99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Greece and the US – Liberty or Death

The mainstream propagandists are up-scaling their attack on the people of Greece.  Apparently they have it coming.  They are a lazy people who have been living fat for the past twenty years and now that the bills are coming in they are acting like a bunch of spoiled children in not wanting to pay.  Anyway this is what the propagandists would have you believe.

The fact is the Greek people are hard working and industrious and have every reason to be raising hell over the draconian austerity measures being implemented on them.   You see it isn’t because the Greek people have been living fat that has put them on the edge of bankruptcy.

What actually happened was their government, in an act of treason, was bought off by the international corporate mafia. Their treasonous government then allowed international banking cartels to take root and base themselves in Greece.  These banks then became a part of the international derivatives Ponzi scheme.  And as is the nature of the Ponzi scheme, at the end of the game those at the bottom of the pyramid have everything they own transferred to the few at the top.  To put it simply they are being screwed by the banksters just like we are.

The people of Greece have not seen one benefit from the activities of these international banksters.  When the international theft that was perpetrated by the banksters was discovered, the Greek people were told that, though they owned no interest in these banks and derived no benefit, they were going to have to bail them out because they are too big to fail.

Now the Greek people are saying, “Go to hell. You are not taking the food out of my mouth or the clothes off my back to replace the billions these foreign thieves stole.”  And now the Greek government is telling the Greek people, “You go to hell.  We represent the international bankers and we have already pledged your wealth and your lives to our new masters.”

Of course the Greek people are rioting because they realize they have completely lost control of their government and that that government now intends to enslave them to the bankers.

Is any of this starting to sound familiar?  Is not the propaganda machine saying that the American people have lived too fat, and are now acting like children because they do not want Social Security and Medicare to be taken to replace monies stolen internationally by international banks, that our treasonous government have allowed to base themselves in our country?

We do not own these banks, they are not American banks.  They are of no benefit to us.  They are a bunch of thieves who happened to have their asses parked on our real estate while they were committing their international fraud.   And now our treasonous government wants to pledge our lives and the lives of our grandchildren to them as bonded slaves in order to pay for their crimes.

Now we are expected to riot.  I say no.  It is time for an open and declared revolutionary war for the reinstitution of our Republic under our Constitution and the arrest and punishment of these international gangsters, not only for ourselves, but for the sake of the peoples of the world.  There are only about 6,000 of these bastards at the top that are unleashing hell on earth on 6 billion.  This is the greatest bluff in the history of the world and woe be it to those 6,000 maggots when the people finally realize that they are a twenty foot giant cowering from a piss ant.

Every day I become more convinced that the enemies of humanity must have some final solution that they think will allow them to get away with it all.  I don’t know about you but I’m tired of waiting to find out.  Enough is enough.  I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.  Liberty or death.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. The only good news I will ever hear is that the millions who are unemployed will act and try to make a change in our country. I don’t care for the name 99er. In fact that’s a label and unfortunately puts us in a class that says we had 99 weeks and we want more…no, it should never be that way. We want one thing and that’s jobs! We want to work again! We are your typical American long termed unemployed people who have to finally take a stand and fight for what’s right! I don’t have all the stats on ages of the unemployed, though of what I’m hearing it’s 40’s and 50’s. That’s pretty much the middleclass who has now been pushed aside and spat on! There are certainly many classes of Americans and I know many who many who are doing fine. These people are in their 20’s and 30’s. Yes! We have been replaced! Similar to the movie ‘Invasion to the Body Snatchers’
    Get the unfortunate picture here! We are being completely eliminated not only because there are no jobs, but also because we are of a certain age! Time to fight my fellow Americans!
    We are the very people have kept this country alive for years! We have every right to make a stand to survive!!!!!

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  3. Sorry about that YT has given me a RESTRICTED video tag, so you have to prove you are of age. Thank you for the compliment though, it is appreciated 🙂


  4. @ ALL YT is being slick with this political cartoon I did, maybe the Feds did something, however, there is a glitch in their security protocol. If you have a YT channel go to my channel and first click on the Eharmony video bio vid, once you are in that, go back (unless you want to watch) not everyone though, and then click on the Cartoon, you will be able to watch it. SORRY about the BS.



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