep up the good work i have been a 99er since march and we have taken a back seat to these defecit meetings and we will continue to take a back seat because even after aug 2 all you will hear about is upcoming elections so once again were left out to starve 🙁

  3. Google is filtering out 99er/Unemployment Extension articles. I punched in 99ers in Google news for articles within 24hrs this morning and I got a couple of pages new 99er articles in relation to our issues. Even this site came up! But then in less than a minute I re-entered 99ers in the Google search and nothing came up. I’m a experienced Computer Networks Engineer and from my research and testing on the net these are desperate new implementations they are using to silence the public. Nothing is full proof when you have the world wide web. If there is a block or a barrier then there is always a way around it. These traitors and crooks will have to shut down the world wide web to stop all the the truth that is coming out. And if they do shut the internet down that will be a great thing. That should motivate the public get in the streets and there offices. Keep up the fight folks & spread the truth!

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