Help Arizona Build a Fence on the Border

In the face of new revelations revealing the AFT’s involvement in running guns into Mexico with the approval of the insurgents in our government, at least up to the level of our Attorney General, the great sovereign State of Arizona once again has stepped up to the plate to lead the resistance in the United States.

Arizona has launched a campaign to raise money to build a fence on their southern border as they are no longer going to tolerate the federal government’s pro-illegal invasion policies.  Those involved in the movement are reaching out to every citizen in every state and asking for donations to pay for the construction of the fence.

Proponents of the project say they need $50 million.  I say this is our chance to strike a blow against illegal immigration via voting with our wallets.   The federal government has taxed us into the poor house yet refuses to use the necessary resources to stop the illegal invasion, secure our border, and protect our jobs and economy.

The bill authorizing the program in Arizona is championed by Steve Smith, Arizona State Senator.  The bill allows the building of the fence on any and all state, federal, and private property where the permission to build has been obtained.  No doubt our federal government, in supporting the illegal invasion, will deny permission to build the fence on our federal easement.  But that is not going to stop the fence as the state properties coupled with the private properties are sufficient.

It is indeed a sorry state of affairs when the people have to enforce the borders using what little bit of money the government has left us in our pockets.  However as it has fallen to us, we must show our enemies who we are and what we stand for.  We must show the federal government that if they go against our wishes we will defy them, and the Arizona Fence is a good place to start.

If we come forth in force we can send a message to Washington DC that we are not going to tolerate their state sponsored southern invasion of our sovereign states that make up our United States.  Times are hard, but they have been made that way by the traitors in our government, the same traitors that support the 30 million illegals working our jobs, drawing our welfare, and being educated at our expense in our schools.

Let us show them a tidal wave of money, $20, $10, $5, whatever you can afford.  Our numbers are in the hundreds of millions.  Between us we can raise $50 million in a matter of hours without hurting any of us.

The program begins today.  To donate and finally have your voice heard, go to Build the Border Fence.

Let us not hesitate.  Let us show them that we are not only going to do this, but we are going to do it right away.  Let the enemies of our sovereign country and the supporters of the illegal invasion see our unity and resolve.  United we stand.

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  1. yea why dont they build an electrified fence and put in all languages if you cross illegaly you should be legally shot and killed id rather see yours and my tax dollars go to this the fuckin mexicans are coming in here by the boatloads everyday they out number us now are goverment is a piece of shit run gestapo they are turning america into another third world somalia the neandertals should be rounded up and thrown out of here but the goverment gives them the book on how to steal mall the free services they can and they tell me to get a job in which there are no jobs i cant wait to see the overthrow of this mafia run two regimes i should just say congress and obama you both suck and i cant wait for your demise

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