Reintroduction of the Dream Act – The Senate Against the People

U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Thrash blocked parts of Georgia’s immigration law until legal challenges are resolved.  The Senate has reintroduced the Dream Act.  The majority of the American people are vehemently against any form of amnesty for the invaders who have breached our southern border and are infiltrating our body politic, in an attempt at an insurgency aimed at the capture of part or all of our county.

When our founding fathers went to war against the British crown one of the main causes was taxation without representation.  A majority of United States citizens want our borders sealed and every single criminal illegal alien deported.  We are experiencing our taxation, where is our representation?

“When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”  Declaration of Independence

This is our authority to remove this unconstitutional, unlawful, treasonous, government for cause.  The government has separated itself from the people and our Constitution and seeks to rule over us as dictators enforcing their will through a police state.  They believe that everything we possess they own and can dispose of at will.  And to say they have eaten out our substance is a gross understatement.

We say no, they say yes, and it is yes.  Yes, they have seized all property we hold in common (federal lands and raw natural resources).  They have imposed absolute control throughout the continent, leaving not one square inch of free land.  There can be no free man or woman without free land to stand upon.  He who regulates the land regulates everything upon it.  This is the creed of kings and dictators and you cannot vote a king or a dictator out of office; or in our case the king just puts forth another fool every four years to voice his dictates.

Obama has already enacted the Dream Act through executive order to be executed through local agencies.  This is a blatant act of defiance against the will of the American people and for the cause of foreign nationals who have crossed into our country intent on its capture.

Here is yet another reason Obama should have been impeached a long time ago.  This is totalitarianism and if a free people endure it for even one day they can no longer call themselves free.  When those entrusted with the responsibility of enforcing the law fail to do so, it is time for the people of the nation to rise up and enforce the law upon the enforcers.  As surely as it is ultimately our right to make our laws, it is also ultimately our responsibility to enforce them.

People, this is an invasion.  If all 50 million would have crossed the border armed on the same day and with the same intent we would be united in repelling the invasion.  There is no difference whether it took them a day or ten years to invade.  The fact is some had guns and the rest are acquiring them right now.

Their arrogant insurgent brothers and sisters who have already infiltrated our government are now telling us that they are going to surrender the country for us.  These traitors pose a clear and present danger to the security of the people of the United States.  And as earlier stated when those in government not only fail to repel an invasion, but have joined in the insurgency, it is not only our right but our duty to fight for our country and reestablish law and order.

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  1. Politicians on both sides better not expect one single vote from citizens if they side with these illegal invaders who go to college on our dime and then have the nerve to argue for the jobs our kids need to survive. THERE IS A SEVERE shortage of jobs, especially for college grads. U.S. citizen parents who PAID to educate their kids will not allow illegal immigrants to take their kid’s jobs. What are these deranged Democrats trying to sell to the American people? Fewer than 50% of college grads can get a job that requires a college degree. Will illegal immigrants take half of those jobs?

    U.S. citizens need to wake up and investigate the outrageous benefits illegal immigrant families are already getting. While U.S. citizen kids are being asked to borrow $100,000 to pay for their education AND the higher education of at least one illegal immigrant family child, often from a family having more income and paying NO NET INCOME TAX.

    Current Federal financial aid overwhelmingly favors college students with illegal immigrant parents. The Federal FAFSA form instructs college applicants with illegal immigrant parents to put down 000-00-000 for their parents’ social security numbers, which results in NO INCOME on their taxpayer I.D.s, fraudulent social security numbers, or foreign income being counted. U.S. taxpayers pay the full tuition for their kids, while the illegal immigrant families earning as much (or more) automatically qualify for full financial aid even if they make above the threshold.

    How many illegal immigrant families make above threshold? — plenty. In California, the typical illegal immigrant house-cleaner makes $15/hour — that’s $30,000 cash income, no taxes paid. The typical illegal immigrant landscaper makes $65,000 a year, some in cash, some on some type of taxpayer I.D., often just enough to collect the tax credits. Then these illegal immigrant families making $95,000 or more often lie about their income, and apply for Medi-Cal, food stamps, only to go further and receive as much as $20,000 per college age child in the form of financial aid.

    This MUST STOP NOW!!!

    No more pity for illegal immigrant college students. Why don’t their parents pay for their college like Americans have to? Don’t believe them when they say the illegal immigrant college students don’t want full financial aid. The California Dream Act is exactly that, a bill demanding illegal immigrants get 100% free tuition, while U.S. citizen college students pay for their free rides by increased tuitions that cover financial aid.


  2. It is truly insane. The only explanation that makes sense to me is that the cartels have a very powerful and deep reach into this country. The Mexican government has also long enjoyed a lucrative and parasitic relationship with this country costing American taxpayers $Billions.

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